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can i get some advice on what to do with my barb?

i got

40.5 crit chance
284 crit damage
5.2k armor
430-500 resists (i use superstition to make up for low resists)
17k dps (sux cuz of my offhand)
40k health

this is unbuffed, just passives

Your weapons are like nerf bats, I mean no offense honestly, just trying to help. Look to get weapons with sockets and at least +70 percent crit damage gems. This will add a tremendous amount of damage to your setup.

only my opinion, I know good weapons are hard to get sometimes, RWAH is nice if you have a job, if not, farm farm farm so you're good to go for 1.0.4 in 2 weeks.
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Would you consider building a set for someone on the SEA server?
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I tried to add you in game but I figure u are too busy. Can you take a look at my barb? I gave up some resist to add str and got my dps up to 37k, but with only 39khp and low resists I am getting waxed vs elite packs in act 2 fairly quickly. I also realize that its not all about gear, its also about technique. So can you check my barb and advise on where to improve? (certain pieces of armor or change build and advise attack style?).

Basic stats (all unbuffed):
Str 1609
Vit 864
Armor: 5160
HP: 39k
LOH: 585
Crit chance : 44% (with passives)
Crit damage: 319%

Keep in mind I have limited funds, maybe a mill or so at any given time. I can roll thru act 1 in regular gear, MF or GF gear. Act 2 I struggle in but can get thru with deaths in regular gear and its not pretty in MF or GF gear. Act 3 I get waxed in the first 5 mins.

I need your expert help please!
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Logged in just to put a thumbs up.

It is good to see people helping the barb/diablo3 community out- i think it is one of the few things keeping this game (well sort of ... maybe a little ... ) alive :)
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Man. Its as if I've been gearing according to your guide without actually reading it.

We seem to share the same thought process, but let me point out a few differences that we have in our gearing process:

1. For rings, ignore CD and focus on primary stat + CC + IAS. Max roll on CD isn't that high. Besides. 6 IAS > 20 CD (average stats found on rings)

2. For ammys, ignore IAS. CD rolls bigger on ammys and hence you should aim for Primary Stat + CC + CD. About 6 CC and 50 CD.

+1, very informative and helpful.
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Shotgunwilly, I believe for a 2 hander your deffinetly gonna want to get natural crit dmg on the weapon and also a socket, then either tons of str or vitality or both! Maybe some lifesteal if you can also!

Ironhead, I am sorry I believe you may have screwed up on your weapons :/ crit dmg or socket for crit dmg on weapons is Mandatory. Believe me it makes a huge difference.

Rob, when buying rings I want them to be like the guy above said major dps modifiers. Rings should have high str 80+ and atleast 3.5 crit dmg also find the rings with attack speed and with 23-48 dmg stats these are so under rated and are so overpowered. On your amulet I like to get 7-8% attack speed and crit dmg atleast 55% you can also get crit chance if you need it instead of attackspeed. I have tons of attkspeed and it really helps, 8% on gloves, 6% on helm,8% on amulet. Alot of people overlook attkspd after the nerf but dont do this it still increases dps and helps your frenzy stacks, loh and Lifesteal. Also tornado procs for ww barbs.

Joefrow your one of the next ones.

Dublet and aruul, thanks for helping on the thread.

I am going to start hanging out in barbarian chat room on US server if anyone wants to chat with me in there. I know its hard to add me in game I currently have about 8 gear builds lined up which take over an hour each. So I can easier answer questions in the chat room rather than on this forum.
I will be in the Barbarian chat room usually from 4-8pm Central time zone, on weekdays and later on weekends.

I really dont think I will have time to switch between servers to Eu or Sea servers sorry, I wish you guys had someone to help over there though :/
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Having troubles getting my barb to farm 3 with any great efficiency, wondering what would be the easiest upgrade path. I know my pants have to go but right now the +100vit set bonus is really helping, probably need a socketed helm.

My profile seems to be on my easier act farming mode, which employs a bit more DPS in place of armor/blocking since the mobs don't hit as hard.

I use a HoC w/ 80str/vit but no all res/socket, was cheap and since patch is coming I don't really want to blow a wad on a HoC when something else could be better after.

Shield is 20% sacred shield with 60str/40phys rest/4%life/14%MF(was running 125%MF at one pt, switched to dps to just kill faster vs better drops)/9.5%crit/5% increased dmg vs elites

Thx for any help.

edit: also want to mention my build will be changing post-1.0.4 as I believe the change to hammer of the ancient is going to be monsterish. I've already been playing with a HotA/Into the Fray/Thrive on Chaos build which is pretty fun, any thoughts?
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hi man
first sorry i didnt red all of your post cuz im bad with rng
second i hope u can tell me where the hell i make mistakes cuz my barberin dies very fast on hell duffcilty

this is my charcter and my poor gear and skills hope u can advice me or help cuz im stoped on chapter 3 i cant deal with rares monster and champions

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Hi! Dboy, good job! My barb just hit lv 60 inferno act 1 a few minutes ago, and I am now looking forward to some advice on gear and and skills. I am a poor guy and only have 1.2M for gear. I am MCM#3499, thx.
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Hi Dboy! Been reading your posts and have been appreciating the help and advices that you have been giving to people.

I have been working on increasing my dps to farm act3 faster but in the process, I think I have sacrificed much of my survivability. I can do the first part of act3 up to the keep depths with little trouble. But on the way to siegebreaker, my barb dies faster from those arcane lasers ,from ranged mobs (like those spear throwing mobs), and from those mobs that stick their hands to the ground and spawn plague at your feet. I kinda hit a brick wall and I don't know what to upgrade next to be able to farm act 3 efficiently.

Could you kindly have a look at my gear and see what I am missing? Will I do better at farming act3 if I shifted to WW build? If so, what item do I have to change?

Your advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!
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I really dont think I will have time to switch between servers to Eu or Sea servers sorry, I wish you guys had someone to help over there though :/

Don't worry about it. It's good of you to help people in the first place and the advice you've given out here is already useful.
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Hi, I just need some advices on how to gear my barb. I just have a low budget Double tornado gear, which I clear Act 2 easily.

What should I change? Im from EU, this is my profile


I know it's poor gear, but i don't know what pieces are easier to upgrade. Thanks to all !
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hey dboy, just thought i would check in again, i posted in the last thread about the viability of quake/wotb build in act 3 inferno ( it worked great, but had alot of weakness's)
I wouldnt mind chatting to you in game some time about gear, and what to look for, but im in no rush, saving up till the new patch so i can see where AH is at and what legendaries i want to get for my build
All the same if you could check out my gear and give some quick feedback it would be appreciated, i current have 50mill saved and 10-20 mill on current auctions and im running the bulldozer barb build which i find very efficient for farming, also survivability is a big thing for me, i dont like dying on runs as it sets me back alot
ps, my rings/bracers are next on my upgrade list, and im thinking of getting a 2hander with some life steal to take advantage of charge's high damage
thanks and let me know what you think :)
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Hi DBoy can you advise what should I be improving on my barb?

My profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Xander-1167/
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Hey DBoy, I've added you in-game already. I need abit of advice for my barb here and there as I'm transitioning from tank into WW spec. I'd like to discuss several ideas with you and do hope you can afford me some time. I like this theorycrafting aspect of Diablo 3 and would like to gain some insight from someone who knows his stuff. Cheers and much respect with what you're doing. Would like to do this for others in the near future!
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hi Doeboy, can u help me find or suggest an upgrade to my ww barb? tnx, added u, my btag is Psycho#6602
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Tagging for reference. Thanks OP good stuff.
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Hey, sorry guys I have been very busy currently doing a 1billion gold gear set, I am still helping people with other sets, trying to take my time on this build going to make one of the baddest mf barbs out there. If anyone has any super godly barb mf gear and would like to part with it let me know will give up to 100mill per piece if its worth it.
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Hey dboy. Just hit 60 a couple of days ago and followed a similar gear layout to what you posted. Managed to get my entire gearset for just shy of 1 mil which was all I had at the time. Now that I have about 10 mil where do you think I should be looking to get the biggest bang for my buck upgrading? Please note that the resists may look low on the profile but everything is 650-800 with warcry (phys/fire/arcane being the highest)
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