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help..... stuck in "trail account"

I had been playing D3 with my collector's edition since day 1. Made hundreds of posts on the forum, up to yesterday. But this morning i woke up and i can post in any forum or thread, except for creating a post here........ I tried to go through every corner of my account, cant really find anything. Under my game account list, my D3 is still listed as collector's edition. Someone please point me in the right direction. Cant try to log into game when im at work.
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Have i been hacked? or banned?
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no one? please dont move this thread to the bug report, dear CMs, coz i cant post anything in there atm.
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This account has limited posting access due to the following condition:
Trial accounts do not have the ability to create posts or use the rating buttons. Please upgrade to a full account to enable these features.

Forums that you have permission to post in are marked as [Limited] on the forum list.

The msg i got when trying to post elsewhere.
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And suddenly i can post again........ can someone let me know why it happen so i can avoid it next time?
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85 Blood Elf Hunter
I am having the same problem as you. It tells me the same thing and the ONLY place where I can post on the D3 websight is on here. Might have something todo with the face I dont have a WOW account and its wanting to use my old wow avitar when I post crap.
Edited by Edrick1976#1159 on 8/23/2012 3:56 AM PDT
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5 Human Warrior
Having same problem here. I did have a trial account 2 years ago when i tried WoW demo, but now I have a full account when i bought and installed Diablo 3
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yeah. this is happening right now to me. kinda lol'd.
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How did you fix it ?
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