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hellgate london

never forget

I actually like Hellgate London. I still have it on my computer with a single player mod. It is sad the comapany was in financial trouble and could not finish doing what they wanted to do with it. The classes were pretty interesting.
I say good sir, we all slip at times and ROCK ON. To be honest I understand that anyone can get tired of all the insults and foolishness that comes with this business and feel like snapping. LOL I liked it myself.

edit oh and thanks for a good game.
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Bravo Jay, bravo.

Many of the people that make up these forums come in all shapes and sizes, all walks of life. Some see Diablo III as a great game, others see it otherwise and I'd say we have one of the most passionate communities out there. For some of us, Diablo isn't just a game, it's something we invest hours upon hours on.

Blizzard is full of some of the most dedicated people ever, I love all of your games, I don't care if I get flag for it but I've been playing Blizzard games since I was a kid. To address the community over some silly remark, to apologize, was a big step in the right direction. The fact that you also addressed most of our concerns was a big bonus.

There are people that will never forgive and forget, but you know what, f$&# those losers. I would like to see them create a balanced game and keeping a community happy under pressure better than you guys do.

1.0.4. was an amazing patch and I've had respect for you guys for the longest time and now I have even more respect. Keep up the good work guys, I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us.
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I don't care what you do in your personal life, never cared about your FB comment or anything. However, I want to thank you for the very interesting read on your thoughts on the current state of the game, it's definitely going in the right direction and I have faith that you will hit that sweet spot.

Keep up the great work guys.
It's damn near impossible to post disparaging remarks about other people as a public figure and not get flak for it. Looks like Jay Wilson just realized that the hard way. At least he had the strength to come clean and express his thoughts on the game and its on-going revamping.

1.04 definitely helped. Diablo 3 is like a new born baby. All the elements are there for something great...but a lot of trial and error has to happen before it gets anywhere near its potential. On release it was a real let-down. 1.03 didn't help a whole lot (arguably even worse). It would be a shame to not have this game live up to its name...
Thanks, and I am REALLY looking forward to 1.04! Huge step in the right direction.

Blizzard needs to find a way to make the game more random ... not the same ol scenery each time I play. Randomly generated dungeons with random goals and parameters would be a start, having a secondary objective in a small area that is randomly generated would be fun.

Covetous Shen sums up much of the world for me now.

"You could walk all the way around the world and never see its like."

"Except for this part. I've seen this somewhere before."

But 1.04 has lots of goodies, so looking forward to playing again when it drops.
As a constant cynic...I must say I approve. This has done much to restore some of the respect lost by Blizzard as a company recently. Seeing Jay himself admit the flaws definitely goes a long way too.

I'd personally ask some of the D2 designers about their loot and the social aspects, and how they implemented them. Those are the two areas that, if fixed, would put Diablo much closer to the pedastal that the series belongs with.
There is hope after all... Let us continue this journey
Jay, just make the game like the Diablo 2 as much as possible

World PVP was huge part of Diablo End game. i'd say to me more then 60%.

give PK + duels and 4+ players in other maps or somthing, everything will be fine.
Thanks for the apology, though I think the brief statement you made is more than justified after how horrible it must be to read these forums. I doubt I could hold it in as long as you have with so much hate flying around.
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I appreciate the apology. /hug

Thank you for the clarification, though I already suspected you said what you did for a personal reason, it did not affect me much. Don't stop defending you're team ever! Regardless of the behind the scene drama, D3 is still amazing! keep up the great work!!!
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I'm assuming someone at PR wrote that for jay or helped him write it at least, but still a nice post. We've all said things we're not proud of, especially things that we thought were private that ended up not being so. Sometimes all it really takes is coming clean and admitting that you screwed up. Owning up to your mistakes can go a long way, and in most cases does a lot more damage control than simply trying to avoid it or spin it in some way that people will see through anyway.
Thumb up for Jay and his team :)
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I think an apology is a step in a right direction.

The issue was never the comment itself. I am a pretty reasonable and professional person and I've made really stupid comments while upset and angry in the past that I have later regretted.

I am completely against the whole "throw Jay under the bus" movement that some of you are on.

This apology feels legitimate to me. And that's good enough for me.

Thank you Jay.
All good now
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