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WhirlWind Disconnections.


f**K this !@#$... disconnected 30 times now since 1.0.4 . GUILD WARS 2 here I com ... cy D3
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Random disconnects between 30min and 1hour. Last time I remember hitting CTRL to see items on the ground while in berserk + WW.

Awhile back I tried turning off vsync but constant screen tearing made it unplayable so I turned it back on (1920x1200 doesn't work well without vsync on).

Keep us posted Blizzard.
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Forget it
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08/26/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Alue
Did you try setting Max Foreground FPS to 60 and Display to Windowed Fullscreen? Your FPS cannot exceed the refresh rate of your computer screen. If you have a 60hz screen like I do set it to 60 else if it 120hz set it to 120.

dude.. stop posting this bad workaround. glad it workd for you but it dosnt for most of us.
it disables sli and makes game unsmooth. to the point where i can't even test if it fixes the disc problem cause my eyes are tired before then.

now let's find a cause and have them work on a real fix.
blue? any progress? any acknowledgment that someone's atleast looking into it?

this is really ruining my 1.0.4 fun. great patch, horrible playability.

i hope it's at least somewhere on a list of things to check/fix
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Know that it used to work so it has nothing to do with you're monitor or hardware setup. The patch of 1.04 introduced a nasty issue that is probably really hard to figure out with the limited logs we're providing.

The best thing you can do for a developer is provide them with in game debug code. Suggestions don't help and can cause developers to head down the wrong path.

Thank you in advance for fixing this!

While wirlwinding (Bound to RMB)
This is so annoying!! Sometimes i cannot even reach 5 stacks of valor...

I exit the Game after disconnect and watched the log file but its not showing anything about the disconnect.The last entry in the log was 20 minutes old.

ill post it anyway http://pastebin.com/TTmsQe2H

ww on right mouse button
sprint on W

also want to mention ist not just on us servers! i play on eu server
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Since 1.03, I have been getting random timed out issue playing my WW Barb.

It seems to be random when I was playing Act3 but it would almost always disconnect me shortly after I get 5 stacks.

I decided to farm Act1 whimsyshire for the time being, and BOOM the problem comes out again, and I think I was able to recreate it.

The problem thats causing the disconnect is,
During WW, you ran out of rage and is still holding the WW key. And the following happens:
1) Either You rubberband.
2) Or You disconnect.

This issue is definitely server side and has nothing to do with client side. Updating router firmwire, connecting to general channel, connecting to just modem DOES NOT solve the problem.

This is something Blizzard needs to look at right now because the game is pretty much unplayable when you lose 5 stacks Nephalem and disconnect shortly after.
I got the same problem and I don't want to quit playing a WW-barb.. I shoudlnt have to xD.
10min-1h gametime then dc. Usually right after 5 nephalem stacks. GRRRR!
also chiming in this has happened regularly since 1.04 on my barb only, not on DH or when in AH/Menus, only when running WW barb.
I experienced the same problem as you guys, i have been gettin disconnect randomly while playing my ww barb for a past few days. After testing on and off different options did not give the expected results. Today I tried to switch the option fullscreen mode to windowed fullscreen and tadam! it worked, not a single disconnet after two full clear of act 3 inferno. Hope it will help.
Switching to windowed fullscreen does work but it's not a fix. It's just a workaround. We need this bug fixed. It's been long enough...
just DC'd twice in a row tonight! C'MON!!! this is so frustrating!!

both times i was in the breached keep levels

my build goes as: mouse 1 WW, mouse 2 sprint, action bar 1 is overpower, 2 is battle rage, 3 is war cry, 4 is Wrath.

i also have space bar binded as move

when i disconnect, you can still see the WW animation spinning behind the DC message but my char is standing still. I also noticed that my fury globe is empty when i DC.

thank you for helping us out, here is my pastebin

are they ever gonna fix it?
I got dc more than 50 times while I ww as other folks having similar problem.
my wife plays wizard @ same comp. but never have DC problem.
I have WW on right mouse and sprint on the 'E' key.

Edit: I forgot that I re-launched the game to check auctions.
Ill link a new debug text tomorrow.
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same thing is happening to me over and over again. i use whirlwind with volcanic eruption, and that would be with the mouse

Hi Vasadan, thanks for looking into the problem.

I am actually not clicking on the action bar. I have my actions bound to QWER (instead of 1234) and I always press the key. For example: I have Sprint (Run Like the Wind) on Q, so I press Q first, start running with the left mouse button and then press the right mouse button as well for WW (Hurricane). I never disconnect when running between fights, it is often during the fight or on initiation that I disconnect.

I play just like him (but whit sprint on my E).

At first I tough that I was being disconnected cause slashing trough 50 mobs whit so many effects, numbers and stuff flying in my screen could cause a network overload or something like that... But my last disconnect was fighting a single mob (the last elite alive of the pack).
I got disconnected in solo and in a game whit one friend. Don't play public games so I don't know there.

PS: I know this thread isn't about rubberbanding.. But it seems to be happening way often the last couple of days, just matching when the disconnect issues started.
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