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Account Locked (different computer login)

So all the while back until before Patch 1.0.4. the Authenticating Credentials loading part is always asking me for my Secret Security Question.

Note that I never used Authenticator and I always use different computers to log in.

However in Patch 1.0.4, my account is always locked when I get to the Authenticating Credentials loading part. And it told me to Unlock from Website.

After unlocking from battlenet website, and the same thing happens again. The account is again locked when it is on the Authenticating Credentials loading part.

I unlocked 3 times and relaunched diablo 3, doesn't really work. It always blocks me on that certain loading part. And always asks me to unlock from website. Nothing more to do.

So currently I cannot log in to my account in D3.
Any solution?
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yeah just got mine locked too, i am at my uncles place in another state. i havent unlocked it yet since is late and i was just to play while i waited for my girlfriend to get back from college.

i find this ridiculous, i am will be working in a line of work where i will be 15 days at home and 15 days at work on different state, if i can play this where ever i want on my freaking laptop, it makes no sence.
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For the most part this is normal and is working as intended. It should eventually learn your patterns. If using the secret question does not work, then you are going to have to call Billing and Account support.

For background...see below

This system is put in place to protect you from people trying to log in from other locations. It detects a change in your access pattern (there are several factors including IP) and will lock the account and send an email. To get back in you need to reset your password using your secret question. This is working as intended. The system SHOULD learn your usual login patterns and accommodate them. For example I can log in from home and work and have no issues once it learned my patterns.

Why would it happen to you?

1. You logged in from a new location (the obvious answer)
2. You are using software that changes your IP. People do this to lower thier ping and latency but it can trigger the lockout system.
3. You are playing somewhere with a very dynamic IP
4. A hacker is trying to get into your account but does not have access to your email/secret question so can't get in.
5. You logged in from a different PC

If you are unable to remember your secret question then you will have to contact Billing and Account Support http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/contact
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You should read my question.

Then I guess its between 1,3, and 5.
However the problem is not that the account is locked; but how the system never recognizes me even after I did a lot of password resets from this computer.

08/22/2012 07:17 PMPosted by MissCheetah
To get back in you need to reset your password using your secret question.

I remember my secret question. I did reset my password.
However, the account is locked every time I try to login to d3.

How long does it take to recognize a new computer? I've been locked 5 times and I've always unlocked it. All from this computer. I thought once you log in to battle net or unlock the account, diablo 3 will already accept your computer. But in my case it doesn't.

How to make the system recognize the login pattern from a new computer?
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Question unanswered.
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Please fix it. I want return back "secret question" option
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Same problem here. I also want to play with D3 in my other computer (laptop), but when I trying to log in I always get an account locked frozen magick whatever... What should i do to PLAY in my other computer?
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For the "why" part, see above. This is a security feature that can not be disabled. In time, it can learn your patterns and stop locking out out as often but there are things you can do to speed that up.

1. Get an Authenticator. It will reduce the lockouts https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battle-net-mobile-authenticator-faq
2. Consider using SMS Protect. This is a text messaging service that will let you unlock the account using a code instead of having to do the full password reset. Link is provided if you go to the above FAQ.
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Ok, I have been getting this problem for about 2 weeks now saying that someone else is logging into my account through a different computer, but I don't use another computer. and I have been notcing peoples stuff going missing/stolen. And yet I have added SMS protection and I still receive this message. I am starting to think that we are having a hacking issue like back in October or so of 2012. BTW you're ticket filing option is broken it wont let me send one based on this problem. We need the techies to look into this ASAP!!!!!!
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Well I've reset my password twice answered all my recovery questions yet when i try to log in it says your account has been locked. I'm getting quite mad because all thing listed above i have done and I'm tired of changing my password!
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Same problem. Its absolute bull!@#$. If blizzard had people that would solve the problem in under 5 mins fine, but nope I'll have to waste two hours tomorrow trying to get them on the phone, and two hours again when I get back home. I didn't have this problem when I moved four hours away, but since I went to visit people in a different state I have this problem. If it was working as intended than it allows you to be hacked as long as people are withing a days driving range lol. Its some bs thing they have since blizzard does not seem to have any logic behind half of their decisions.
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Update: So I made a ticket and apparently it got unlocked some time last night. I'm happy and pleased that bliizard fixed this without making me call, but then again what was the point in the first palce
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I understand the system is in place so we cant easily play from another computer aka if we get hacked, the person who hacked our account wont get much...but on the same note I bought a new gaming pc and it wont let me log on to diablo3 without locking me out.. I have had this issue on several accounts, other games have a system when you log in from another computer you go to your email secure the pc's ip adress and then you are good to go..please implement this blizzard i would like to play diablo3
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You should have gotten an email with instructions. Are you following the directions to reset your password from the new PC? That is all it takes to get you playing again. It may take a few times, but the system should learn your new pattern and stop locking you out.

If you end up stuck in a lockout loop where it keeps locking you out even after the password change (as in you can't play at all) then you will need to submit a Support ticket.

Also, the advice above about getting an Authenticator works. I got a new PC 3 weeks ago and was not locked out.
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This just happened to me, all because I tried to log into my battle.net account on the web from work. Forcing the password reset seems a bit excessive given the e-mail link and security questions that must be answered.
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If and when locked, I do reset using first 6 alpha numberic of retail d3 cdkey.
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