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North American Battle.net Account Update

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i see blizz numbers dropping off by the time mop comes out no one will be on blizz games at all
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That is not chill i update those two things now im banned from RMAH what a complete joke.
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08/16/2012 10:03 AMPosted by dosulli4
That is not chill i update those two things now im banned from RMAH what a complete joke.

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is it strange i still have to reset password on each login?
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08/15/2012 04:18 PMPosted by TenFiftySix
It unfortunately remove the check mark for "Require an authenticator code every time you log in to the game." Make sure you check it after you finish updating.

Thank you very much sir.
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Just done with both security.

But when I changed the serial code, the "US" is suddenly changed to "EU". What does this mean?

EDIT: Oh so, EU is the Europe? But I'm in NA!
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08/15/2012 09:04 PMPosted by xzor9
I followed the steps to reset my question/android authenticator and I am now getting a message saying that I am banned from the RMAH... Has this happened to anybody else?

Same problem, tried to call CS for 4 hours and get the "our call que is full" and get disconnected.
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I also got banned from using the RMAH after I updated my information.
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Banned from RMAH here as well, I have an open ticket on the matter so hopefully we'll have an answer to what's up soon.
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ty and i did again but my question is, i changed my email (login) and my password and in doing so, i was asked to redo my security question at that time as well&i know i did and also i redid it today but it said secret question/answer not security question/answer. my issue is, are these 2things the same or not? My husband swears they are the same and i did not redo my security question when i originally changed my email and pw. he says it did not ask for it then when i know it did. help please. ty so much.
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ok I see I need to use my authenticator to log in here and post in the forums but I no longer get the prompt in game for it.....

nm just realized I had to check the box under settings for the authenticator log in
Edited by IQof3#1925 on 8/16/2012 5:07 PM PDT
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Thank god for this. My old security question was never 'the right answer' because I probably screwed it up when I first created it. This helped me update account info without having to jump through hoops with Blizzard support.

(On the other hand, I dodged the phishing bullet by having an outdated email address at the time of the security breach.)
Edited by ceph#1271 on 8/16/2012 8:55 PM PDT
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Alright so here is the official word on the RMAH ban after doing the security update:

"I just wanted to let you know that we have gone ahead and taken care of everything for you. Your account was banned from the RMAH as a precaution when you were changing out your authenticators, however now that that has been taken care of, your access has been restored. I'm happy I was able to help you out, and I do apologize for any and all inconveniences that this may have caused."

Glad it was figured out fairly quickly (less than 36 hours of wait). Also it's good to know that they are actively keeping our accounts safe by closing down the RMAH when its authenticator is changed in case of a hack etc.
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I can't remember the name of the second girl I kissed... was too long ago!!!
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you guys did this when I played wow and now you want us to chance things again because of your gross incompetence.... okay.
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still having fun playing though, add winbotter#1808 to mf multiplayer
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so i log into battle.net and im just messing around because im bored...and i find that someone got a hold of my info...prob when Blizzard was hacked...and created quite a few spam bots under my account...because of ive been banned from several of there games...good job blizzard for contacting me when you got hacked(sarcasm: i found out from a youtube video) and thank you for contacting me when suspicious activity happened on my account ....
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Ummm, sorry to bug you, but the "Need a New Serial Number" function doesn't seem to exist for the blackberry version of your app... please advise?
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