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The WOW vs. Guild Wars 2 Debate

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Guild wars 2 is coming out in a few days and all I hear is, wow is dead or i'm quitting wow once guild wars 2 comes out. I think if you play either wow or will be playing guild wars 2, you will find this video to be quite informational and inspirational.
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Oddly enough, most of the GW2 people I know will be playing both WoW and GW2. Even then, they're not the ones proclaiming that GW2 will kill WoW, mostly indifferent.
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Are you getting paid for viral marketing of this anime junk everywhere?
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His main beef seemed to be with people proclaiming their intention to dump wow one gw2 comes out. I guess he has a point there. Even I am guilty of that I think but the reality is i will prob resub wow occasionally to run some bg which I enjoy. But maybe not. One of the things attracting me to gw2 is that there is no need to grind gear for pvp.
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08/21/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Алтынай
Are you getting paid for viral marketing of this anime junk everywhere?

You mean WoW? Because i agree Panda's look something taken from anime's.
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Most people that say Gw2 is gonna kill WoW is infact WoW players, you see them on WoW official forums. So it has nothing to do with Gw2.

If people wanna keep doing that let them, it's quiet imature and let's face it, kinda Ga..

The game already has an established fanbase, with 7 million sold copies of Gw1, gw2 will do just fine, i expect it to sell around 7 million copies in around 1 year which is great.

Too bad arenanet comes with Gw2 now, after so many developers have !@#$ed up and released %^-*ty games. Gw2 is a great game compared to what we've seen in recent years.

A great game doesn't come often, too bad developers have been tricking us and milking us and making us believe bullshiet.

But arenanet will rise above it !
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I've been playing the beta for quite a long time and over the months have seen maybe two discussions about WoW. The game has a fairly diverse population compared to many other recent MMOs. I'm often running into people that came from DAoC and Guild Wars who have never played WoW.

As said above, I think most of the WoW killer talk comes from current or former long time WoW players. A need for addiction to be satiated elsewhere can also lead to those kinds of rants. In game, I just plain haven't seen it.
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Am I the only person that likely won't be playing either?
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Debate. Yeah right that's a good one. There is no debate in this there yelling and "I'm smarter then you naa naa nu boo boo"
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I can see how people that really like PVP would be attracted to GW2 vs. WOW. The PVP is better than WOW's and probably always will be. But those of us like me that LIKE what amounts to our multiplayer Zelda bosses, will stay with WOW. I've seen GW2, have a friend that's trying to get me to quit WOW for it...and there just isn't anything in it that interests me. Apples and oranges.

Bad game? No, just not for me. I AM sick of it being rubbed in my face though, with people saying "OMG this is the next new thing, it's going to kill WOW".
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I guess it really is hard for people to just play what they like and leave it at that. Couldn't care less about "comparisons". They serve nothing but an ignition to long a pointless argument over nothing.
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08/22/2012 07:16 AMPosted by Strawhat
Am I the only person that likely won't be playing either?

No, but hopefully there won't be too many like you posting in a thread about WoW vs GW2. Kinda defeats the purpose.
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These WoW vs GW2 debates remind me of religious debates. I'm tired of Jehovah's witnesses like the OP and the GW2 fanboys.

One factual point I would like to make, WoW does not really have 9 million subscribers. More than half of those "subscribers" are in Asia and they're not paying $15/month. They're on all sorts of different payment plans, many of them not even really being subscription plans. Blizzard calls them "subscribers" in earnings calls so they can look good for the stockholders (and not get fired).
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GW2 would be good.. If I hadn't just played WoW. Blizzard, why'd you have to ruin the fun!?
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Its two completely different types of MMO games, one is designed from a PvP perspective with some added PvE, the other is designed like most others, out of a PvE perspective with some PvP.

GW2 has no raids, a decent amount of dungeons with different types of gameplay options (story/explore). It has tons of PvP, balanced and fun, both for those who enjoy BGs or RvR (world PvP for those that never played DaoC).

Questing is nothing like in WoW, no even similar, same goes for skills, quickbars, combat mechanics and traits (talents). When it comes to graphics and envoirment, maps and all that, WoW feels very flat, old and boring compared to GW2. You cant walk up on a mountain in WoW and say "damn what a view" and actually see a keep in the distance you can visit.

I liked WoW very much for 7 years, but I wont be going back, I've been off WoW for a year or so, and it makes me happy. WoW was a drug, very mainstream and easy to keep interest in. GW2 has brought a whole new feel, well not new, nostalgia from games predating WoW, awesome games.

I sat down yesterday and did some WvW, it was the most fun I've had since raiding the frontier in DaoC, real MMO PvP battles with a purpose and not some WG/TB piece of !@#$ proxxy.
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afterfall will beat gw2
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Lol GW2 is just another failed wow killer. No one, and I mean NO one has even come close to killing wow.

Think about it... Wow is almost 9 years old and still to this day has the MOST active subscribers of any MMO out there. You just cant beat that.
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Oddly enough, most of the GW2 people I know will be playing both WoW and GW2. Even then, they're not the ones proclaiming that GW2 will kill WoW, mostly indifferent.

Yeah I like this answer. However, I've ended my WoW career. The game after so many years has become dull just like every other MMORPG out there. Its been dragged out long enough, even with a new expac. I have no more will to play it. Playing from vanil to raid-finding, I think I've enjoyed the WoW series enough. Its time to change storylines.

08/28/2012 10:14 PMPosted by Revan
There's no need of a "WoW killer". WoW will destroy itself, whether in 10 months or in another 10 years. In the meantime, the game will keep one of the most interesting breeds of gamers away from other games.

Its like I said earlier, all MMO's come to this at one point or another. The story gets dragged out long enough and people get tired of it. Great game, its just, its getting old and people are ready for something new. MOP will have adjusted several things but the storyline itself does not intrigue me anymore.

Next blizzard game I will buy will be SC2 expac. I'd like to see where that storyline goes in that.
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