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Thank you for an apology. Don't hold a double-standard towards 'professionalism'.

You, and your team probably ruined D3 for good. That however, is statistical. There is a chance you can fix this title, albeit a small one.

I've stated two issues thus far for myself personally. The first is, what's the point of playing a game that's going to be radically different several months from now? I mean, yeah it's a video game, meaning it would have evolved over-time with additional content/tweaks independent of being broken. However the changes proposed, and already implemented, are game-changing and so huge I almost want to uninstall, reinstall a year from now, and pretend I never used to play this game. Why invest in a burning ship.

The second is my friends, they won't ever touch this title again. You will have the hardcore kids continue to play, but mass appeal is gone, probably forever. I purchased this with intent to play with friends, not link my stupid gear to some random in hopes of shock & awe.

Thanks for the apology, the humility is important. This will change game-design forever at Blizzard, and I suppose in that sense, that is the greatest achievement of D3.

- Long Time Diablo Fan
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Patch 1.04 was a step in the right direction.

Changes still need to be made.

This. The game should have launched at 1.04 fixes, with PVP and open custom games list. Once all these are complete (PVP/Custom games) then the game will be where it needs to be. Until then we're essentially playing an incomplete game.
Let me make this clear for you Bliz, i would have not bought D3 if i didnt play D1 and D2 back 10+ yrs ago. You devs need to stop for a moment and look what you guys have contributed to the sequel, try GOOGLE, it's not hard. David Brevik has all the rights to talk about any games, reason ? try GOOGLE again.

Jay, if u think u got what it takes, quit the job and try to look for a new one, see if any company/any1 is willing to take you in? LOL, i think we know the affix for you : plague

"Blizzard arrogance has reached new heights" <-- EPIC
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I respect you more for the apology, thanks for owning up to your actions. Please continue to work hard on Diablo 3. I personally enjoy playing this game. I also love the new patches and fixes (except for nerfing wicked wind, but I digress).
I for one really appreciate the apology.

The Auction House has also proven to be a big challenge. It adds a lot of power for players to trade and acquire items. Getting a great Monk drop that you can trade for better gear for your Wizard is obviously a great benefit, but it does come with a downside. The Auction House can short circuit the natural pace of item drops, making the game feel less rewarding for some players. This is a problem we recognize. At this point we're not sure of the exact way to fix it, but we’re discussing it constantly, and we believe it's a problem we can overcome.

I've been trying to say this for a while now, but no one seems to listen. I'm glad that you at least acknowledge the problem. I tried brainstorming a solution to the problem.

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I am very happy to see you took the time to apologize, Jay. It means a lot. Thanks for the work you do, and working with your team to better the game for the players.
I knew you were better than that silly Facebook comment :)
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I still think you had a right to speak your mind on a private forum about someone else. I don't think any apology is necessary, though everyone should know anything said in print (internet) is forever. Probably best if that was only spoken and not written, but I still stand by you had a right to say it.

As for the game, sure it can be improved. Everything can be improved, but its a good game. I swear some people only want D2 with 2010 graphics and that's it. They act like they can't play D2 at all. D2 was pretty damn different from D1 and D3 is pretty different from D2. That's a good thing, and something that no one should apologize about.
A little insight goes a LONG way. Trolls are gonna troll. Don't punish the rest of us for it.

Words hurt when they are true. If only you'd have polished D3 this much we wouldn't be here today.
Jay wilson removed the value of magic find from Diablo. Enough Said.
Well I think D3 is twice the game the second was, yeah it needs more conent, but if you drop 300 hours into something its just gonna get stale no matter what. I am excited for 1.1
nice to hear that.

i might get bored of diablo anytime soon, but i know you will do or atleast try to make a better game.

good luck.
Aren't you thankful?
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Jay wilson removed the value of magic find from Diablo. Enough Said.
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