Diablo® III

Stutter/mico-lag with high FPS on high end PC

Install on USB key. At launch of D3, stutter was a huge issue and hundreds of people posted on the forum about it on a daily basis. A blizzard techie even confirmed that the USB key was a great workaround until they fix it... they still have not.

Copy paste your D3 folder on a usb key, play from it. It fixed all my stutter and its a whole new game. D3 is known to have issue with constant assets loading off the HDD.

16GB usb key cost like 15 bucks
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It is not an HDD issue. I monitored all my PC and that game only load 150mb/s when I have a major fps drop. the problem of that game is the server. something wrong between the respond of the server and the game. Sometime i'm not even in the action and got a drop to 10fps. I hope they will fix it soon or I will just delete that crappy game and never get a blizzard game again.
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No, I meant it. The guy in video uploader said in comments that he installed game on HDD and lag was gone. Just google 'diablo 3 asset loading fix' or 'diablo 3 micro stutter' and read comments.

As for my issue, I have submitted a ticket and it was answered and they told me to fix a few thing in nvidia control panel but obv no result because it's a coding issue.
And they said 'Hopefully we'll get a patch soon here that will resolve it!'

I knew that they don't have a solution, just wasted my and their time...

I have read about the USB stick solution and I'm gonna try it. Can we possibly shove the whole game into RAM? Will it help?

From a technical standpoint this makes absolutely no sense. On a standard 7200 RPM HD you're looking at access times of ~12ms. 9ms or so if you've invested in a WD Raptor.

On an SSD there is virtually no access time. Which makes the disk access extremely snappy. Even the STR on the SSDs is higher than a mechanical drive.

The only thing that would make it faster would be if the drivers are bootleg or there is so weird compatibility problem with the operating system.
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