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...I don't like your Hair. I dunno.. It just rubs me the wrong way. There.. that felt better. Glad to get that out of my system...

Is it strange that I completely agree with you on this. There's something about it that just... doesn't feel normal.
Personally, i find TERRIBLE that you have to come here and apologize with all those 15 year old kids raging at the screen, but if you feel it should be done, then so be it. In my opinion is just more food for trolls.

Related to your post: keep the good work on the game, D3 is amazing and better than the previous versions in every aspect imo. I'm looking forward for future improvements, thanks you and the entire D3 team for your amazing job.

Very little time to play D3 lately but i'll get in again soon. :P

I love you guys that throw the term "kids" around all of the time. There's a great deal of players who come here that are wokring professionals in their 20's, 30's even 40's and beyond. It's not a forum all full of teenagers complaining and the complaints aren't unique to these forums. Check out any Diablo related website and you'll read the exact same things.

Personally, I found it terrible that he and some of his team had to resort to Facebook to insult the man who created the Diablo series. It's not a coincidence that Dave Brevicks comments echoes what a lot of the players have been saying since this game has been released. If the game was as good as he thought it was, there wouldn't be any need for insults or apologies.
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It's been three weeks now, and you guys STILL haven't gotten over this?
You're not getting one.

Time to move on.
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This explains Blizzard's P.R. response to this:

apology not cute enough
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time to fix the game you ruined

you know you ruined blood series by that awful sequel.

you have to remove that stigma from people's eyes and show them that you'll be remembered as the guy who made d3 awesome.

so yeah, do it
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I really do hope they change the game for the better. As it stands, for most people I've talked to or read comments by, there just isn't enough reward for the time spent trying to get the reward. As an example: you could farm your brains out for weeks and never see an upgrade. There will always be the people who have the luck of the gods and find legendaries and upgrades all the time, but that's definitely not typical.

I did enjoy my first playthrough of the story, but by the time I got to Inferno, I was so burnt out. The so-called randomized maps were nothing compared to the maps in Diablo 2 which were truly random. That fact alone significantly shortens the life of the game since it's extremely easy to get bored doing the same thing over and over and over, which brings me to Paragon levels. Sure Paragon levels are a neat idea, but it adds an even longer grind to an already grind-heavy game. I know grinding has been a part of the Diablo series since the first one, but it's noticeable in D3 and, at least for me, nowhere near as fun as farming gear in, say, Diablo 2.

Also: Soul Lashers.

One thing going for the Development team right now is they are trying very hard to make drops more exciting, but it's going to take a lot of work to bring back the people who have stopped playing due to boredom. PVP will probably help for those who like that kind of thing...not to mention it was supposed to be in the game since release. Delays happen, but if something is advertised as being in the game, it better be in the game.
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