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force armor theory crafting

posted it in europe forums but its realy quiet over there..

long ago i saw a video of a wizard abusing force armor and life regen to be invulnerable. it was before the nerf, but i think doing it is still doable.
when you get hit with force armor, 4 things can happen:

damage < 35% of your hp, force armor does nohing.
35% < damage < 135%, you get hit for 35% of your hp.
135% < damage < 200%, force armor reduces the damage by 100% .
200% < damage, you die.

with very high life regen (1500+), we want to have the least HP while maintaining our EHP. this way we can take hits and heal in 2-3 seconds, and with some kiting skills, become kind of invulnerable.
the most damage you can take from hard to dodge attacks (elite phase beasts and elite act3 shamans) is around 130k.

we want our ehp to be 130k/1.35=96k ehp, so we can take 3 hits in a short period of time (more hits in longer periods). this can be done with 3400 base armor, 650 all resist and only 12k hp, which is 340 vit. THIS IS ALL WITH GLASS CANNON! with ~2000 life regen, you can take 1 hit every 2 seconds and heal back.

these stats are high, but definetly not godly. you only need around ~215 vit on your gear, so the pieces are not that expensive either.
my wizard ('hatotah') is using this tactic, currently for act 2 (just leveled him). all of my pieces cost less than a million, except for my weapon which i borrowed from my monk. i have ~77k EHP with 12k hp, which means some things in act 3 will 2 shot me - still better than my demon hunter who also gets 2 shotted, but doesnt heal back in 5 seconds!

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Intentionally reducing(or limiting) eHP will not fare well in later acts of inferno due to hard hitting bosses and elites/white mob.

Also there are fast attacking white trash that will easily overwhelm you when you only have 100k-ish eHP, whose attacks are hardly avoidable in many cases.

Quilbacks, soul rippers.

So in short, no it does not work. It worked when inferno is new and everyone's goal is to get to later acts and farm SB

Now the goal is how to effectively farm/leveling paragon.
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With that said, the arguement is valid that:

to effectively use force armor

if you have limited resource(gold) for the same amount of eHP, you want more armor+resist instead of Vit.
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Indeed, The whole energy armor tree is trash and should be deleted from game. Not only is it ugly Wizs should not have barbarian type of armors and resists. We are a skilled class. or supposed to be and move around and dodge stuff. Or my personal fav freeze their butts in place.

Course for that sacrifice we supposed to do damage like no other and that's broken too.

Everyone is a wiz in this game everyone is a tank in this game.
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This tactic does not work and here are the scenarios that will kill you:

1) swarms/hordes - 10 to 20 monsters hitting for 5% to 10% life each, per second, kills you in 2 to 3 seconds without consistent intervention (i.e. frost nova)

2) hard hitters - 5 or 10 packs which each hit you for 35% of your life (because of force armor) which means that only 3 need to connect to kill you

3) ground effects - desecrator, plague, fire, boss mechanics, etc... tick for less than 35% of your life and will kill you nearly instantly in A3 or A4
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I use http://rubensayshi.github.com/d3-ehp-calculator/#intro to compare all the armors in ah to get the best dmg reduction.
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this is still a very good build for me and what im currently running... mixed up with disruption arcane torrent/arcane hydra/split arcane missles/cannonear familiar and diamond skin + potions for those overwhelming moments it is effective as I kite away. With new legendary items like fire boots... this build will still kick but ;) granted i still got a ways to go with equip. to get where i wanna be, but the build is good at deflecting those couple mega-hits and quickly regen and again pop the diamond skin when things get sticky... movement speed is essential here, and what ill be working on obtaining next.
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Act3 easy doable using:
force armor + teleport+ ilusionist + 1500 life regen, 5000 armor, 12k HP, 400 res

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