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Read If You Need Help With Your Barb, Part II

Great thread, thanks for all the help and time Dboy!

Do have a question though o: What should i upgrade first on my stats?
45k life
5.9k armor
600-700 res armor
1.55k LoH
40.5% crit chance without the 10% from the wrath skill
25k dps
200% Crit dmg.. No sockets on weps atm :(

I only have 2.5m ( Quit and gave away everything like 1-2months ago, came back and made a barb xD) hopefully I can do SOMETHING with my build with that, but as all i can see to fix is my wep, i dont see it fixing without 15m lol.

I do assume its my weps that are hindering my build as they have no sockets and are fairly low dps.. but im fairly broke xD Fine in act 1 its act 3 i worry about. Check my profile and offer tips would be lovely. Also added you in game just incase thats where you'd rather do this xD Thanks in advance to Anyone who helps!

edit: also Dboy once i get up and going ( Whether you help or not) I will donate some gold to you for whatever use you put it to. People like you need to be supported BIG TIME for all you do.
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Dboy, thx for the advise. so wad shld i replace them wid in order to do better in a3?

wad is a good way to farm some money. act 2 runs?
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i had bought some new gear and respec to WW barb since i heard its the best farming build nw. do u tink its decent enuff?
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Helgam, deffinetly need to up your dps, always try to search for weapons with crit dmg and a socket with Str, since your weapons are always going to be where your Dps revolves around.
You can drop your resist down a bit to get bigger dps and also 40% buffed crit chance is not a bad start so you could drop this down also and get the crit Dmg you need.

Everyone, if your wanting help on the forums please leave a descriptive post with what your trying to improve, simular to Helghams post, also if you see 5-6 post before yours please let me get to everyone first and also read the guides and information carefuly it could save us all time and get the help you need. If somone just asks me what should I replace or upgrade it really doesnt give me an idea of what your having trouble with. If your having trouble with everything, then probaly will have to replace everything.
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hello, so right now im able to do up topretty much half of act 3. I can kill Ghom, but after that the upgrade in the mobs is too much. if you want me to link my stats i can or if you just look at our prfiles, just let me know:) ive been trying to upgrade my gear for more dps with some survivability so ive been thinking of getting more life regen and dropping some of my resists. I see a lot of people around the 300RA and right now when im buffed im at like 840-942. if you could check my stuff out i would appreciate it:) im at like a 2m budget right now but may be more soon i got Inna's Favor the other night.
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Helgam, deffinetly need to up your dps, always try to search for weapons with crit dmg and a socket with Str, since your weapons are always going to be where your Dps revolves around.
You can drop your resist down a bit to get bigger dps and also 40% buffed crit chance is not a bad start so you could drop this down also and get the crit Dmg you need.

Thanks for the quick reply! Didnt realise that I had gotten a decent Crit chance so thats nice to hear :D The weps, what do you believe i will need in terms of gold to get both upgraded? Also if at all possible a like one sentance farming tip for A1-2 to get decent gold xD like just say what quest to start at then stop at would be nice :3

Thanks again for the help dboy!!
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Hey I added you Dboy to help get my 2H'er a little more survivable.... I do metric !@#$ tonnes of damage but I think I need more resists, vit and general armour.

Thanks in advance if you decide to help... I only have 1.8M but steadily working on it, trying to sell a decent DH bow for an extra mil.
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Vispino, get more crit chance on rings and gloves, helm, your offhand is perfect for ww. What you want now is a mainhand which will add tons of dps, 800+dps, 150str, 50% crit dmg, open socket for more crit, you can possibly drop the life steal since its gonna raise the price by a ton.

Oceano you deffenitly need more crit chance also, get crit chance and aat speed on glove with his str and on rings, 350-400 unbuffed resist is fine as long as you get some extra fire and physical from somwhere else. Also try to get weapons like I suggested vispino.

Helghram, when farming I almost always try to do the complete act skipping to all elites. Desolate sands is the best play to farm in act 2 it has tons of different places to go. Also the oasis.

Hell, 2h builds need much more defense compared to other builds, try to get a base all resist of around 400-450 also check out Enders thread He is very good with 2h builds I have tried a few of the skill builds like hota and rend, but its been awhile since Ive really played with 2h to know the in and outs. Also Lifesteal is amazing if you can get into the 100k dps range.
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bump, these guys are real good helpers.
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Hi sir,

i have just created my barb and i tend to go here to ask for advice on WW build and gears.
I have atleast 40m budget for gear, it can go up to 50 or 60m, what would be your advice.

my barb is still lv 56, i ll try to make it 60 by end of this week :)
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Can you take a look at my ww barb and advise me what to upgrade next? I assume it's my mh weapon and rings but I'm not sure what are the stats to look out for.
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hi Doeboy, can u check me out with my ww barb? im kinda tearing through act 3 already with it but i dont know which would be a wise upgrade to my gear since some of them already cost tons of millions. i only got a 30m budget though. tnx a lot!
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Hello and thx a lot for your help!

May I ask you what I need to improve first? Weapon? I do fine but I'm looking to improve...

How much damage on the weapon it's equivalent of a less powerful weapon but with natural critical damage (assuming both with socket and strenght)?


my cc is 44,5% and cd 325%
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I'll add you in the game soon, I'll contact you and you please help me take a look if posssible, thanks :D
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Hi Dboy, thx for the advise.

I was hoping that you could help me build a gear or upgrade whatever that's required with a 3-4m Budget.

I have added you in the game. Thanks!
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I was a former bulldozer barb but gave WW another shot after the buff. After an embarassing 3 rather bad 3 death streak re-learning to WW.. i CREAMED act 3. i was able to farm act 3 in half the time it usually takes.

i did notice that i am more squishy now thanks to losing my shield. also, im broke (1m to my name) and everything to upgrade is now costing 5m+!

however, i panic a bit when i see my health drop/fluctuate. is this normal for a WW barb, to see your health jump up and down like a child off their ADD meds?

I would like to have more dps and i guess the next logical upgrade would be Vit but i dont know where to do that. also, i know that my gloves could use some strength but they cost so much :( and bracers with my stats and CC are through the roof!!!


EDIT: After that first death streak i died maybe 3 more times due to fury depletion while walled into a frozen plagued desecrate pit.... realy nasty!
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Any tips on my barb for farming A3? I can run A3, but I have points where I die a handful of times against a particularly difficult elite mob... and the heralds of pestilence are terribly annoying for me. I'm also trying to run off of LS instead of LoH and currently have almost 12% with 80k buffed dps/170kbuffed WOTB dps.

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Hey DBoy187, i hoping you can help me by giving me advise on what to upgrade next with around a 5m budget if at all possible.

any help at all will be appreciated
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Vanitas, deffinetly add me in game, I love building ww barbs with that kind of budget, btw what is your current Dps,health and resist?

Xhan, your mainhand is fine but offhand is a bit weak in stats, rings deffinetly need upgrading, also you do not have to get all resist on your bracers. Bracers can add so much dps its well worth to sacrifice the resist there to get tons of Dps. Also rings dont need all resist, rings you want to search for crit chance, attk speed, str and average dmg or crit dmg, depending on your budget.

Psycho, add me in game I see tons of mistakes in your gear you could easily improve on.

Xail,I advise you check out Enders post for SnB barbs he plays with one mainly. Natural crit on weapons is amazing you could get a 800dps weapon with simular stats to yours but an extra 50-70 crit and it would probaly increase your dps quiet a bit and in the long run your crits are going to be higher, but you may want to find one atleast 900 dps to significantly see an increase in dps.

Griever, it is very normal for ww barbs health to fluctuate, what I usually do is try to deal as much dps as possible when things start getting a little messy ill back off and pull them away from desecrate or arcane beams and then hammer them down again. Always back off when you see your health going down to much or try to create more tornados for loh. You want to get your vit on chest, pants, shoulders, bracers and socket in helm also weapons is nice if you can get some there. Mainly aim for 45-50k health. Also just play more and you will learn to get better and not make as many mistakes, I always like to fight wallers in more open areas or just kill them as quickly as possible especially if they also have arcane or molten, desecrate.

Zombee, you deffinetly need to get more crit chance this would skyrocket your dps, get it on your rings and more on your gloves. Also you want either crit dmg or attk speed on your gloves, your pants and chest need more vit and also socket in your helm. I usually dont advise people to go Life steal with ww unless they have 100k buffed dps. Everything else looks good.

Thegreyham, you have way to many items with No str on them, getting str on your gloves, bracers, chest and rings is very important to increase your dps.
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