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Login and Auction House Issues - 8/24/12


I can log in fine, but can't access the AH...
I get to retreiving heroe's and it tells me Error 3006 but when i finally log in after 30-40 attemps it wont' do anything, won't let me chat create game, join game, or get in AH
It's been "stuffed" ever since the maintenance down times after 1.0.4. came out...
alright thanks.. glad to know something that's going on.. lmao..
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If the AH button is grayed, but says it should take up to 72 authenticate. is it cuz of mass users? Or is there a problem? cuz its been longer then 72 hours
I think you have to make at least $1 from the RMAH to know if there are any issues. Gonna Post ilvl60 items on RMAH. I seen a video on youtube about D3 it mentioned being able to sell your toons for real $$ and that is why I am playing D3, Yes it is kind of Fun to play D3 but when features that you expected to carry over from D2 are not there and the stuff that was used as a main selling point are on their way. I like D3, I don't think of it as cartoonie I would say it is more Graphic Novel.
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I paid weeks ago, yet I have no access to the Auction House. What is the problem Blizzard why did I receive a confirmation e-mail it should work, yet it still doesn't. Please fix this problem
is it me or is the AH down for everyone. All i get is a grayed button. How can i get my items back? please help me
I cannot get on to Europe Servers.............. well, I can, but for 2 minutes every hour or so.
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what happen ??? i can login my char, but i cant use the auction .. what happen ?
admin pls reply me as soon as possible.
same here. log in just fine but cant access the AH. At least I can play though.
I've never even been to the AH. Sure would like to check it out.
Phew... thought I was the only one having this problem. I'm also getting 3006'ed when trying to switch heroes.
I'm not even getting occasional access to the AH.
In AH, gems on the socketed items are not calculated in search. For example, if a ring has 70 vit, and socket has a +34 gem, if someone searches for +100 vit ring, it does not appear on the search results.
I bought a digital diablo3 yesterday, and I received a email said the purchased was failed, so today, I bought a CD key and I have already activated it just several minutes ago, but the account status is still suspended, so just unlock my account as soon as possible, thanks.
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