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Patch 1.0.4 Info Coming Soon -- Updated!

It's funny how many of the people who complain have only one or two characters in level 60/inferno, if you're so bored then try with the rest of the characters?

Thanks for the update, I'm looking forward to it even if I don't have much of a problem with the game at the moment.

what are you 12? how does playing a different character to find the same crappy items and do the same crappy quests fun?
please don't offence but i dont see any news/anything new here. These are the main topics of all fixes that has been already implemented. (new class features , MF update , legendary item update etc...) plus there are no details on them. What do they mean by "system changes" ? A little more details would be nice. Otherwise i only read ...blah blah blah blah and much much more...
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Just please dont nerf any skills, just buff the sucky ones
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I did nothing but play Diablo 3 for probably a straight month when it came out, as I've done with all Blizzard games. The difference is, I stopped playing altogether maybe a month ago. I haven't touched it.

See... there's this system that Blizzard has come up with (or if they didn't come up with it, they've certainly taken it to the furthest extreme). The system has two steps:

1. Get to max level
2. Get geared

The problem with that is, step 1 is the actual game, while step 2 is just doing the endgame over and over again for gear. Know what that reminds me of? WoW. It makes me think of my Shaman that I took to 70 (when 70 was the max), and it makes me remember the... disappointment I felt when I realized that my max level character was still nowhere near where I thought it was.

Some people might look at this as an opportunity to play more. I see it as a cheap way to extend the life of the game. Playing the same thing over and over doesn't appeal to me, regardless of how much you crank up the NPCs' variables. In fact, it totally turned me off to an otherwise outstanding game (this, now WoW).

I really don't think it matters what gets patched - I probably won't be returning until the expansion comes out. "Expansion? What expansion!?" The expansion that a) will inevitably be released, and b) is so obviously going to happen because of what happened in the story in the base game (not going to ruin it by telling you my theory :P ).

Amendment: I don't like doing the same thing over and over again in a PvE environment. Given that, I'll probably play again when PvP is integrated.
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im still loving diablo 3 so far. but i have only played a total of about 45 hours because of work, my real non-digital social life, and i was busy with moving to a different state recently. i think this patch is taking awhile because they understand that they need to deliver true value in this one that really enhances the game and improves a lot of its short comings. i havent gotten to the point where im bored with it, and i dont think i would for quite awhile even if there was no patch, but for the sake of the diablo community in general and everyone who has been disappointed i hope this patch is big. and i think it will be. blizzard is not dumb, they know what needs to be done.
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Great to hear!!! Thanks for working so hard Blizzard!!! Can't wait to hopefully start playing D3 again
Hoping for some old school + Aura Items
FINALLY - you guys gave us a carrot on a stick !!!! Good work blizz

now just deliver accordingly!

signed - a consistant player ready to do more !
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I want them to pull this off but I simply can't imagine this game making a turn around with all the problems associated with it. I hope they do but I just don't know about this one...
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Please make legendary's usefull, and drop more often ive found about 5 since the game launched and only 1 was of any use...
Finally, an update.

This is pretty much the make-or-break for Diablo 3 (and possibly even, Blizzard). If this update doesn't deliver on a such a high magnitude of success for how long we've waited for this patch, most people are going to be finished with Blizzard games all together. There's simply too many other games out there that we can play instead.

As a die-hard Diablo fan since I was a mere lad, please, don't let us down.

I looked for my authenticator and logged on just to like your post.
The game is already dead to me. Too much game mechanics which are here only to block players and force them use the item$trade$service.
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LOL this is funny.

To make a coming soon post on info not the patch itself ? :D
kiss MF goodbye, /sadface
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So you're updating us to tell us you'll be making a blog to tell us about the updates that will be updated at an unknown date.

Yeaaah, the original was a rush job they did in 11-months, from start to finish. And it *still* has more item depth and variety than D3.

Oh, and Torchlight 2 is approximately 500% larger, sooo...

Larger map = better game?

I'll give you the items thing, but that's pretty much it.
havnt played in over 2 months now... die hard diablo fan since d1 , this game royally... ROYALLY sucks , no pvp , nothing to do other then farm items for blizzards RMAH not .. fun .. zzz
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