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Templar - DPS vs Damage Clarification

Hello everyone,

I have a templar follower who has the following item as their main weapon:

Rare Spear - Vanguard Vault (level 26)
40.2 DPS
26-41 Damage
1.2 attacks per second
+3-7 holy damage
+66 strength
+65 Intelligence
+Critical Hit Damage Increases by 28%

In the summary near the bottom (slightly to the upper right of the details button) it shows the "DAMAGE" is 25.36.

When I replace the weapon with the following item,, I see a REDUCTION in the same "DAMAGE" stat

Rare Axe - Stark Scale (level 38)
DPS - 62.9
32-62 Damage
1.34 Attacks per second
+1-4 cold damage
+41 Intelligence
+30 Vitality
+Increases Attack Speed by 3%

My question is, what is more important in terms of dealing damage, the DPS on the item itself or the "DAMAGE" rating in the summary at the bottom? Just seeking clarification because I thought if the DPS increases, so should the overall "DAMAGE" but I could be wrong. Just spent $5K on a weapon which could very well be a waste of gold based on my ignorance. Any clarification you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, not sure if its a contributing factor or not, but here's the rest of the stats on my Templar

Relic - Proud Sacred Text of Fortitude
+38 Intelligence
+128 Vitality

Scouting Amulet of the Leach
+Each hit adds 2 to life
+10% better chance of finding magical items

Mending Ring of the Wounding
+2-4 Damage
+Health Globes grant +80 life

Ring of the Bear
+7 vitality

Rare Shield - Palisade Remnant
+26 Dexterity
+51 Vitality
+13 Physical Resistance
+11% extra gold from monsters

Thank you all in advance for viewing / providing clarification on the Damage vs DPS
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Sorry, forgot to mention the "DAMAGE" in the bottom goes from 25.36 to 22.19 when going from the 40.2 DPS weapon to the 62.9 DPS weapon.
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If you're looking for DPS, use the Scoundrel or Enchantress. My Scoundrel has 3,000 DPS and I have spent what.. 25k gold on him in total? Not sure about your class, but I give him ALL my old gear with good dex on it. If you play a barb, upgrade your rings and amulet and weapon and/or shield then give it to him. Mage or WD, upgrade your stuff and give old to your Enchantress.
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The reason your templars dps drop is because all followers get a huge boost to raw stat since they get double or is it even 4 times the benefit from them. At work so feel free to correct those numbers. So for a templar stacking as much strength as possible turn him into a dmg follower. oppsing that stacking vitality on him give him a HUGE health bonus compared to you even to the point where he can survive in inferno act 1 and 2. Can't speak about later acts since I haven't been there.

The bigger the raw dmg on a weapon however boost their special attacks dmg. Look to the third skill row at templar for a good example of that kind of multiplier.

So templar just as his tooltip says want STRENGTH pared with whatever else you give him. scoundrel want DEX and enchantress want INT. Increased attack speed and crit chance help too to an extent but extra crit dmg is useless unless you allready made them able to crit as they don't crit normally. Don't know how well they fare with on hit effects but life on hit is quite efficent too to keep them alive.
As a side note a 5th of whatever gold/magic find you stack on them is transfered to you which cap at ~21% or so
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