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computer upgrade help

ok here are my specs.

OS: windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

CPU: intel pentium dual core E5800 3.20 ghz ,i think pentium 3

PSU: 450w cheap brand though

graphics: nvidia geforce 8500gt 512mb (latest drivers)

RAM: 4gb (using all)

HDD: 1 tb

diablo 3 runs slugish on this computer and i was wondering what i can do to fix the issue.
if u guys know anything that will help, it would be apreciated.if u need more specs let me know
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I would recommend that you just replace the whole PC if possible.

If not, you need a new graphics card, but due to a cheap 450W power supply, best I can recommend is Radeon HD 7750.
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ya lol im stuck with this comp for awhile so just gonna upgrade it. so the Radeon HD 7750 would work with this power supply?
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Dual Core...or Core 2 Duo? I ask...because running a 64 bit version of windows 7 would seem a little odd on a Pentium 3.

Aside from that, perhaps you computer's a little sluggish do to a lack of regular maintenance?
I'd suggest updating your Antivirus, running a full scan.

Then download 2 other programs to clear out whatever the AV didn't.
I recommend these two: SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.
Both, while the have oddly common names, I've found are the best free scanners out there. They don't install anything aside from the scanners themselves. They are extremely "Lite" and very effective.

After that, your best upgrade would be a video card...but you have to check...what slot is it, AGP, PCI or PCIe. I'd look for one of the cheaper video cards that has 1gb of video memory and supports the most recent version of direct X(10..if video cards with 11 are too much).
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its dual core.i do maintain it often,im running microsoft security essentials,advanced system care pro,and CCleaner they clean up my computer very well.im pretty sure its my graphics card that needs to be changed or probably both processor and grahics. so u think i should get a card first and see how it goes before buying a processor? and which graphics card would u recomend,i have PCIe slot x16
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That is not a pentium 3, its a pentium dual core e5800. The 7750 would definitely improve your gameplay. I would upgrade to 8gb of RAM total as well.
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ill try and get that card,but how about the VisionTek Radeon HD 6450 1gb would this be good aswell?
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No. Would be barely an upgrade, if at all.
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aww dang ok then ill just stick with buying the 7750 than.thanks for all the info and ill let u guys know what happens
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New motherboard (I'm assuming), c2d or quad core processor and at least a GTX 460 and you should be fine, if budget is an issue that is.
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im more for Nvidia,but i know the 7750 is good and its more of my price range.so im gonna give it a try
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ya there prices are alittle too high.see the thing is ATI is more for quality and Nvidia is more for preformance but some of there cards are good with both
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well guys i fixed the lag issue.i got the Nvidia geforce gt 610 and now my games including diablo3 are running nice and smooth
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