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Why can't the scoundrel have off hand items?

You'd think that they would allow us to give him quivers or something of the sort, but he is the only one that doesn't get any off hand equipment of any kind, why?
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The enchantress don't have any offhand items either. They don't need it either if you look at the potential dmg output they can pull of. Those 5-7k dps followers ppl list in here happen to be enchantress or scoundrel. The record is a 11k dps follower so they are fine.
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I agree with "DonovanKreed" I only use the Templar for the shield bonuses, its silly he can use off-hand items and the others cant, why did Blizzard do that?
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I think Cormack gets to use a shield to fend off attacks from our characters, because we all get tired of his incessant self-righteousness.

11k eh? My Cormack is now at 10.5k with 61k health, 49% block, and decent armor. 11k gives me a target to shoot for.
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Not 11k, I had my scoundrel up to ~19k before I switched to Buriza on him which makes his dps nada. I think I've still got a 1400 dps no socket windforce for him in the bank, I'll go see what his dps is now.
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I just went and threw a windforce on my scoundrel and he's at 15k. That's with good life (50k+) and great resists and some armor. Pretty sure I had him close to 20k, probably wasn't surviving well enough, but 15k is np.
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What would a bow user use as an offhand?
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08/15/2013 05:35 PMPosted by Maximilian
What would a bow user use as an offhand?

- a quiver ?

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