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Account keeps getting locked....


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I log into account, it says suspicious activity and it locks itself. Then i go to unlock it, answer all the secret questions etc. Then it says that I need to reset password. I check email, reset password. Go back to game, try to log in. It goes right back to locked status, says suspicious activity. Rinse, repeat, I've gone through this process now many times.

I have authenticator. I have updated all security BS. It still locks.

I submitted a ticket via my account before it relocked itself. Calling your phone # was pointless as the wait time is over 1 hour and that is unacceptable.

Please help, fix problem. I would like to use the products that I paid for.

ps. I cannot post using my wow avatar cause I cancelled my account. I understand to an extent, but that still seems kind of dumb since if I did not own a copy of starcraft 2 also I would not even be able to post this problem. I cannot post under my diablo 2 avatar, my SC1 avatar, or any of my WC avatars either since they are not options. So really, if I did not have an active blizzard product and I wanted to inform blizzard of a problem, the only option is to call your phone # and wait 1.5 hours for someone to answer the phone? I guess there is email, but we both know that never gets answered. I am trying to check out diablo 3 starter edition, but so far these dumb problems, as well as what I keep reading about diablo 3 really makes this whole scene very unappealing. For now though I would very much appreciate it if my account would stop locking itself every time I tried to use it.

pss. It's not my end. I already went through all those hoops.
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injunfeller ,

I know it's frustrating getting through to Billing, but we're unable to deal with account-related problems in here. We'd have to verify ownership which would require getting personal identifying information which we just can't do in a public forum. Plus, it's not a Technical Issue related to your computer or the game itself.
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So how am I supposed to fix this? Wait on phone for hours till someone picks up? How is this not a technical problem? I log into my account, unlock it by answering all the questions, then it relocks itself when I go to log in. If i verify myself using methods provided then why does it keep locking itself?
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This is not a Tech Support issue because it does not involve Player computer hardware or software. Think of Tech Support as akin to car mechanics only they troubleshoot player's PCs. The issue with the login system is something the developers need to fix in the server side code, which is way outside what the Tech Support team is involved with. They are not involved with coding the game or fixing that code if it is broken. The proper departments are Billing and Account support to help with lockouts and Developers to fix the login detection system. Of course, I am sure Tech Support will pass on the information to the developers but they can't personally fix it for you or help you out :/ They also can't discuss the personal details of your account in a public forum so can't assist with your lockout either...that is why you have to go to Billing and Account support.
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I log into my account, unlock it by answering all the questions, then it relocks itself when I go to log in. If i verify myself using methods provided then why does it keep locking itself?

Oddly I have that same issue, but only when I try to log in to any system running Windows 8. I can log in from a windows 7 box all day every day, but every attempt from a Windows 8 box, and I get instant locked due to suspicious activity
This seriously needs to be fixed, this issue effects newcomers it seems.
Same is happening for me, I dont really understand why.
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Just paid for and installed the game and on first login, got the same issue. Did the password reset dance, and got locked out again. Frustrating...
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Figured it out!

At the login screen, change your account settings to the correct region. I changed mine from Europe to Americas and was able to login on the next attempt.

Now to pick a character....
yo, yeah my account also got locked when i changed the diablo language from german to english. when i entered the email and pass then enter, then it says my account is locked. maybe it is because the serial key that i entered is for the german account?? how do i change it to the english version?
keeps happening to me and i am worried i will forget my questions.
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Called tech support...they unlocked it...then it happened again. This is really annoying. I just bought Diablo III and I regret it as it's been more hassle than I could have ever imagined.
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It does appear the problem impacts newcomers.... I just got my copy of Diablo III. What's more interesting is that I used Star Craft 2 several times from the same IP so it seems to be Diablo III specific as well.
Getting the same problem here and really frustrated.
I can log in on my laptop at home but not my desktop on the same connection (same external IP). Every time I try to log in on my desktop it locks my account in this manner.
Also, "call billing" isn't a super option for me. I have a tight budget so I have a low number of minutes available to me.

I wasn't told one of the game's requirements was a phone plan with enough minutes to sit on hold forever.

Get this fixed Blizzard. This is !@#$ty to put it mildly.
It doesn't just affect newcomers. I've had the game since release, and i have this problem too. My PC, and phone broke down at the same time, so i didn't have a chance to recover my authenticator. I then figured out i should contact blizzard, so i did, and after tons of security stuff my authenticator was removed from my account. Great i thought, but that was only to find out that my account is being locked every time i try to log in.
This have been going on since yesterday, and i've now played the change password game for too long. I'm currenly seeking for a fix online, but it doesn't look like anyone have figured it out yet. Not even blizzard.
This is probably the biggest problem i've had with diablo 3,and blizzard in general, ever.
If someone at blizzard see this, then PLEASE take time to report this problem. It seems like it's affecting a lot of your costumers.
Turns out Blizzard made the security on Diablo 3 supremely awful (and different from their other games).
The rep I spoke with in account security explained the following. When your D3 account is locked for whatever reason, the lock is stored in the local cache on your machine (as well as on Blizzard's servers). The game presents the user with 2 options for unlocking their account in the games logon UI: go to battle.net and use the unlock process there (via a link in game that launches the site in your default browser) OR answer your security question. Here's the problem, only one of the 2 options actually clears the lock from the local cache on your machine and it doesn't mention that. So you can pick option 1 all you want and unlock your account as many times as you want via the website and every time you try to log in it will just lock your account again. The only way to clear the lock from your local cache is to select option 2 and answer the question.


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