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Stutter/mico-lag with high FPS on high end PC

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I am also having this problem, I've had it with a low end PC, and my current set up- GTX 670 SC, 3570k. I can play in 64 man servers on BF3 maxed out 1900x1200 everyting highest/max, but I get this annoying problem OP described even playing alone in D3.
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I think we should use this opportunity to express to the devs that the problem is not yet solved. I have a similar high-end PC with the same problems.

I beg for the ability to force all assets into memory on loading screens rather than loading on the fly. I'm willing to wait a bit longer to play this game without stuttering.

I agree 100% WE NEED LOAD SCREENS, Don't make me say it again...
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Is Blizzard just ignoring this stuttering problem? this was posted 3 months ago "Disk loading stutters: We’re working on the disk asset loading stutters as well. In an upcoming patch, some of the prefetching in the game is being changed which should help with the stuttering." Honestly, atleast give us an UPDATE, let alone the actual patch you promised.
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In your d3prefs, Hardware class. It says 6 right? Put it lower, like 2. Or whatever you want just make it low. I tried it with mine and it worked slightly better, but I'm on a laptop and your specs are way better than mine, yours has no reason to lag. Try doing it maybe it will help you.
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Tons of people have been saying this for months and Blizzard is completely ignoring it.

Every time something new happens the game locks up for a split second.

If I load up Diablo and sit in town casting spells, each spell will lock up momentarily and then cast. Each subsequent cast of the same spell will work fine, but the first time I cast it always locks up. Same thing happens when ANYTHING new occurs. I see a monster for the first time that session, see a new death animation, see new scenery. Same old, same old. This REALLY sucks when playing with 3 other people because it's going to lock up quite a bit when you first enter the battlefield with spells going off.

If I remain in the same area though and don't see anything I haven't seen before that session, game runs at constant 60 fps even with tons of combat going on. But anything new occurs? Microstutter. Every single time.

I would think my computer needed an upgrade if I didn't run games like Battlefield 3 and Blacklight Retribution on Ultra like butter.

It's something with loading information, and Blizzard needs to fix it. D3 loads information on the fly and there's something with many high end PCs that is clashing... not sure why they didn't just go with load screens like every other damn game. They apparently claimed that it was something they were looking into... but that was months ago and now we just get posts from Blizzard support that claim "Oh, my computer runs it fine so it's probably just you."

Thanks Blizzard.
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Is Blizzard just ignoring this stuttering problem? this was posted 3 months ago "Disk loading stutters: We’re working on the disk asset loading stutters as well. In an upcoming patch, some of the prefetching in the game is being changed which should help with the stuttering." Honestly, at least give us an UPDATE, let alone the actual patch you promised.

I agree with you, they promised us a stutter fix with the new patch and now when we get news of the patch its ALL new content. BLIZZARD STOP CHEATING PEOPLE. They will continue to tell us its on our end, most of us will ruin our machines with all the stuff they have us try, while they fix the problem under our noses without admitting to anything.... In the end when the game works they will act like it was never broken in the first place.

The game actually works fine for half the people..... But that's all they need to keep it running.
They still have satisfied clients so why fix the stuttering? They get less server lag , less people playing witch makes clients who have a working game happier. Shady... Very Shady
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How can't Blizzard realize that if the Stuttering is fixed then more people will play resulting in potentially more $$ from the RMAH? Blizzard DOES NOT pass on the opportunity to milk more cash out of their customers, therefore, this leads me to believe this stuttering cannot be fixed.
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@ RadRussian
08/15/2012 08:14 PMPosted by RadRussian
Vsync "1"

08/14/2012 09:02 PMPosted by RadRussian
I get a micro-lag, which corresponds with FPS drop from 60 to 57-59.

=> http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6246476039

Admin please stick it.
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I'd offer my bit of advise...

have you tried disabling all but high textures and physics in the game and then use the nvidia control panel to enabled options like AA?

I find that it works better than the diablo one, but what do I know.
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I've been trying out Tuneup Utilities the past week and I've felt a big increase in game performance and it also reduces stuttering to a barely visible level, at least in single, I can't tell in multi since that just lags by default.
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I have the same issue and I cant seem to get it to correct no matter what I do. Anyone have any luck so far? I am so tired of this BS stuttering!
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I really don't know what else to have you check right now. I know everyone says it's the game but I have the same card as you (two of them actually in SLI), an I7 2600k, 2 Vertex 3's in Raid 0, an Asus P86 P8P67 Deluxe motherboard with the latest BIOS release, and it all just works perfectly. I have a second system with an I7-920, 2 AMD HD5870's in Crossfire, Asus Rampage 3 motherboard I believe, on a 60 Gig Vertex SSD and it's running fine too. I've been playing D3 every day since release on them.

My system at work (i7-975 with a GTX 580) runs it fine too except I will get stutter right now if I use the windowed modes. I don't have the luxury of working on it here though as it's a provided system and not mine. I have to keep it running in order to work.

I just don't know what else to have you check. I'd love to have access to it to work on it for you but that's not in the cards I'm afraid. Our QA department is always looking into reports of stuttering and the devs have made multiple tweaks in the past via hotfixes and patches to help and will continue to do so.

I have a quite comparable build to yours too, evga GTX 670 ftw, Crucial M4 256GB, P8Z77-V Pro, i7-2600k and I most certainly can't hold a permanent 60fps w/ vsync on, it occasionally drops to 58 fps or so and corresponds w/ a tiny stutter... The game is by and large quite fluid, but still is annoying cuz i get totally stutter free playback in virtually every other game I play... w/o vsync it's like 145fps @ 1440p (screen tear is unbearable though) so I dunno what gives. I'd be willing to pay for more hardware to fix it, but I'm very skeptical anything will....
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I've looked for videos on youtube and it looks like a guy was able to fix this issue by installing installing diablo on HDD instead of SSD. I don't have an HDD but if any of you want to try it and post here.
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that doesn't even begin to make any sense, the read times on the rotational would just likely give you a different type of stutter...
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i think he said it backwards--however, even loading MPQ files from a USB stick or SSD the stuttering still occurs (it's well documented).
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08/19/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Technoviking
i think he said it backwards

No, I meant it. The guy in video uploader said in comments that he installed game on HDD and lag was gone. Just google 'diablo 3 asset loading fix' or 'diablo 3 micro stutter' and read comments.

As for my issue, I have submitted a ticket and it was answered and they told me to fix a few thing in nvidia control panel but obv no result because it's a coding issue.
And they said 'Hopefully we'll get a patch soon here that will resolve it!'

I knew that they don't have a solution, just wasted my and their time...

I have read about the USB stick solution and I'm gonna try it. Can we possibly shove the whole game into RAM? Will it help?

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I have a very similar setup to you... i7 960 / 2x5870's / 12GB and it runs great for about 10 minutes and then will just randomly slow down... I thought it could be overheating, but I checked temps (and even ran my case open with a fan blowing on it to be sure) and they are perfectly fine... the CPU is water cooled as well and never gets about 55 degrees... Vid cards hit maybe 80 or so.

I will just be walking around and then boom I go from 60fps (Vsync) to what seems like 15-30... UGH, driving me nuts. I am running the 12.8 Cata drivers on a fresh install of win 7 64 bit (fully updated)
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Hi RadRussian,

I believe that I am having the same problem that you are. Throughout many games, It seems like the frame rate is stuttering here and there. It doesn't make anything unplayable, but it drives me crazy. I also have a high-end PC, and can not see any reason that this should be happening. I've done a lot of research and can not find any solutions. I was wondering if you have found a fix to problem, and if so, could you please share it with me? I would really appreciate the help.

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I am also experiencing the same issue. For the most part my FPS stays around 60 (vsync enabled) there are times when my FPS drops to around ~59 which results in a very irritating stutter. The stuttering also occurs when my fps is at a constant 60. Also, like the OP I encounter a quick stutter when walking around which occurs less frequently then the stuttering when engaging monsters. I as well have tried everything from disabling indexing, experimenting with different foreground/background fps settings and using a frame limiter (which helps a little) via Nvidia inspector. My PC is also high end, here are the specs:

CPU: core i7 2600k with corsair H100 water cooler
GPU: Asus GtX 680 2gb running latest beta drivers 306.02.
Mobo: Asus maximus iv extreme-z latest bios and chipset drivers
SSD: Intel 520 180gb 6gb/s
PSU: Corsair 1200AX
RAM: 16gb Corsair Vengeance 2133mhz

I took a break from this game due to this annoying stuttering and after about 2 months decided to try it again and see if the latest Nvidia beta drivers fixes the issue. Only to be disappointed to find that the stuttering still persists. I know its not my PC for I can play the following games with very few issues:

Skyrim with 2k texture pack and forcing 4x super sampling from the driver on max settings. Crysis 2 mix of extreme and ultra DX 11 + high res texture pack.
Wargame European escalation DX 11 max settings.
Batman arkham asylum DX 11 max settings.

The funny thing is I get much better performance in the games I mentioned which are far far more taxing on hardware then I do when playing Diablo 3... So far I am very disappointed in my purchase of Diablo 3... I am trying to remain hopeful that there will be a solution to this frustrating stuttering issue...
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