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Login and Auction House Issues - 8/24/12


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I am really losing my patience. I stopped playing 2 months ago because of this crap. Now on the same very day i decide to pick it back up, the damn servers are down. 8 hours in counting, now your saying its gonna be another 2 hours?!?!?!?! So much for that idea. Guess ill come back in 2 months and try again. Should i even?
sooooooooooooo lame .........and inconsistent act
This is the 4th or 5th time servers are going down in 24 hours. Is Blizzard hiring interns to do all their work? Hire real programmers please and get your act together.
Just a suggestion. Why not do server maintenance in the middle of the night say around 2am to 6am.
WOW BLIZZARD only noticed the errors 27 mins ago ? It started like 8-9 hours ago where your previous maintenance should had ended .

Jesus christ , you Blizzard techs are rubbish man seriously . How did you get the job anyway ?

my guess is one of their techs works undercover for GW2 dev team... break the game on gw2 lauch day yay!
Update 10:30 a.m. PDT: We are in the process of bringing all Diablo III servers in the Americas down for maintenance to address issues affecting player login and the auction house system. We currently anticipate that this maintenance will conclude and that all services will be available by approximately 1:00 p.m. PDT (~2 hours of downtime).

Thank you for just bringing it down now so you guys can get it fixed asap. Pretty bummed I wasn't able to check my auctions on lunch though...
08/24/2012 10:38 AMPosted by gatts
Does that mean every time we post an item it's going to be a crapshoot?

Make smarter choices when posting starting price and buyout. Took me getting hosed once to start putting in reasonable numbers in for both.
This is sad / frustrating on my day off from work.

Wish we could have started working on the problem 1/2 a day ago when it first started. :(
08/24/2012 10:11 AMPosted by gatts
Why didn't you guys stop the timer on the AH? I took a big hit on 2 items because of these errors. I understand that if there were an update and you told us ahead of time then it would be my fault. But in this case I feel it is completely unfair to just let our items get sold for beginner bids.

It's quite interesting that they refuse to make any comments to this regard. Surely they have a reason why they do what they do but they seem to always overlook these comments when there's been ample time to explain why they can't/won't/don't change this.
lol i level 3 seconds before it kicked me out lmao lol...
This is starting to get aggravating. There was a patch on Wed. that was long to fix an issue. Then it went down again this morning for 4 hours now its going to be down for another 2 1/2 hours.
08/24/2012 10:42 AMPosted by Misenpla
Just a suggestion. Why not do server maintenance in the middle of the night say around 2am to 6am.

they tried.. but it !@#$ed up something.
these troubles started after a "restart to pick up an update" middle of the night last night.

they are so good at fixing stuff
08/24/2012 10:42 AMPosted by Misenpla
Just a suggestion. Why not do server maintenance in the middle of the night say around 2am to 6am.

They have been taking the servers down all night. This is just a continuation.
Thanks for the ETA.

I guess i'll go play original Diablo, single player, in the meantime.

"The sanctity of the place has been fouled!"
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blizz owes me several rares from the skeleton king. i just killed him within 2 seconds of it shutting down.

i just needed something to hold me over for a week till patch 5.0.4 comes up, and diablo 3 was a suitable fix but now i don't even know if it is gonna work.
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they are real lame duck here, don't you know that?
this is ridiculous. was on for server reset, signed out, patiently waited 'til 3:30am for them to come back up, even waited 'til 4:30 in case it took a while longer, and here i am at 1:41pm and it's STILL not working. i don't like complaining about a game or company i like and respect, but come on. what is going on? this is the third or fourth time that the servers will be "up" when i am going to be unable to play the game. making the game solely online is really hurting the gameplay. guess it's time to play some starcraft 2. i'll try again at midnight. PLEASE have the servers up by then.
Im intolerant of intolerant people, I hate you haters, I will troll the trolls and smack stupid kids for playing a game they claim sucks, Get the F__K out we dont need your disillusioned comments.
This is nuts...
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