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Blue, important question regarding Zombie dog

Please Fix!
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As much as I like the changes, it very much seems to swing too heavily one way or the other. As in they die instantly or are completely immortal versus almost everything. I'm sitting with ~1200 life regen, ~6200 armor (with enchantress), and about 750 all resist. Most things can't touch them at all. They stand in desecrator, plagued, arcane sentries, molten, whatever and it does nothing to them. The bulls in act III caves charge and destroy them all. The fanatics rush at me and my pets rush at them and they're instantly destroyed. Granted, I'm geared for tankiness, but those are attacks my pets don't move from (in fact they run straight into some of them). I have tools I can use to heal them and mitigate the damage they take (horrify armor buff) which do almost nothing in these scenarios, but that's just a large dramatic swing in no damage to insta-kill. Either way, I'm okay with it as it is. It's not a horribly broken system by any means. They work now when before they were unusable. I'm content to wait while they work out the final tweaks.
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08/24/2012 04:23 PMPosted by Bluebomber
Still have never received a blue response to anything I have posted ever.

Probably because your thread was completely and totally useless.

Don't be mad, or jealous, bro. I don't support your complaint.
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In Inferno Act 3 my dogs are often killed by 1 HIT of those fat guys with a big mace!! even tough the message absorved is displayed. What is wrong with that? is it a defect?

The pets now are guarantee to last 4 or 5 hits right? because of the cap damage. Or did I understand something different from the patch 1.0.4 change log?
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There's a limit to how much they can absorb. Get more vit, armor, and allres. The fat guys with maces don't even move my dogs health bar. Just wait till you get to mallet lords.
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There's also a sizable damage jump between A2 and A3, which means their absorption limit is a smaller percentage of the incoming than it previously was. I ran into this going from Hell A2 to A3, with the result that the Dogs got absolutely slaughtered due to my res and armor being relatively low compared to the amount of incoming.

*Edited due to mixing up characters, it was the Barbarian who got pummeled going into Inferno.
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There's a limit to how much they can absorb. Get more vit, armor, and allres. The fat guys with maces don't even move my dogs health bar. Just wait till you get to mallet lords.

Wooooottttttt you are crazy man!!!!! in a good way :) 71.4K life/1138 vit I wonder why your dogs are not being killed by those fat guys with the mace!!! + you get 714 life reg from blood ritual and 1888 life regen from your gear!!!!

that makes 714 + 1888 = 2,602 regen per second awesome dogs!!!!

Questions regarding your build, is those frogs any better than poison dart? I mean you kill things faster than using poison dart (180% dmg with splitters)?

Again awesome life regen for those nasty dogs!!!
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Difficulty for me has been the fallen maniacs in act 3.

They instakill all of my pets, when there is a supposed damage cap.
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Bull charges in Act 3 1 shot my 3 dogs -.-
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I personally have enjoyed the changes to the WD. Before the patch I had completely quit using any of the summon creatures, and relied heavily on the bears. Now I easily push thru act 3 and 4. I run a thorn build that deals around 10k dmg. Health 65k dps 23k, my resistances are modest at 500 and my armor is at 6k. While my dogs do die my gargantuan rarely does.

As someone mentioned in a previous post, I do not use my dogs for damage unless I am sacrificing them. The dogs are cannon fodder and nothing more. They are there for my tanking while I do the attacking with zombie bears. If you are having issues with your dogs dying I would recommend a focus on some Hp, or a rune that increases the chances of another dog resurrecting. While there are aoe attacks that kill them off, all you have to do is run back and they come to u so you can regroup and attack your target again.

Again I am happy with the changes and thank you Blizzard for making the pets useful.
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I'd like to know, too, about the question how a petdoc should deal with Fallen Maniacs and Mallet Lords. I'm in general very happy with the patch's witchdoctor changes and enoy playing with pets now. But these two foes are my personal nightmare.

Running back to direct your pets is not always an option as it takes several seconds for the pets to turn, too. Plus, when it comes to Mallet Lords for example, they run into melee range right again once I stop - and I have to make damage at some point after all.

It works in groups rather nicely when you have other players dealing with the opponents while you can keep your pets in the background. And I'll admit frankly that I usually have my pet cooldowns ready after a Fallen Maniacs' attack so that I can summon Hugo and the dogs again. But in terms of the Mallet Lords, for example, the cooldown's not enough and there are usually too many other opponents for me to leave my team mates alone.

In short, our pets dying instantly when it comes to certain types of foes is not really a big deal, but it is a sort of annoyance.
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