Diablo® III

The grin reaper....

i just got 1 of these and it seems like the summons dont do anything.....

anybody have this problem?
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I have it and the summons can cast:

- Grasp of the Dead
- Locus Swarm
- Haunt
- Horrify
- Soul Harvest

But they do no damage or have any effect, so what's the point...?
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Maybe it just acts as an distraction? Otherwise you may want to post this at bug forum.

Just curious, what does the summoned Mimics look like?
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Link to the item? You're using a WoW profile, can't see what grin reaper does.
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ive seen it use grasp now but the grasp doesnt actually do anything.
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I tried grasp with the first rune and it seems that it does affect white mobs by slowing them down... but that's it.
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So I read this thing about Grin Reaper last night and decided to give it a try....

I just got my Grin Reaper today... ITS SO MUCH FUN!!! Use Grasp with unbreakable Grasp Rune and Soul Harvest with Languish Rune... Here's what I found:

* After 1-3 cast of your spells (prefereably a spammable spell) you will go into Mimic mode ALMOST PERMA MIMIC
* Get away from Jail free!
* GOBS are slowed down
* You will find mobs that move in really slow motion!
* Elites are sloed
* This will still work since slow isnt affected by CC nerf

To really test this out, I suggest you use Rain of Toads...Cast on the ground where enemies arent present... then watch your mimic PERMA SLOW MOBS!!!! REALLY AWESONE!!
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Just to add on to this thread. Zombie bears do damage too. Yummy...

And like what Mugel said, really fun to play. Even though I was down by almost 20k dps after changing my zunimassa to this, I've still have no problem farming mp1.
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Darn... My mistake,the zombie bears don't do damage. Zzzz... It was my locust swarm that was doing the damage.
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Decoys, it does what it's suppose to.
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08/21/2012 07:12 PMPosted by Klipse
i just got 1 of these and it seems like the summons dont do anything.....

Wrong, they slow down my computer. Lame!
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It's just for distraction guys. A ,mirror of Illusion from the Wizard
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