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Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

A++++ man and service. I gave him 28 million gold and he made me a complete set of armor that allows me to effectively farm act 3. If you're needing the help with gear or advice, this is the man to talk to. Make sure you tip the man! :)
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I need to know what kind of gear and build i need to use, I've gotten him down to like 1/10 hp and then i'll die to a 47k hit..... If I do need a new set I'll set a limit of 1 mil.
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Dboy, great guide. I wish I would have found it a while ago. I was wondering if you wouldnt mind adding minimum str/vit to shoot for in the minimum stats section of the guide?
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Hey, sorry I havent been active on the forums as much I have been extremely busy in game trying to help people and level up paragons at the same time. As of now I am only focusing in game build, If your needing advice on the forums please read the guides and if it doesnt cover everything your looking for please comment on what I can improve in the guides.

As for str and vitality minimums its not a big deal just try to aim for as much ad you can the main thing is getting the dps, resist, and health. Of course your want to focus high str for the armor increase but after the 1.04 nerf armor is no longer required at high amounts just get it to about 5000-6000. Ive actually dropped nerves of steele for animosity on my Double tornado setup, im sitting at around 5,500 armor unbuffed and its working fine.
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Just finished working with Dboy and all I can say is WOW!!! This guy is a god among mortals! He knows barb gear like the back of his hand. I trusted him with ALL my gear and 8+mil and he turned me into a whirling tower of death! Thanks again Dboy.
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He guys, finaly made it to the end of my D3 friend request if I have added you and havent got to you yet please message me when you see me online and Ill try to get to you soon. Im currently working on a 150mill build and a 200mill build, the longer time I have for build usually can get the best items for the set by waiting for that perfect piece to pop on the ah.

I believe it is becoming cheaper each week to build sets, the prices of rares are dramaticaly decreasing in price because of the Bis legendaries are taking over. If you guys have any super nice rares nows a good time to sell before they become more under valued, the market will eventually level out. Also I believe more people are playing now after 1.04 you can see an increase in nice rare items on the ah just a few weeks ago it was incredibly hard to find good gear.
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Hello People,


I would be interesting to know on what kind of changes you could advise me on improving my current character.

Currently I can "easily" take on most mobs in a3, except for some elite packs and some bosses, specially ghom. Siegebraker takes about 3-4 minutes, maybe slightly longer, have to wait for "Wrath of the Berserker". Haven't tried other bosses yet, but i don't think that i can handle the very last boss.

http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/407/diablostats.png/ - here my stats

I am kind of stuck, i can't decided on what kind of next improvement to go for. I don't have much gold to spend, that why I am interesting in "easy" solution for current stage.

I was thinking of trying to upgrade my second weapon with some thing with 800+ Life on Hit, 50+ Critical Damage and Socket, possibly Strength.
Or going for upgrading all the gems to a level 10 Gems.

Any advise would be welcome.
And Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
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Spiker, I really dont know where to start with your gear, I would replace almost all of it. Your crit chance and dmg is very low and your str/vit is super low. You need pieces with higher amount of stats. And the pieces that you can get your crit on you dont have to have all resist just get high amount of str/vit crit chance and fire or physical resist. The pieces that must have high all resist are shoulders, boots, belt, and helm if possible. Get low amount of all resist on your chest, pants, with hish stats. You can get 1 ring with high all resist but your rings can also be used to increase your dps by a huge amount. All of your items should have physical, fire and arcane resist on them though. Gloves can be huge dps increasers also get High str, crit chance and attk speed on them or crit dmg and crit chance.
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thx so much, your guide has help me realize some part that my barb has been lacking
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Hey DBoY,

I'm confused as to what I should do with my gears. Right now I'm having a hard time farming act 3 although I can beat it. I wanna try WW/Sprint build and farm act 3. Should I just sell all my gears and start from scratch? I kinda wasted most of my money trying to get all resists on everything. =/

Also, do you have your own WW guide?

Thanks so much man.
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Hey DBoy,

Really need some advice with my gear. I can make it through A3 (albeit struggling), but it requires a lot of deaths and pain. Which pieces should I improve/replace and what stats do I lack? I'm in the process of selling a 20m quiver so I've got a decent budget.

Thanks in advance!
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Hello, I could use some help. I feel that my all res are too low, and that my DPS could be way better. But I don't know how to upgrade to increase my DPS and all res w/o costing me an arm and a leg. I currently have about 3-15m, depending on some sales. Hopefully someone can help.

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If you guys can add me in game id be more than happy to help you, Its very hard for me to keep up with the forum to do gear checks, I usually just check it with my phone while im at work.
I will be online all weekend helping people.

As for Ww I use the same type of gear as any other build except add about 800 loh and some life steal if you can get it. 1k loh is enough to comfortably do Ww build. You can Get a nice 800-900 loh offhand and maybe a ring and amulet with just a little bit of loh to start with. Also a life steal belt with str and all resist is nice if you need a little extra life return.

Read my gear guide above to learn what to get on the other pieces.
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Hello could you please help me out with some advice? Budget is around 1mil.
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Ww barbarian

Ok heres my guide on ww barbs and this is what to my knowledge is the best way to go about building a ww barb due to alot of practice and experience.

First off ww barbs are by far the best farming class in the game they are just able to clear sections extremely quick due to using sprint in thier build.

The ww build is very gear dependent and can get quiet expensive trying to get the best setup. I have put together a very easy method to getting the best dps possible and survivablity.

The thing about ww barbs is they have such a high life return that getting massive amounts of vitality really isnt neccessary. I like to focus all of my gear with High str and high resist. You want to max your dps so you can kill mobs extremely quickly.

First off start by getting gear with the most str and resist you can possibly get on them. You can check out my other guide on prioritizing your stats, you are basicaly going to get the same type of gear as any other build, just focusing more on Str and resist for the Ww barb. Where your going to get most of your vitality at is on your pants, chest, bracers. Also a socket in your helm for life %. once your get high str and resist on all of your items then when going to upgrade you can gradually start getting your health up higher. Also it extremely important to get your crit chance on the items than can roll with it on them.

Since Ww build is extremely dependent on Crit, your weapons you want as much crit dmg as possible. Search for weapons that have natural crit and an open socket. If done correctly you can get all of the loh you need for the set just on your offhand by itself. It doesnt matter to much about the dps of your offhand just make sure you get that loh and crit dmg, search for weapons with 800loh and some life steal if possible. 1k loh is perfect amount for a we barb you can still manage with only 800.

Skills to use.

There are 2 different types of Ww builds, the first im going to explain is for the guys who have lower defense. This build is great for those who want to maximize thier dps and not have to get all that extra resist to survive.

Left mouse- whirl wind- hurricane
Right mouse- leap - iron impact
Sprint- run like the wind
Battle rage- into the fray
Warcry- impunity
Wrath of the berserker- thrive on chaos

This build is based on using leap to get in and out of trouble also constantly spam it for that extra armor buff.

The second build is the one I use currently and is what most of the ww barbs are using.

Left mouse- bash- instigation
Right mouse- whirl wind- hurricane
Sprint - run like the wind
Battle rage- into the fray
Warcry - impunity
Wrath of berserker- thrive on chaos

Both builds I use the same passive setup
Weapon master
Tough as nails

You can also switch out tough as nails for
Animosity or Bloodthirst
Depending on if you need the life steal or the extra fury regain.

Hope you guys enjoy the guides I put together, I dont spend a whole lot of time going into depth with each piece of gear, I believe you can learn all you need to know by reading my entire post on how to properly gear your barbs.

If anyone needs help gearing in game I am doing builds for anyone that needs them just shoot me a message and Ill see where I can get you in at.

Have fun guys and good luck!
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Hi Dboy,

my barb is currently doing ok, but I need to find some better gears. I would really prefer a 1k dps crit dmg and socket mace or axe for main hand over my echoing fury, but my budget is currently 3 mil plus trades.

I am weapon throw spec, which is great fun, but to enable it to be awesome I really need to get a -5 throw cost belt and either a SoJ, maras or skull grasp with -5 weapon throw, but these are all way out of my price range.

Can you make any suggestions?

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Do you have any tips for dealing with ranged packs with molten in Act 3? The molten eats through me insanely fast(I'm at about 750 AR) and I can never keep fury up with having them running away nonstop.
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Purple, add me in game so I can go over your gear, I have messed with the throw build alot the new 300th spear is very nice for weapon throwers but make sure you get one with socket for crit.

Joben, what I usually di if your a ww barb make them chase you until they group up then run back and ww while they are bunched together. Just keep repeating until they are dead. Or lure them into a small room where they cant run. If your frenzy sword and board I just use leap and ignore pain to tank the damage.

Chosen I have added you in game.
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Just added you in game. Thanks!
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