Diablo® III

Latency issues been "fixed"

Pre 1.04 for me was fine, had no issues and game was running smooth.
Post 1.04 OH DEAR GOD!!! A couple more reasons to play my lvl 60's but dang the latency is huge. Poor Blizzard cant seem to get it right can they.

So has any else had this game play experience after the new patch 1.0.4?

Yes, its been choppy and laggy for more than 5 days now

*in New Zealand btw...
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Same, at times not playable. I normally sit at around 230ms but these last few days been anywhere from 320 to 1600. on the up side i seem to have got more legendary drops while playing at 400ish :/ win some lose some i guess
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Yep, nothing new in the latency department, business as usual, ie. Blizzard are busy doing whatever they do for the American and European players and forget the few Aussie - NZ players.

Possibly ignoring us due to the lack of total player numbers, 1000 vs millions, just guessing here.

Has there ever been a blue reply to any of the Aussie forum questions? Don't recall seeing any, but then again haven't read all the posts, just wondering ?

Hmmm, but wait, we are on the American server. There you go, problem solved ( he says with tongue in cheek)
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what is the solution to this?

still lag lag.
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My experience has dropped significantly in the last few days, feels like the servers are being hammered or maybe they turned more off as the months went by?

Either way, game is so hit and miss on being playable, massive lag spikes, checked my end and everything but D3 is completely fine.

Anyone else notice lag much worse recently?
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8 Months on, very few playing the game and there are still lag issues.
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Im 99% usually ok here using Sydney Bigpond but the last few days have been producing some unstable lag periods and then its been ok again
Tonight however, is totally unplayable with massive lag spikes and I'm regularly DCing which just never happens ever!
Its now late at 2347 and its still pox!
Checking my latency to LA I'm seeing 120 ping and the net as a whole is fine
Can only conclude the pipes to Blizzard need a serious blowing out
Call in the Interwebs Rotorooter crew!
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