Diablo® III

Best dialogue lines in the game

My two favorite:

"Black magic bars our way... BUT THE WILL OF A TEMPLAR IS STRONGER"


"Fools! You cannot take the sword from me!" (nothing special about content, just delivery)
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Not nearly as good as the best D2 lines.

"Now you know what I seek, Marius. He is my brother."


"My brothers have eluded you."
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I really like Baal's monologue in this video

My favorite of all time though might have to be from the intro cinematic from Diablo II.

Why did I follow him? I don't know... Why do things happen as they do in dreams? All I know is that when he beckoned, I had to follow him. From that moment, we traveled together, East. Always into the East.

I'll have to let DIII really sink in before I make any decisions ;)

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The best line in any game ever in my opinion is from D2:
"Not even DEATH can save you from ME!!"

For D3 though, it would have to go with some banter between the Templar and the Scoundrel:
Templar: "It is an honor for me to fulfill the vows of my order. To serve faithfully and forego the pleasures of the flesh."
Scoundrel: "The flesh? Do you mean women? Fwahahahaha!"
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my personal favorite is from d2 - All who oppose me, beware...

my favorite from d3 is - I am justice itself!
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When entering the Halls of Agony, the tem says "Evil wears no disguises here.". That seemed like a striking quote, since evil does wear so many disguises in life, and seldomly admits that it's evil.

The funniest line was in the Arreat crater where the ench
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Oops. I hit the submit button too soon, and I can't edit the post since I'm on my iPhone. In the first paragraph, "tem" should be "Templar".

To finish the second paragraph ... the enchantress says "If I never see another staircase again, it will be too soon!".
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"they shell call me, THE LORD OF GHOTS, I should really work on that name"
" scoundrel, to cain's daughter, " you use that bow all wrong here let be get behind you, and put my arm here and..."
Cain's daughter " GET AWAY FROM ME"
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Templar: JONDAR!!!

I must say, so far the Forlorn Farm is my favorite

"Well, I'm certain her illness won't worsen..."
"Ohhh, she must have nodded off"
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My two favorites are Shadow Diablo's quote
"Welcome to my realm of TEHROAR"
and I can't exactly remember how it goes, but its like
"I promised to protect (so and so), and now he's dead!"
That line just has such great delivery it makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it.
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Look more hidden foot prints !

Do you see that hidden foot print over there ? let's clense it from this land !
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Posted by lastcrusader
" scoundrel, to cain's daughter, " you use that bow all wrong here let be get behind you, and put my arm here and..."
Cain's daughter " GET AWAY FROM ME"

so Cain f**ked Adria ?
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Covetus Shen: "I am too beautiful to kill"
[shortly after you break him out of the barrel]

Leya: "You were very polite but tipped poorly I am told"
Templar: "Ahhmm, we should pick up the pace..."
[running around the Festering Woords]
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Don't know the exact phrase, but it goes something like:

Scoundrel: "Do you want to be buried when you die?"
Demon Hunter: "Nah, Ill propably just rot wherever I fall"
Scoundrel: "That sounds like a very nice time"
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From D2, "Stay awhile and listen" I miss Deckard Cain though
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"Your foul, sinful magic has stolen my heart. Were it not for my stupid oaths and idiotic code, I would make a woman of you right here."

"Wasn´t the Skeleton King supposed to be dead? Well, I know he was dead, but wasn´t he supposed to be really dead? He should have the decency to stay dead ... again"
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