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Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

DBoy187, if you get a chance can you check my profile for my barb and tell me what I'm lacking and what I can do to start farming Act 3 more easily? Act 2 isn't too big of a problem for me, but 3 gets frustrating especially with the elements and increased damage they do. Will add you tonight...
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Dboy I could use a hand with my gear. I have a ton of gear in the bank and some cash to spend. I was going to add you and MSG you when I got on and maybe you could give me a hand if you had the time? Would be appreciated!!
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Hey DBoy, amazing thread! I saw the part 1 and did what you said and I was able to farm A3, but the problem is it takes too long to clear A3 ( more than 2hrs), and I still die more than 10 times in A3, I need your help to gear up my Brab so I can farm A3 faster (or maybe able to farm A4). I have 15M to spend on gears, but dont know where to start with. BTW whats the best build to clear A3&4? will add you in game once the server goes up again. Thank you!
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Hi Dboy, could do with you looking at my Barb and see if theres anything i can do. I'm currently on act 2 and about to try and clear it solo.
Just bought a LOH ammy and going to try and look around the AH for better items but money situation is dire...lol

Any help would be appreciated...
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Very helpful read. Keep up the guides!

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hi Dboy, What should i change to be able to farm act 3 / 4 effectively in solo / party?
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Yo dboy187 :-) thanks alot for building my barb with a new set of gear. Definitely the guy to go to if anyone is looking to play a barb. Entrusted 1b gold with him to him and got it done within 3-4 days. Some stats could be higher but i wanted mf gear and ilvl63 armour so its harder to find. Great write up analysis after he got my gears, very expert in the barb.
With the new paragon system he may be quite busy farming n leveling too so be patient if u need his help.
Vouch him +++
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Hey guys, please read my guide on prioritizing your stats and gear, on page 1. I am unable to do gear checks on the forum currenty, because I am using my phone for viewing the post. I am also very busy trying to get my paragon levels up, and continue to help others, so please only request my help if you have tried everything and seriously need help.

If anyone has questions or wants me to write another guide on somthing I have not covered yet, please let me know.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback I enjoy helping you guys out, I just dont want to get to overwhelmed with gearchecks and builds so currently am trying to figure a way I can help more people at once. If anyone could please help answer questions on the forums would be much appreciated. I hope to be an example to this community and help make it better!
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Hey DBoy, appreciate what you are doing for those who need help. Hope you could give me some tips and advice on my gear to finish up the game. I'm confused whether I'd go with this 1h & shield or go with dual wielding. Would love to see you online. I've been trying to send you friend requests but I do understand that you're busy at times. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks Dboy.
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I just wanted to say how much I appreciated Dboys help. He got me a few upgrades with my 1.1 mil - pre patch 1.0.4 and at the time, I could not kill Ghom. I replaced my mainhand and bracers (were not even really upgrades, but sidegrades with just a little more crit damage. And still could not kill Ghom pre-patch.) I tried again post 1.0.4 and died a couple of times before something clicked and, in the same day I killed Ghom, I killed Diablo solo.

Profile: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Jerioke-1184/hero/5156583

I just upgraded my offhand for more str/vitality/LoH AFTER killing Diablo. My previous offhand had less than 50 vitality and only 120 str with 915ish LoH.

This isn't to say that I didn't die... I died ALOT. Fact of the matter is, the upgrades he found me helped me kill Diablo.

I definitely recommend Dboys information and if you can catch him online (I still chat with him now and then) I would definitely ask him politely if he is available.


Edited to update the offhand that I had upgraded before posting.
Edited by Jerioke#1184 on 8/24/2012 7:59 AM PDT
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08/13/2012 09:09 PMPosted by DBoy187
Ps: you only need 1k Loh to make a Ww build work Im currently playing a 100k dps Ww barb and am farming act 3 in about 35 minutes. But that information will come later so please check out the thread later and most of all GL HF and Enjoy the Game!

What is your farming route for A3? I am struggling to create a quick run -- I am starting at 'Breached Keep' and basically clearing the entire Act from there, but this takes way too long. What quest should I be starting at? What waypoints have elites very nearby? I would like to get my run times down and increase elites killed per minute. What is the Act 3 equivalent to the vault of the assassin run in Act 2?
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Bumping to get on my list.
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Hey dboy, if you're ever available to help me build a ww set I would appreciate it. I'm closing in on the 20 mil mark so it doesn't have to be any time soon. I added you before and seen you in for a week but you werent able to help me. Please add if you can help me. Letzplay#1320. Thanks in advance.
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86 Tauren Druid
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Hey Dboy! Just read your post earlier today and thanks an assload! By reprioritizing my stats and focusing on the gear slots for certain stats as you said, I went from 12k DPS to 23k, and kept my survivability!

It's not 100% of the way there yet, but it's one hell of an improvement over what I started with just under 12 hours ago! Really learned a lot.
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Bumping for love of the barb.

Have added you ingame to get some help with gear.
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Hey Dboy, added you in-game. I can farm act 3 with my current build while playing with my friends monk, but I'm looking to farm solo while he isn't online. Reading your post has helped a lot but I'm looking for assistance with finding decent equips... I only have 1.6 mil right now and I'm not sure how to spend it most effectively. Also, I'm down for changing my build to pretty much anything, so that isn't a problem. My friend ID is MrGoodBytes#1262. Thanks! :)
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can someone please help with my barb, dies alot in a3 inferno and dunno what to do
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You have been a busy busy little Dboy haven't you!!!!

So you know you are going to D3 heaven for helping sooo many people m8!!

This man/boy know what hes doning folks!! Gave him 100 mill and got 40mill back and was able to farm act 3 afterwards!! If it wasn't for Dboy 'id still be farming act 1 and praying for at least 1 good drop!!

Thanks againg for all your help mate and keep up the good work!!
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