Diablo® III

1.0.4 Auction House Updates

To be completely honest I would be happy if 1.0.4 was just this AH fix/tweak.

I can finally search for 20% MF on a helm without spending 20 minutes (Disclaimer: I've made the last 5 helms I used).


I'm so happy.

Downside: I'll never catch anyone socketing stars in rings priced under 400k again. Ever.
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You should be able to cancel OR stop an auction. If there is a bid, and you stop the auction, they win and you get your cash right away.
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I didn't see if this was included, but for things like sources and mojos, can we search by average damage? There is a wide range of damage values for these items and it can be annoying to search through many many items that have decent stats, but low damage values. Adding that as an available search criteria would be handy.
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08/20/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Lylirra
We're upping the allowed number of "Preferred Stats" per search from 3 to 6.

08/20/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Lylirra
Players can now search for stats on Legendary items! Yay!

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Does this mean we can search or sort the damage boost on magic sources and mojos?
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08/20/2012 07:47 AMPosted by Snooter
  • Item Compare tooltips have been added to the Recommended Items page.

  • Does this only apply to the Recommended items or the searchable items as well?

    I too would like to know if this reflects all item comparisons ......man do i hope so its the 1 feature i was really looking forward too.
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    I believe this is what we've been waiting for.
    The old AH kills too much of our playing time. This is way better.
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    Thing that seriously needs to be added while in game to be able to check in on the current auctions you have for sale and have bid on. It gets annoying having to sit there for an hour waiting on a piece to time out and make sure your bid was the highest yea i know "Bid the most you want to spend and leave it" but if you get beat out by 5k you would most certainly pay out the extra 5k instead of wait for another item roll around.
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    Hop it come soon :) +1 for Blizzard
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    We've increased the maximum stack size of gold per listing from 100,000 to 1,000,000. The current minimum listing price will remain the same per stack.I don't understand this point, what does it mean? "maximum stack"="minimum stack" does make sense, is that a typo? :| And if that's true does the second part mean 1m = 0.25€ ?If this goes live as I understood will literally destroy gold value and gold prices will skyrocket as

    totally agreee....

    another expolit for blizz to make more money ...
    thought gold prices were bad prior omg ....

    otherwise the changes sound nice ...

    other then an AH does not belong in a rpg ...lol

    08/20/2012 07:06 AMPosted by Megalith
    When will you add a game to the auction house???

    number 1 for sure !
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    Yeah fix the single worst thing about the game.
    Patch 1.0.5 should remove the whole thing and make items have some value to them again. AH was the single worst thing they did to Diablo.
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    nice work! thanks! (:
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    Excellent! Thank you.
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    These changes amount to little more than changing a few dozen words in an SQL string and copy/pasting some input fields for the UI.

    What should have taken 20 minutes and been fixed on day one somehow took you over three months to accomplish.

    Too little, too late. I'll be amazed if you even added tab indexing to affix searches since it isn't mentioned here.
    Edited by deek#1977 on 8/20/2012 8:06 AM PDT
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    08/20/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Lylirra
    We've increased the maximum stack size of gold per listing from 100,000 to 1,000,000. The current minimum listing price will remain the same per stack.

    It's good to see they are combating those annoying bots, but this change will kill the gold AH, now you can buy 4 million gold for $1 so the price will skyrocket like never before making it virtually imposible for any legit player to buy something with his own gold, if players want to buy anything they wil have to:

    a) buy gold from the RMAH (unlimited stock, thanks to botters)
    b) play the AH (much harder now that you can search by time left)
    c) get lucky and find a really, really good item

    for the average player their only option, if they want an upgrade, will be to use the RMAH because their gold collected would never be enough to buy even the most basic gear.
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    Players can cancel their auctions.

    Great job,wasn't even expecting AH fixes. Now if only you can make it so we can access the AH while in-game.
    Edited by ArchAngel#1943 on 8/20/2012 8:09 AM PDT
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    good changes.
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