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Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

If you need help gearing your barb for end game I can help you. I have built 100s of gear sets for others from 800k sets to 2billion. The cheapest set I have built cost me 363k gold and I was able to farm act 3. I have spent 100s upon millions in gear and have made the mistakes just like you in the beggining so it will save you the stress and wasting your time and money. I have tried many builds and know what works and what doesnt work. If you have less than 50-100mill please read my guide below carefuly and get past the learning curve. I dont think I can be of much help with low budgets other than tell you to try and snipe and bid on deals to get the most out of your gold untill you can make more to make a overall better set.

Pt.1- http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6201690197?page=1

When I have accepted your request it is very important that you immediatly send me a message so I can put your name on my list. Please send a detailed message of what your looking for, gear or advice, what kind of set your wanting frenzy, 2hand or WW, and the budget your wanting to spend. Also it is very important to know how well you can play the spec, if your not to fond of the build I would advise going with a tankier set if you are very good at kiting and dodging then you can do what I like to do and go straight Dps beast mode.

Add me in game..

Most of you have probaly checked out my other thread where I helped many many Barbs build some Dps beasts to farm inferno with. The thread was so popular it was maxed out within a few weeks. So I am starting this thread and I am going to continue to help as many people as I can. Currently there is such a high demand for my help in game so I am going to post all of my information here for you guys to maybe learn some things about barbs. I am still building sets for people every day I would like to build some beastly sets for you guys. One thing I want to try to not get myself overloaded like I did with the last thread so I put together a bunch of information for anyone who has a small budget to spend on thier barb. I will help anyone build a nice set but I perfer to build sets atleast 20 mill and above. The higher the gold is just opens more options for me and is a lot less stressful trying to snipe godly items on the Ah for cheap prices and it takes quiet some time to do. I do this free of charge and also give advice free of charge but do accept tips. I do this for free because it gets kind of boring farming all acts of infero all day everyday with ease and Ive made so many millions I really dont know what to spend it on anymore. So I am doing these barb builds for the joy of passing on my knowledge of barbs to you guys and I love building beatly sets for people. I am always switching out my entire set constantly just seeing what is viable and what is not. I believe this will keep me busy until PVP comes out =)

---------Budget Build----------

Here is the link to my Budget build I used to farm act 3.


Typical Frenzy Build
Passives I use are: Nerves of Steele,Tough as nails, Weapon master OR Ruthless
Frenzy: Sidearm
Leap:Iron Impact
Ignore pain:Iron Hide
Revenge: Provocation
Warcry: Impunity
Wrath of Berserker: Insanity

The playstyle is focused around your cooldowns
Leap in, Ignore pain, Leap out > Repeat
Spam revenge for healing, Use Wrath of berserker to burst down atleast 1 or 2 of the elites.

I did this to help players with low income, I recommend saving up atleast 5 mill to comfortably farm act 3 with little to no deaths or trouble, but in the mean time you gotta do what you gotta do! Hope this helps!

------Prioritizing Your Stats------

Im seeing that a bunch of you guys sacrificing to much str for all resist, Loh, vitality and whatever else.

For example say your stats look like this.
 1192 Str - 1440 Vit - 6,320 Armor - 800-1000 Resist - 9k Dps.
So whats wrong with this picture?

Barbarians main stat is Strength, So like any other class you want to stack the main stat of that class. Just say you sacrificed some of your resistances for more Str and got maybe around 2000. First of all Dps would increase, and also armor would increase to around 8k which would allow you to then instead of use the armor passives use Some Dps passives and even abilities.

You do NOT have to have Resist all on every single piece, The 4 main places I like to get high numbers of Resist all are, Shoulders, Boots, Belt and Helm. You should have atleast 55+ all resist on each of these pieces. Also search high stats you want Str on each of these also, 200+ on shoulders, 200+ on belt, 150+ on boots your helm you Always want to have a socket this is where your going to get your life % if you cant get a socket on the helm try to get some life% on your shoulders, chest, belt, rings, amulet, shield somewhere you need to have around 20% life.
Also on these pieces you want to search for either Physical or Fire resist since these are going to be the main 2 elemental damage your going to be facing that really hurts. Arcane is pretty nasty to but can somewhat be dodged, so it wouldnt hurt to get arcane if you cant find the physical or fire resist.

Now where your going to get even bigger stats of both Str and Vit are your, Pants, Chest, bracers, and shield or offhand. On each of these you want to aim for 150 Str/ 150 Vit and with sockets on chest and pants. Also on these pieces you want to search for those extra resist you missed on the last pieces I just talked about. If you got your physical resist on your shoulders, boots, belt and helm then lets focus on the Fire resist on your chest, pants, bracers or shield or whichever resist is currently lower than the others try to even them out to around 500-600+ if you can.

Your gloves you want to add some major dps, you want high Str atleast 8%+ crit chance and either attack speed or Crit dmg.

Your rings and amulet you want to fill in the gaps that you missed, if you slacking on your health then focus on rings with vitality, life% and crit chance or dmg whichever is lowest.
If your health is fine you want your rings to be big Dps modifiers. High Str, crit chance, crit dmg or attack speed. Same thing with your amulet, also it still doesnt hurt to get that extra little bit of Physical, Fire or Arcane resist on these pieces also.

Also crit is very important, you want to have crit chance on Gloves, Helm, Bracers, Rings and Amulet. This should get you to atleast around 45-55% crit chance. Now you can start focusing on Crit dmg. You want to mix crit dmg in on your. Gloves, Rings and amulet but the biggest crit dmg numbers are gonna come from your weapons. You want to have around 100% crit dmg on each of your weapons if DW puts you at 200% crit plus the ruthless passive 50% = 250% crit dmg. If useing a shield get a shield with atleast 8% crit dmg and replace the crit chance on your amulet and maybe 1 of your rings with crit dmg. Also dont forget about weapon master with a mace or axe gives your 10 more crit chance.

--------Minimum Stats---------

These are minimum stats I like to have on each set I build and has been researched and tested by myself along with many other different builds and stats I have been currently working on.

These are all Buffed stats
500 main resist this is Physical, Fire also Arcane if your having troubles with it.
400 To all resist (The pieces I explained above should easily put you here with Impunity)
8500 Armor 
40,000 Health
30,000 Dps
38% crit chance
200% crit dmg

I hope this can clear up the problem for most of you guys that are just about there but just needing a little more help prioritizing your stats correctly. I am going to continue helping in game so if you guys have added me I will hopefuly be able to get to you soon and If you see me online give me a shout I will be glad to give you a hand. See you on the battle field!

---Recommended Gear Stats---

if you can get atleast 3 crit chance on helm with 50+ all res and a socket you could drop the vit and use the socket for life% also if you can find a socket andariels visage hands down best barb helm if you can get the resist from your other pieces.

Shoulders I would aim for 200+ str 55+ all resist and either fire,physical or arcane resist. 

Chest is where you want big stats its very expensive to get all res with these stats on chest so I usually try to get around 40+ physical or fire with 150 str and 150 vit +sockets.

Gloves I would aim for 80+ str 8+ crit chance and either 8% Ias or 35% crit dmg also try to get either fire or physical on them. 

If you cant get the loh from weps and require it on amulet atleast try to get crit chance or dmg on the amy with either high str or vitality. I like my amys with 6crit chance or 55+ crit dmg with 7 Ias and tons of str. 

Bracer I would go for atleast 4crit chance and either 150str 80vit or if your needing more vit get 150vit and 80str also either physical or fire resist. 

Belt is where you want to try and get your pickup radious along with 200+ str 50+ all resist and either physical or fire.

Rings you deffinetly want crit chance along with either high str or vitality whichever you need more of also bonus dmg is very nice mixed with crit chance.

Pants same as chest high stats with resist.

Boots you want atleast 150 str along with 50 all resist and either physical or fire resist. I love movement speed on my boots but for some reason it is extremely pricey now. Sages set boots with high str are best barb boots imo. Well besides firewalkers but who can afford them? But dont sacrifice stats for movement speed you can get super nice boots with huge stats if you drop the movement speed, its just very nice to have.

Ok weapons are extremely important for every build and almost always are gonna cost you the most out of your set usually. I like my weapoms with high stats my main hand I want 200+ str 100 vitality and some crit dmg atleast 60% i find it cheaper to get it without a socket.

Offhand You want either loh if your going that direction and high stats since your loh is going to skyrocket the price. Its hard to get them with the stats this is the reason I do not go the loh direction or recomend it. Is 200 loh really worth losing 200 str or vit? Or even crit dmg? Have you seen the price of a loh+ crit dmg with str or vit? Incredibly expensive.

Also when I say get that extra physical and fire resist also on each peice or also arcane is nice to have. Try to aim for 40+ of that resist if the stats are amazing then maybe it might be worth to get an item with say 20 fire resist. 

----------Upgrading Gear----------

This is the idea I have about upgrading gear and how different stats and gear fall into the category.

First off and most important stat is strength of course it is the barbs main stat find the gear that has the highest of this if possible, secondly is vitality you need almost as much of this as you need of strength. 3rd is all resist and your physical, fire and arcane, in that exact order. Never sacrifice str or vit for the resist.

After you have made a very nice set with high stats you of course will get to a point where you need to start upgrading, when you upgrade pieces always find the piece that give you if not more but roughly the same amount of stats + the extra resist.

Now after you have made the set, got all your stats looking good high dps lots of health now heres the part to start getting those extra goodies. For example, all resist, life on hit, life steal, movespeed, attackspeed, life regain,crit chance and damage, whatever your preference to playing your guy may be.
Also when upgrading to get these extra properties never sacrifice or drop stats or resist or ANYTHING to get them make sure its an upgrade, thats what upgrading is getting something better than what you had before. You dont have to start off with 2000 Loh or 8% life steal or 50% crit 400% crit damage,1000 all resist, you want to gradually work yourself to that point. Start of with say 300 loh or 2% lifesteal, 8% movespeed, 6% attkspeed, 400 all resist.... You get the picture =)

I see so many people making the mistake of "oh this guy told me I need to have 1500 Loh regardless of the weapon stats to make this work, or I must have 800 all resist I need to drop my str to get it right now!" dont do this! Upgrade not downgrade, exactly what I do each and every day I play D3 I first search each of my items mostly starting with my weapons since Honestly my Loh is a bit slacking I currently have 786 only. The reason being is because both of my weapons have huge stats on them one has 139 str/258 vit, 55% natural crit and a socket and you know what? I will not upgrade this weapon until I can find an eqaully or better weapon to replace it, so if I can find a weapon with these same stats or better with 200-300 loh I will do it but until then I am not going to downgrade just to get that Loh I want. This is probaly why I cant find anything, because that weapon is gonna cost a freaking arm and a leg but I will still save my gold until I find it or another piece I can upgrade.

This is why I tell you guys to prioritize your stats on the correct pieces. There was a reason I chose the stats on each piece, it is because each piece can have very high amounts of the stats. So for example I believe I also told you about is dont get 100str/100vit on your gloves,rings, boots, helm, things like that, not because it is bad that would be great to have those huge stats on those pieces, its only bad because in the future it is going to be near impossible to get those same stats with say, 8% crit 8% attkspeed,45% crit dmg or 70% all resist or movespeed, on them. Start of with gloves 50 str 8%crit chance/ 35% crit damge or 7-8% attk spd, then gradually work up to those GFG gloves you want with huge stats. Get those stats on the items that huge stats come easy on.

-----------Double Tornado Barbarian---------

First off ww barbs are by far the best farming class in the game they are just able to clear sections extremely quick due to using sprint in thier build.

The ww build is very gear dependent and can get quiet expensive trying to get the best setup. I have put together a very easy method to getting the best dps possible and survivablity.

The thing about ww barbs is they have such a high life return that getting massive amounts of vitality really isnt neccessary. I like to focus all of my gear with High str and high resist. You want to max your dps so you can kill mobs extremely quickly.

First off start by getting gear with the most str and resist you can possibly get on them. You can check out my other guide on prioritizing your stats, you are basicaly going to get the same type of gear as any other build, just focusing more on Str and resist for the Ww barb. Where your going to get most of your vitality at is on your pants, chest, bracers. Also a socket in your helm for life %. once your get high str and resist on all of your items then when going to upgrade you can gradually start getting your health up higher. Also it extremely important to get your crit chance on the items than can roll with it on them.

Since Ww build is extremely dependent on Crit, your weapons you want as much crit dmg as possible. Search for weapons that have natural crit and an open socket. If done correctly you can get all of the loh you need for the set just on your offhand by itself. It doesnt matter to much about the dps of your offhand just make sure you get that loh and crit dmg, search for weapons with 800loh and some life steal if possible. 1k loh is perfect amount for a we barb you can still manage with only 800.

Skills to use.

There are 2 different types of Ww builds, the first im going to explain is for the guys who have lower defense. This build is great for those who want to maximize thier dps and not have to get all that extra resist to survive.

Left mouse- whirl wind- hurricane
Right mouse- leap - iron impact
Sprint- run like the wind
Battle rage- into the fray
Warcry- impunity
Wrath of the berserker- thrive on chaos

This build is based on using leap to get in and out of trouble also constantly spam it for that extra armor buff.

The second build is the one I use currently and is what most of the ww barbs are using.

Left mouse- bash- instigation
Right mouse- whirl wind- hurricane
Sprint - run like the wind
Battle rage- into the fray
Warcry - impunity
Wrath of berserker- thrive on chaos

Both builds I use the same passive setup
Weapon master
Tough as nails

You can also switch out tough as nails for
Animosity or Bloodthirst
Depending on if you need the life steal or the extra fury regain.

Also I like to use Bash with punish rune for increased damage output and overall damage across the board. Just remember to hit 3 minions or destructable objects every 5 seconds to keep it active. It adds 8% dmg per stack can be stacked up to 3 times.

Frenzy with Vanguard rune is another great skill to use if your wanting to get that extra Movespeed and will stack outside of the gear cap of 24% just hit 1 minion or destructable object every 5 seconds.

Hope you guys enjoy the guides I put together, I dont spend a to lot of time going into depth with each piece of gear, I believe you can learn all you need to know by reading my entire post on how to properly gear your barbs.

If anyone needs help gearing in game I am doing builds for anyone that needs them just shoot me a message and Ill see where I can get you in at.

Have fun guys!
GL HF and Enjoy the Game!
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IronHead, I believe you could easily switch to ww build but your gonna have to get alot more dps, just look for more crit and get an offhand with plenty of Loh and maybe an amulet with some just aim for around 1k loh, 40k dps.
38 Or more crit chance and 200 or more crit dmg.
You may have to drop some resist and vitality to do it.
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Wish I had seen something like this 2 or 3 months ago. Good job!
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I'll add you up probably tomorrow. Could use a little help with gear. Have close to 6M saved up. My gloves and ammy are borrowed from my wiz.
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ill add you here in a bit
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Nice I like the way you gear up.....I for my self focused on resist all and wasted so much gold ..now i have a lot of gears with 80 resist all that useless for my barb...starting all over again for gearing up..
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Dboy, I wanted to get some feedback on what you thought about my gear, how can I improve it and how can I improve my build? I am getting through Act2, but its a little rough so I know act3 will only be worse. I can farm act1 with almost no deaths. Tekop is my barb.
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I wanted to get some thoughts on gear and progression. With the weapon that I'm using in Act 1 Hell, and my DPS, i haven't had any issues with most of the stuff that I've tried and I'm almost worried that I'm gimping myself by not learning true play style that will haunt me once I hit Inferno. I've been pretty much using the same spec except for switching out WotB for bosses and WW for trash but I would like to know what else I should work on so that I'm ready.

I had never played Diablo before but had experience with WoW and grinding/AH/questing so i'm really enjoying it because I can only play on off hours when I couldn't count on friends being online. I'd like to add you in game and get your thoughts and suggestions.

I've done really well at Level 52 and on the AH so I'm at around 1.6m gold currently but with my gear and everything, I want to make sure I have enough money for a good suit once I hit 60 and Inferno. Is there a "normal" gold expectancy by this point? like "you should have saved x by now?"

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Hey DBoy are you still doing gear checks? If so would you mind giving my gear a quick look? I'm not sure what I should upgrade at this point for my ww barb.
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Great write up, as usual. I'm slowly working my way up, trying to get better in act 2. I think I'm too impatient though, and every time I get up to 300k gold I immediately try to find a minimal increase in gear which is causing me issues.

I'm curious if you know how str works in comparison to DPS upgrade? As you can see by my profile, I'm running with 5-6 vit gems because I used to have low vitality. Now that I've broken the 40K barrier with some change...I figure I should probably switch all those out for Str gems. I'm extremely curious how adding that 150-200 Str would raise my DPS. For me upgrading those gems would be quite expensive, and I'm curious if it's worth doing that first instead of optimizing a few pieces of gear?

Thank you for all your time, I know you're busy. If nothing else, I think this write up will definitely help me once I get patient enough to accumulate say 1Mil + in the bank.
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If you don't mind looking at my barb for a quick gear checkup, I know my main problem comes from my low health pool and my AR. I managed to go thru A2 using a 1k LoH + 3% lifesteal weapon with low dps which was cutting my dps in half. I haven't tried A3 yet but I highly doubt I will get anywhere wiith the stats I have right now as I had to struggle quite a bit on some packs in A2. What could you recommend for me? how could I improve my lack of VIT/AR without going under 50kish dps and at what cost?

Shud I just switch to a frenzy sword n board more regular build to go thru A3?

Thx for your help!
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Dboy, can you please look at my profile and tell me which pieces i should definitely upgrade to not have any problem with Act II or possibly Act III farming?
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Bump for later help, once I get 60 will ask you to help with gear set/build. Thx in advance!
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DBoy - Nice guide! Care to take a quick gear check on me too? I'm struggling to get past elite packs just before Az in Act III :[

I've got 2.5Mil in gold to get a couple pieces, probably a 500+ LoH Amulet and perhaps dual wield with a similar weapon with 500+ LoH and Strength +250. If it doesn't work out I can always sell them to the bigger sucker :)

I see my armor/all resist stats are higher than yours. Change of tactics are probably due as well...
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Added you again man you on today?
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Hey just wanted to say thanks for putting this out. Help me out a bunch
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DBoy - first off great thread!

In your opinion what should I work on in my gear?

I feel a bit tanky but it allows me to farm act 3 pretty easy (maybe some weird molten/jailer/desecrator/arcane combo wrecks me at times) but for the most part I kill slow and steady

I have been trying to upgrade to a good command helm for another 8% block

I really need more dps - thoughts?
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First, I feel obligated to bump this forum post because the OP not only enabled me for free, to finish killing Diablo on Inferno just based on the advice of his original post(Reference page 8 for the meat and potatoes), but also make some additional recommendations based on my current gear when I chatted with him in game today.

Much respect Doughboy and a big thankyou,


(P.S) I hope to buy a new high dps 1 hander from the RW AH tonight, fiance gave me the ok.
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added you Antelope#1828 .. looking 2 build a 20m set for a1/a2 farming just givien a friends barb and its hidieous
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