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How to fix "can't patch 1.04" loop

I'm also stuck at 92% like the poster above me said. :(

I can literally see my download speed going from 30 kbps to 10, then 9,8, 7, 3, 2, 1 kbps....700 bytes, 300 bytes..20 bytes..1 byte..0.

Then the download speed dissapears completely..
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Make sure u copied those "####" as well
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Ok when it stuck at 92% I tried deleting agent exe two times and also copied again into hosts file and it made it to the end finally.

Blizzard please name a legendary axe after this man. Thank you sir :)
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im so sorry but i dont understand the bottom part.

find a file named " hosts"change the authentication to all users to "full control"
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Dear Diablo,

What on earth is going on?. Did you sent your Lord of Lies to prompt me " exit the game and the patch will automaticall install " is a bull!@#$. It does not work!. i have change the language to all nation of the country and i have downloaded countless times but nothing happends!. What patch is this? i did'tn pay for this!. I saved all my money for this game and this is what i get?. Comon guys! what da hell.... dont you have a team of tester or something like that to do a test run before you release it?.

Yours sincerly,
the monk.
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Just because if u do not change the file authentication, the system won't let u save your change of the file because it is a system file. By default only admin can modify the content of it.
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Im sorry i dont know how to change the file authentication pls advice
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Dear God,

Did what you told, did'tn work. I allowed all authentication on. even god and saturn can access my computer now, but it does not allow me to save still.

The Monk.
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failed to download information about the next patch.check your network connection". Please help me with this. When i changed the patch_url to "http://enUS.patch.battle.net:1119/patch", this problem pop up to me. Please help me with this. Thx in advance.
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It worked for me !!!!
Thanks !
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how do i not change the file authentication pllzz help
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If you still can't get the patch - check here:

There's a note about Safe Mode with Networking - I did this with the edited hosts file, and launcher opened and started updating. It did get stuck after a while so I returned to normal windows - ran the launcher again.

And it updated fine, and started downloading the patch!

Good Luck!
:D thanks Slayer for the host file edit!
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how do i do this?

change the authentication to all users to "full control"

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omg guys i have got a way to fix this go to this link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5870687669 it worked for me
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Would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU.

Not sure what it did, but it worked.!!!!


Shouldn't take end users to sort out your patches.

Thanks again Slayer,

Appreciate it!!
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I shouldn't have to !@#$ing do anything.... the fact that I have had problems patching every single patch shows that blizzard is %^-*ing useless and need to get their !@#$ing %^-* fixed!!!

This is pathetic... I've heard that it's not much better on star craft 2
My friend can no longer play it due to patching problems...
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got problems with patching 2 , anyway this is how i have to patch every time ( using win xp sp3) ... :

1) run --> msconfig
2) uncheck load startup items
3) services tab --> hide all microsoft services --> disable all
4) restart pc and run d3
5) when you are done with patching return everything to way it was ...
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