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=Legendary= Drops from ACT???

90% of my legendary drops are from ACT1

if i can just get some comfirmation from blues about legendary drops
is it "ALL" type of legendary can drop anywhere?
or maybe some certain "Godly" Legendary can only drop on ACT3 or 4

as we know best Recipe for jeweler/blacksmith only drop on ACT4 Inferno,
such as iLvl62 gears with 6 properties recipe and Legendary Recipe.

and i'm pretty sure most of you get most of your legendary from ACT1 too.

Example :
won't be funny if i farm legendary on ACT1 for weeks to find that "FIREWALKER",
unknowing that "FIREWALKER" only drops on ACT3&4
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The new 63 set items only drop in act 3/4 according to the patch notes.
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i must have missed it, i just check on lylirra notes again and didn't found anything about it

could you give me the source link please?
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flawless star/perfect star plans drop in a2, radiant in a3/a4.

6 prop armor plans drop in a2, but very rarely. I've found more in a3.

I have yet to find a legendary crafting plan, so I can't comment on those unforuntately.

Editted last sentence out.. I'm not too sure they can only drop in a3/a4 anymore after re-reading patch notes I can't seem to find where I thought I had read that.
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Whimsy is counted as Act 4 for drops AFAIK.

I don't get most of my legendaries from Act 1. They seem to drop in Act 2 a lot more often than in Act 3 or Act 1, probably because of the density of the trash in the standard farm run. The fact that I aggressively farm Act 3 elites that always spawn a short difference from portals probably also has something to do with that.
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I hope thats true, it would actually be rewarding to run act 3/4 again rather than speed bumping act 1-2.

Btw anyone know which act whimshyre is considered? Ive found some lvl 61 Sets and 6 prop plans in there so afaik its considered act 3?

yes if i remember correctly whimpy is considered late ACT monster(ACT3 or 4)
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08/21/2012 04:12 AMPosted by DISCED
I have yet to find a legendary crafting plan, so I can't comment on those unforuntately.

Unless they add new legendary crafting plans you are not missing anything anyway. Even though the old Plans make the new versions of the gear. The new versions of Crafted Legendary items still suck.
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still waiting for some comfirmation

i just don't wanna farm blindly like a fool lol
i need the truth :)
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Continuing from my previous post in this thread
Here is the link:
Mouse over the item name to see the new tool tip.
The crafted legendary items show up as yellow rares when you mouse over them for some reason.
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i remember blues comfirm that MF Does Not effect legendary drop chance

so if ALL type of legendary can drop in any ACT, then on Act3/4 should have better %chance to drop legendary.


%dropchance of legendary are the same on ALL Act, but some "Godly" legendary can only drop on Act3/4

Still waiting for Comfirmation :(
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i just got "ANDARIEL VISAGE" and "VIGILANCE" on ACT3
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Well, ilvl63 can drop act 1 - so there's that.

As for recipes, I dont think they can drop act 1 (6 props, legendarys etc). I got aloooot of grand in act 3, alooooot of fine in act 2.
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