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Bashiok for Achievement [CLOSED]. THX FOR SPT

Alright, game's closed as there was nobody to step up and continue holding the game. But thank you everyone for the support and make this successful, which the same Bashiok was whacked by our community for more than 23 hours, including original OP's.

Guys, we know that many have benefited from this as we are able to pass on the game for more than 17 hours, helping many different people to gain this achievement, which requires long grinding hour.

BUT! We will really appreciate if SOMEONE can step-up and hold the game for, 2 hours or more and then pass it on again. Darksiege & Peekay is holding the game again for SECOND round right now, as there are no takers currently.

Sincerely regards.

Continuation from: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6368187119

Credits and Thanks to:
Bashiok Founder: Darksiege#2360
Previous Game Holders in order:
1. Darksiege#2360
2. Jishinya#6835 & PeeKay#1374
3. Nexusflame#1534 & PAV#1876
4. Darksiege#2360
5. PeeKay#1374

Total communities served: 60++ (as of 8/18/12 8:55 AM PDT). Lost track now but from the replies, safe to assume 100++
Look at all the blades! (collected from various contributors): http://imgur.com/NE7fy http://i.imgur.com/RNG1c.jpg

Current game holder: GAME CLOSED

1. You'll need a Rakanishu Blade. Don't worry, we have tons. Tell us if you need.
2. You MUST remove your primary skill and use punch/normal attack (by dragging the skill away with elective mode enabled) or else you wouldn't get the achivement.
3. Remove most of your equipments as well (To reduce the DPS)
4. Proceed to punch him and run away at the given location.
5. ????
6. Profit!

Remember DON'T kill him. Remove your primary skill, unequip your gears, and punch him with the blade, then run away. :)

Old posts:
Darksiege: 8 hours today and over 150 runs and I got the bugger .

In game now if anyone wants to get him . Please have a blade but I can lend mine if needed .

Dissmiss follower and drag your mouse skill off to just tag him with a normal attack . Lets see if I can save some people the massive headache that this guy gave me :)

Tips appreciated ( I am broke lol ) but not needed .

Please don't kill him !

08/18/2012 03:50 AMPosted by iSnowy
I'll hold the game for you, in case you wanna get off. Haha.

This is arguably the best idea for this whole game and whole lotta fun. Just do a chain Bashiok achievement game with someone holding the game until they get relieved by the next person. You hold the game, people come in and tip after they get ach, everyone benefits.

Jishinya: Going to go off soon, finding replacement of kind souls to be the next holder and take my place. Two holders in a game is best, in case if another gets disconnected (I dc-ed many times, but luckily PeeKay was there).

Jishinya: Amazing. The entire game have been passed around for 17 hours++ at least, in total. THAT's AMAZING!

Darksiege: HAHAHA this is awesome !

I can't believe this is still gong ! You guys rock :D

It maks the 8 hours of grinding worth every minute for me . Thanks heaps for continuing this guys :)
Edited by Jishinya#6835 on 8/19/2012 5:13 AM PDT
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Ty for the help :)
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Thanks for paying forward the kindness of the OP. He helped me and hopefully I rewarded him enough. My gold was locked up in a bid, so I dropped him some pretty decent ilvl63's and a wand that boosted his DPS.

Hopefully you're receiving the same kinds of kindness he was rewarded with.
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Up if anyone need. 4 persons so far.
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6 persons so far. Gotta need someone to hold the game with me soon, heading out for dinner and will continue holding after it.
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Tried adding you 2 times, nothing happend. Is this europe servers?
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No. This is on the US server :)
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I'll hold it if no one else can. I'll need the Rak blade, though. Don't have it.
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That just sux so mutch. Anyway, like ur community spirit, keep it up :)
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08/18/2012 05:03 AMPosted by PeeKay
I'll hold it if no one else can. I'll need the Rak blade, though. Don't have it.

Alright! Will PM you when I need to head out for dinner later.

I have bunch of blades here tho, from previous OP + people whom completed the quest and donated.

08/18/2012 05:04 AMPosted by Merseyside
That just sux so mutch. Anyway, like ur community spirit, keep it up :)

Haha, cause I believe most of us know how troublesome and headache it is to find this fella. So trying to keep the game as long as possible like the previous OP did.

Saved a lot of headaches.
Edited by Jishinya#6835 on 8/18/2012 5:06 AM PDT
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Loaded up D3.

For anyone who needs this cheevo, it's 100% free. No questions asked. Just don't want you to kill him, so that others have a shot at the cheevo. Thanks.
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I donated the 6 blades lol ;)
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08/18/2012 05:13 AMPosted by badatthis
I donated the 6 blades lol ;)

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is that rakanishu blade rare? i've literally never seen it drop and i've seen the rakanishu event probably a hundred times
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It can be. I've only seen it twice through many playthroughs with friends.

Kind of like the Oar you can get after you take the ferry.
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08/18/2012 05:14 AMPosted by PeeKay

is that rakanishu blade rare? i've literally never seen it drop and i've seen the rakanishu event probably a hundred times

i think they say it's only found in normal mode, act II oasis

it's a level 16 magic sword, so apart from the fact that there are no other lvl16 swords (others are 14 or 17 i think), there's nothing special about it. it has some fineprint writing if you want to read it
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friend request sent
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Just added you badatthis D:

Edit: Oops. Wrong guy. Just added you Jishinya D:
Edited by Muchi#6911 on 8/18/2012 5:26 AM PDT
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Still on, will pass the game to PeeKay so that others can benefit from it in 10minutes time (for my Dinner).
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