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An apology letter from Jay like many have demanded. Happy now ? Patch 1.04 is great. Good job to the Diablo 3 team.
08/22/2012 04:02 PMPosted by Sarka
I appreciate the apology. /hug
I felt extremely insulted when I read your and other colleagues' reaction to the Brevik interview, especially those about how you had made "the fastest selling game of all time" whereas Brevik had made "Hellgate: London". Being angry is one thing, distorting the truth is another. Diablo III owes its success in huge part to the success of Diablo II.

That said, your apology is very welcome.
You guys are so easily manipulated.
08/22/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Jay Wilson
We think the gameplay is awesome, the world is compelling, and it's the game we all wanted to play

wait a second, who is "we"? :P
This is how we can have nice things.

Epic post, Jay.

Thank you and the team for publicly reaffirming your committment to the long-term success & welfare of D3.

ps- let us help by creating 'laboratory'-style testing servers we can join; where the team can freely use us as guinea pigs to help you guys create/test/implement whatever changes/systems/content you plan. (Even if new TOS addenda/NDAs/Dedicated forums, etc. are required)

You're only human dude.. we should all be allowed a comment or two without reprocussions.. unfortuenately that's not how the world works.. especially the gaming industry. We all make mistakes-- and we get back up.. Ty for this awsome game though.. I have been with diablo since the beginning of d1 and I think d3 is epic in every way-- sure it has problems.. nothing that some hard work and well thought out patches can't solve though.
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Thank you jay

Allthough you didnt have too it was a classy move and underall the hate and drama of all the children here there are some of us that respect all the teams work on diablo3 i am glad to be a part of this great game and look forward tomany more changes and efforts.

Keep up the great work.
I don't really buy it 100%, but I think you acted right by responding to the situation. Whether you wanted to do this or were pushed to do it, who knows.

1.04 was indeed a step in the right direction, eager to see what other changes and additions will come soon.
I think it's awesome that you appologized. Also, I pray you do keep asking yourselves if classes are satisfying to play, because you guys have been killing some really sattisfying builds and leaving us with the usual/dull/lackluster ones.
I'm glad you guys take great pride in this game. Some of the things that are great about this game are really incredible. The Physics after killing something is extremely satisfying and very well done. The item improvement is a great step and while others might not think this, I'm confident you guys will make this game filled with new content /w upcoming patches. Thanks J-Wil and Blizz team.
Kind of mixed emotions on this one.
Ruined a franchise, made millions off of another's hard work that BUILT the name Diablo, and then, then called one of the key members a loser.

You should add that the only reason you have the fastest selling pc game ever was because of Diablo and Diablo II. If you came out with this game and called it 'Hell' or Satan or Demon, or by any other name you would not have came close to the sells you had.

Oh also, DRM and RMAH: Thanks for turning something that was awesome into the corporate buttcrack of the world. Shame on you for even thinking of the RMAH.
Jay, my 2 cents of advice is this ... don't let vanity control your emotions.

Your post is well intended, and says many nice things. But you continue to couch your responses with sayings like "it's a step in the right direction." That can come across as hubris. It isn't the developers to say what or what is not a step in the right direction, that is for the players.

Listen to the players, be good to your fans, acknowledge short comings, and good things will always follow.

2 cents done.

Exactly, also at 1 paragraph before the end he said 4 times "We" who is "we" i wonder?
This post has completely and totally restored my faith in the game director and in the diablo franchise. Thank you JW!

Regarding the AH: How about a ladder where the AH is disabled? This would of course require that the items that do drop in game are more tuned to the players level. Besides providing a solution to players that don't like the AH, it would also further alleviate the lack of progression.
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So far only 6 pages ? LOL people r busy playing...
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