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Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

DBoy187 i just added you, Zhi93 #1394. Currently i have about a 15mil fund, i would like to gear towards a WW Barb for act3/4. Thank you much in advance :)
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Help me upgrade!!! I think i need an IK piece at the very least but would like some improvements. Considering going DW but worried about survivability!
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Any suggestions for me for act 3 that will allow me to keep my MF gear? I really don't have much else in terms of gear and realize that my CC and CD are rather low, sadly. The OH in my profile only cost me 200k, but I have a Stormshield that has 27% block, a 500 LoH 650ish DPS weapon with around 60%+ crit and a socket and another 850 or so DPS weapon that has about 75%+ crit and a socket. Much thanks to DBoy187 or anyone else who might provide me with some advice.
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I could use some assistance Dboy. I would like to get to a point where I can farm act 3 with little to no deaths. My spec fluctuates as well as my passives.

Please add me when you get a chance.
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Hi Dboy, Im a brand new lvl 60 barb to the field!

How much budget will I need to get a WW barb build to farm Act 3 'comfortably' (i.e. not many deaths, decently efficient killing rate)?

For my barb, what would you recommend I upgrade first? I noticed in your previous comment u said to not buy too much gear at one time, just focus on one at a time instead.

Thanks a lot!
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Thank you for the help DBoy =]. I'll look into replacing my rings and gloves then before anything else! Oh, and I'm not a WW barb, so how much DPS would you recommend for me before I go LS mode Oo? I'm running off of frenzy/rend
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ow, i got help from Umgoblue2008#1324 (Aur)..

well, i can farm act 3 now, yet i still die at elites with molten affix, specially when they kite me..

any suggestions? molten and kiting elites are really pain in the a**

he told me to save money for a stone of jordan with cold damage.. :)
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Hey ya Dboy. Been reading up on this thread. Switched over to a Barb awhile ago. Been mostly casual play'n but gett'n into co-op play. I have the build mirrored pretty much exceptbcause of my gear dps and gems, i have revenge set instead of WoTB as my ave my butt button. Given the gear i'm using, what should I save up to upgrade/replace first?
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Helghram, if you can manage to maybe wait till this weekend I will try to get to you before then, im very busy during the week with my work place and I have a 6 month old. But would deffinetly like to help you build a nice set.

Arkie, haha I guarantee you are comfortable with those resist, what do you have about 1200 buffed? Honestly If I were you I would buy a nice andariels helm with a socket, some gloves with 100str,8% attk speed and 9 crit chance, maybe same resist you have, and an amulet with 100str, 8% attk speed and 60% crit dmg, should but you around 60k unbuffed dps and you should be able to comfortably farm anywhere with those stats.

Freya, You deffinetly need to either read a guide on the we build or maybe watch some videos about it, you want 2 weapons, the offhand you want to get with 800loh and possibly some life steal, or 700 loh and get an amulet with about 300loh.

Majin, give me some time to get to you, I can deffinetly help you be a dpser but not so much a tank, dps items with all resist are super expensive your talkin about 50mill atleast to get your current tankiness, go ahead and practice the ww build in act 1 untill you get the hang of it, start out with just about 600 loh at first, this helps you become a better whirl winder, when you use to much loh early you become spoiled to the actual mechanics of the build and just spin to win lol

Kuurth, you dont have enough dps, you have tons of resist and armor, you need that crit chance and dmg to really bring your overall dps up. You need vitality and you have way to much life% and only 38k hp. Right now your just basicaly a tank without a shield. Please check out my guide on prioritizing stats.
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09/06/2012 08:10 PMPosted by DBoy187
Helghram, if you can manage to maybe wait till this weekend I will try to get to you before then, im very busy during the week with my work place and I have a 6 month old. But would deffinetly like to help you build a nice set.

Any time you're free and actually wanting to help is fine by me haha. The amount of help you are giving people for nothing is huge so I don't expect fast responses or anything :) I do wanna get to farming so i can learn more about the build mechanics and gear, then possibly help you with the load of requests you get a week xD

Thanks again
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hey Dboy i saved up 2.3 mill. if it's not enough trouble, would you be able to help me find some gear?
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Hey Dboy I have 10 million cant seem to find what barbarians need and require. It would be great to get some help thanks in advance!
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just started WW barb and i was wondering what is ur fury depending on to regen? i mean bash but once i start spuinning with sprint it runs out and doesnt keep up. my crit chance is only like 18% is that the only way to keep ur fury up? any other factor/aid to regen fury while spinning? i just end up with no fury to often due to shout/sprint/ww

the only time i can keep spinning forever is when theres literally like 50 monsters lol but when its just 1 elite pack i run out so fast

tldr: is there anything besides crits that can help keep my fury up?
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yes. mighty weapon as your main.
weapon master will give u 3 fury per hit (but will take away 10% crit chance bonus from axe/mace).
i have 33% crit chance after buff and mighty weapon as main and i usually have no problem with fury (unlike the situation when i had axe on main and 43% crit chance)
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hi doeboy, added you in game. hope we can get online with the same time, tnx!
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This is my fresh 60 DT barb. The entire cost of this set (excluding gems) is 204,500gold.

most expensive piece was offhand at 50k (bought while leveling)

I know it's not perfect, but I think it's pretty good for the price..

Suggestions for improvement? FYI, after buying this stuff, I have 600k left 8(


here is the info from d3up as well.... http://d3up.com/b/8284
Edited by Error37#1225 on 9/7/2012 7:48 AM PDT
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He dboy,
I've read through all your posts several times and got some great info. I'm at a crossroads with my barb trying to figure out what to do.
My main goal is efficient farming/paragoning. I can solo thru act 3 no problems other then it being slower then I want to do it. I don't need insane speed runs just efficient.

If you could take a look at my gear and give me your opinion on upgrades/ switching to a ww build.

Also I have lots of nice gear stashed as I've been workIng tweaking my gear on my own. Ie.. Helm of command/fire walkers nice all resist gear.

On mobile now but will add in game when I get home.
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Hey Dboy great thread! I wanted to ask one quick question and would like some feedback on what to upgrade next without spending too much. I would like to boost my dps so that I can farm faster.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey dboy new level 60 barb here i have about 7m to spend. id like to farm acts 3/4 comfortably with little to no deaths at a fast pace i already added you to friends. my battletag is Monsoon#1470 thanks in advance
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Hey DBoy,
It's majin again. I just wanted to cancel my request for 2-4m WW Barb. I've gotten sick of my barb a bit and i've decided to play on my DH for now. Thanks anyway for the offer to help.
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