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A Message From Jay


"You deserve more honest communication about the game and what we're doing to make it a more awesome experience for us all."

YEEEEEEES, thank you, Jay, for acknowledging this, especially! I'm really looking forward to more updates from the team now.
Very professional, Thank you for taking the time for PR. It wasn't necessary but definitely improves the player base support of the team. I'm also glad to see you guys are paying attention to the biggest complaints and seeking to address them. 1.04 is a step in the right direction.
As someone that grew up playing D1 and D2, I hope that this message is a continuing example of an appropriate response about game issues and community issues.

Ah jeez! When did the world of gaming become so damn focused on PR, where everyone who has anything to do with it needs to be politically correct all the damn time, and issue an apology for every misstep.

I for one HATE the fact that Jay Wilson is apologizing for what he did. I HATE that gaming companies have to worry about this kind of garbage these days, all because we seem to be breeding a youth that treats the slightest politically incorrect statement as the biggest insult to mankind or something.
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I can't say I've never lost my cool.

I think the latest patch and paragon system are indeed a step in the right direction though more skill balancing needs to be done. I'd prefer not to cap things like attack speed and magic find and let the players decide what to stack and what to sacrifice in order to stack it.

I look forward to your possible implementation of something like the "Players 8" command as well as how you'll address the Auction House problem.
well didn't bother much ( private life anyway) i still hate you but less now not stuck in some corner without addressing a words to anybody. Maybe will have more positive thought about you if
you speak more since you are the responsible of this game.
I care less about your vulgar comments then I do about a patch that was implemented with huge holes. Did any one even proof check the Witch Doctor abilities when they were changed? 1.04 patch shows far less professionalism then your off the cuff facebook remark.

If its worth doing, its worth doing right.

You rushed the game (even after many years of developement) and you've rushed this patch.

And frankly, its probably too late for Diablo 3 to be saved, at least in terms of it becoming the game you (and we) hoped.

There is just too much else out there to play...
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What I have a hard time seeing is why you felt so angry. Dave never really said anything bad about the team. I mean it all came down to he would just do things differently. To me your reaction Jay Wilson, was more disrespectful towards the original creator of the game then out of "anger."

And you claim you respect what they did but at almost every opportunity you make harsh remarks towards the proceeding games, and say that they weren't that good. So in effect you are doing to that team what you say Dave has done to yours. There are good things about this game, but there are many problems with as well. And if you can't take criticism you are in the wrong business my friend, and you are working for the wrong company.
You had me at, "planning more than just PvP for the next major patch."

I love Diablo 3 as much as I loved 1 and 2. This game is in good hands, and patch 1.0.4 proved it (to me at least).

Can't wait for PvP (and now I have something to do until it is released thanks to the Paragon system) and whatever other content you guys add.

Chalk up one vote for a 99 lvl dungeon with D1 and D2 like random environments.
Please, make d3 bigger, i am already pissed with the fact that this is a simplified version of d2 with some few new ideas.
I like D3, but D2 is way better.

By the way, brevik just said the he would have made the game differently, and that blizz south vision is different. The guy u called loser was polite. I don't know where that reaction of yours came from.
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I appreciate the apology. /hug
There needs to be something more than killing monsters, there is nothing social about this game. Work on that please!
Thank you Jay.

I'm still playing, and I appreciate the teams commitment to this game.

Oh, wow. I didn't realize making the most profit for the company in the most aggravating way for players constituted having a "vision."

Good luck to your team. Pretty gross to have read through those comments.
why is everyone thanking him? he never posts here. and he will disappear for more months
Thanks Jay
not really sure if the apology was necessary lol
To Jay,

First, I honestly don't know if you'd do the same if the forums weren't flooded with topics about this matter, but still a very compelling and sincere message from you nonetheless - for that, I thank you.

Reading about your affection to this game series was heart warming, and knowing that you plan lots of other cool stuff even beyond the PVP sounds great.

BUT (you knew it was coming didn't ya) -
For me, the most important line in your post was - "You deserve more honest communication about the game..."

I personally accept your apology since we're all human, but right now GW2 awaits. I just can't force myself to farm endlessly without any reasoning behind the farming -
I got this amazing new sword so I can kill the same elite packs again so I can get an even better sword !
And the paradox continues.

Yes, I know a big chunk of you guys (the players) only care about the above - but a big chunk of us just don't (atleast not for years to come, playing a few hundred hours was more then enough to justify the game price tag).
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