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1.0.4 Auction House Updates

Are you planning on fixing the HUGE bug that stole 3,000,000 gold from me when I was outbid on an item, or should I still stay away fro bidding at all? I would link to the thread but alas it was deleted by CM's for outlining the poor customer service on blizzard's part.
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Can we search for abilities that do not belong in that slot for a legendary item? such as attack speed on helm, move speed on pants, etc? Or will that still be unavailable as a search criteria for?
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Please Please Please add comas where needed. It's a pain re-reading every single time!

Other than that, you nailed everything else we've wanted for a long time now! Great job!
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Hope you all dumped your gold. It's about to crash hard as it's been nearly worthless for a long time now.
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Good to see but all these SIMPLE features should have been there from launch.

!@#$ that looser.

lol you forgot total block on shields and damage search on offhands.


You should be able to cancel OR stop an auction. If there is a bid, and you stop the auction, they win and you get your cash right away.

This. Commented here:

Also allowing to sort by time left it's a bad idea imho.

As said, need a mechanism to counteract bid sniping to allow this. Otherwise it is sad.
Edited by KRIGSSVIN#2774 on 8/20/2012 8:14 AM PDT
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Please for the love of god change auction time to 24 hours instead of 1d12h , how many times did u list an auction in the eve when you are home knowing that u wont be there when its ending cause yer at work or its early morning or middle of the night or "insert here" crazy hour , having 24 hour auctions will make our lives so much easier , i list an item at 7pm and i know it ends at 7pm the nxt day! makes much more sense then 1d12h
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what about commas? Will it display 1,000 or 1000?
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This looks pretty awesome.
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I can only imagine the scene when Lylirra logged in to post the AH update and found the steaming pile of Jay Wilson posts in the forums. I bet coffee was spilled and donuts went uneaten as massive red alert sirens blazed through the studio.
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Small tweak removing RMAH somehow has not been added :/
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Should also have a 'saved search' function.

But whatever. Grats on being so far behind on these changes now that I haven't played the game in months.
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so no...

gear comparison? hover around item your interested in and see how it would affect your stats? +100 dps, -10% prot.. etc?

show winning bid when you lose. shouldn't we see what the winning bid is when we lose? say i bid 500k, leave it overnight. wake up find out i lost. but to how much a bid?

maybe these two were already asked.. i'm sure first one is.
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Almost all points are mandatory.
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Still no Source/Mojo search "by damage"?
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Still can't sort sources and mojos by damage? Isn't that important?

Or how about filtering shields by block rate and block amount?
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