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This was the right thing to do.

More important than the apology, though, was the acknowledgment that the developers understand the frustrations about the AH and the pace of drops.

My faith in the team and you just tripled.
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Haters gonna hate and all that, but nicely written for something that people probably got a bit too worked up about (not that it was the most professional rebuttal). I think your ideas about adjusting the difficulty are interesting, definitely something i'll be interested in when that patch rolls out eventually.
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Thanks for the great game and looking forward to future changes/improvements!
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I'm honestly shocked by this post. In a good way.
Most of us understood where you were coming from, and I don't think an apology to us was necessary at all. This was between you and Dave IMHO.

No doubt this apology is still going to bring out a lot of negativity in the community, but then, what can you expect? The community that has surrounded WoW and D3 has been acrimonious for more than a few years.
Posting in epic thread.

Also, thanks for stepping up and apologizing. I know that isn't easy, especially when it is about something you never intended anyone to see.
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Not a necessary apology, in my opinion. You were just defending your team, and while the language used could have been better, in the end, it doesn't matter. You did the right thing, standing up for your people. Don't let the haters get you down, and especially don't let them keep you down. Diablo 3 has been moving in a better and better direction with each patch, and you guys just need to keep up the good work!
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As someone that grew up playing D1 and D2, I hope that this message is a continuing example of an appropriate response about game issues and community issues.

Thank You Mr. Wilson.

Although Players who want difficulty/challenge are not "wrong" that is just not really what a diablo game is all about.
It's good you apologized, Mr. Wilson, but I have to say I'm still dumbfounded that someone in your position would make such a remark, no matter the motivation for it. I honestly thought that had been pulled off by an angry fan using your name.

Maybe I'm naive, but I'm rather holding you to a higher standard.
it took the whole community lashing out for you to do the right thing. I wonder how sincere it is.
Diablo 3 is on the right direction , hope your heads dont get big and give up on it now. Keep it at
Thank you.

Can't wait for what you guys are going to do for us in the next patches.
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