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The Moon of the Spider (Spoilers)

So I just finished reading The Moon of the Spider and I had a few speculations I would like to have cleared up.

Was the angel that possessed the wendigo Tyrael? I assume it was since he's the only angel to have meddled in mortal affairs thus far, but obviously it is never confirmed one way or the other.

Also, was Karybdus the Necromancer hero from Diablo II? The book touches on his past accomplishments, but does not specify defeating the Lords of Hell as "Firefly" does with Isendra the Zann Esu. As well, the Necromancer's Log found in The Stinging Winds points out that his mentor is the necromancer hero from Diablo II, however does not specify if he is alive or dead. If he is alive, then obviously Karybdus is out of the equation. Otherwise, based on the timeline of The Moon of the Spider and the estimated age of Mehtan the Necromancer, I don't see why it's not possible. I am leaning towards that Karybdus is not the Necromancer from Diablo II, but I am not sure yet.
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i wrote a thread about this a long time ago but it got buried. my theory was that the angel was imperius because of the discription of the angels wings being 'fiery wings' in the epilogue

Epilogue from Moon of the Spider by Richard A. Knaak

And from across the estate of House Nesardo, a figure who resembled a mercenary with many faces but was so much more watched the necromancer and the woman he had just left.
They had been tested and had risen to that test. The watcher nodded. A pair with potential. True, he had aided a bit by guiding the Rathmian’s wendigo to where the creature could be the most help to the duo, but it had been through their efforts most of all that the evil had been vanquished.
It would be interesting to see how they fared when next brought together.
With that thought, he spread his fiery wings and, unseen by all, took to the sky.
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I can't recall any specific times, nor can I be bothered to flip through any books, but I'm pretty sure that Knaak has described a typical angel's wings as "fiery" before. Besides, getting involved with humanity is the opposite of what Imperius is all about.

Now that I think of it, it can't be Tyrael either since he was busy reforming himself in Pandemonium after the destruction of the Worldstone.

It is a common theory that Malthael will take on the aspect of Death in a future expansion. That is something that I like, but to add on to that I am very interested to know where the Priests of Rathma are going to align themselves now with the Great Evils banished. I think that it is very likely that they will play the role of Evil, with Malthael and Trag'Oul at their side. Perhaps Malthael was the angel watching over Zayl?
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