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Leoric's Signet farming stories

dammit just found manald heal in dalgur oasis :/
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._. I got my first signet on my first day of farming for it. 4 days later of farming, haven't got another but i've got 3 manald heal rings....! fml.
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finally got one of these after about 3 hours of farming. 398% MF and it dropped from a normal mob in oasis. Pretty happy! Going to use it to power level my sorc's paragon levels now.
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Hey it's me again. The guy who spent 75 hours of my life farming, found nearly 50 legendaries, but not a single Signet...

Just curious, does it still drop in the same place? I stopped playing right before 1.0.5 hit
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yeah it still drop on that spot (rather on the map). believe me.
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Some of the numbers people are posting here are horrifying... I've been farming for 4 hours and I've found 28 Uniques... no signet yet, but Geez, 1 unique every 2 hours? gotta rethink the build if your doing it that slow... research research research!
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Just found one on my 2nd run, fifth leg after broken crown x2, split tusk, uskang. 29 int 26% exp. One of the fallen type mobs in the Dahlgur Oasis dropped it. I was on my DH with 475% MF.
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Im lvl 92. I spent 30+ hours into farming with tempest rush monk. mp10 with 475MF. Full move bonus, tailwind rune, fleet foot. Fast as hell. I did some extensive research and from what I gathered is Leoric's Signet drops ANYWHERE. Its been confirmed the ring has dropped from every location in act2. I farm every square inch of area on all maps, even all caves, etc. and it only takes me about 20 mins to do this. Ive spent around 30+ hours and no ring. However, I drop 1 to 3 legs per game and have dropped every single different legendary that you can possibly drop in normal mode, (except rings). I think this ridiculous because my friend who is lvl 30 paragon has dropped 2x rings in like 3 days. which really pisses me off
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Just found Leoric's Signet (+30% !!!) after a few weeks of off and on farming.


I kept a log of each session. Here's what I did (in addition to just getting lucky) in case it helps / motivates others:

Normal Act II (MP 10) / The Black Soulstone, Wizard w/ 35k DPS, 475% MF (300 base + 100 for MP + 75 for NV...I used the Templar with a 45% MF Sun Keeper mace with +MF rings and amulet to help get me to the max limit since 20% of follower MF carries over to your character).

My route was basically vault of the assassin (cleared it), sewers of caldeum, black canyon mines (no cellars, main part only), road to alcarnus (kill 1-2 elite packs only), dahlgur oasis (find forgotten ruins + whatever else I happened across), ruined cistern (at southern side of dahlgur oasis). Repeat.

I mostly focused on the elite packs + large groups of enemies. I didn't waste time killing off stragglers and I only opened chests if they were right next to me.

I spent 22 hours farming and found 30 legendaries (averaged 1.34 legendaries per hour / 1 every 45 minutes).

I found:
2 x broken crown
2 x moon slayer
1 x executioner
1 x gazing demise
2 x girdle of giants
1 x leoric's signet
1 x magefist
2 x manald heal
1 x rabid strike
3 x see no evil
3 x split tusk
5 x the crudest boots
1 x the zweihander
1 x vigilante belt
4 x winter flurry

I found many in the forgotten ruins, including Leoric's Signet. The Forgotten Ruins have many monsters for its size which helps IMO.

Regarding averages - A single run took about 20 minutes or so, so I did about 60 complete passes. I normally farmed for 2-3 hours in a session. Sometimes I would go several sessions without finding any legendaries (incredibly frustrating), and sometimes I would find 2 or 3 in 45 minutes. My best session was 7 in 2 hours 18 minutes (5 in the Dahlgur Oasis or its dungeons). So keep at it and don't lose hope. If you are unlucky for a while, take a break and come back the following day.

For the wizards out there, 35k DPS is plenty to kill everything immediately. I used Fire Walkers (boots) that burns the ground to help kill off stuff quickly. Blizzard and wave of force were my main spells, + storm armor (scramble rune) to randomly kill off enemies with bolts of lightning. I used teleport (wormhole) for fast movement (and evocation passive to reset teleport quickly). I had 24% movement speed. I also happened to have some "attackers take x damage" gear which meant I could basically run into enemies and they would die if the blizzard didn't kill them first. You can check my gear in my profile to see what I used but I probably will switch back to my 90k DPS wizard in the next day or two to focus on paragon leveling. :-)

Anyway, I'm super excited that I finally (!!!) found it so I wanted to encourage others! Good luck!!
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Here's my story...
I was searching for ways to make some decent gold as my Goldskin in A3 runs wasn't quite netting me a million even on MP1-2. After a bit of research, I came across Leoric's Signet farming. "Sounds like a waste of time. No XP, days of farming, and getting low level legends. Ugh...," I said to myself. But I saw how much they were going for and decided to set up a build for it just to test. This was Monday about 1:30am.

After doing a couple runs, I saw how fast I was going through. Then, I did a bit more research & got some cheap MF gear. Didn't care if it had low stats other than MF. I made a few peoples' day & bought their crappy gear (with decent MF). Monday night I was blazing through nearly 2/3 of A2 in about 22-25 min. Then, last night night (Tues.), I tweaked my build a little further getting down to 20 min max in most cases.

Having tweaked my build, I set out again for a few more runs. Finally, right before my run ended, I saw a goblin. I thought, I'll nail him and get a few low level rares at least. He died nearly instantly after I bulldozed over him and pooped out a legend. I hovered over it and it said 'Ring'. At first I was like Holy Crap! I found one! Then all the stories of people getting the Manald Heal rings came rushing back. So I picked it up, finished my run, & took the last waypoint back to town. There I went through all the crappy rares I found & ended on the legend. I said, "Here goes." Holy Crap! It WAS a Signet! +30% Dex and 24% XP. Not a bad find! WTF?! :)

Here's how I did it.
I'm not sure how many runs I ultimately did. Monday night was the only night I spent a good amount of time doing runs over and over. Tuesday night I was leveling a lower level character, then did a few runs with my wiz when I found mine.
I started an A2 game at the last part (Kill Belial). Portaled to town > Waypoint to Sewers of Caldeum, cleared everything back to the checkpoint > portaled to town > WP to Black Canyon Mines, clearing Khasim Output, Road to Alcarnus, all the way to Magda's Lair entrance > portaled town > Path to Oasis, then hit the Ruined Cistern back to checkpoint > Portaled to town, Sell Rares (or keep for new low level characters/friends) > WP back to Path of Oasis, cleared Oasis > take Ancient Waterway, clear that > Ancient Path > WP to Town, Sell more rares > repeat. I cleared every house, cave, ruins; anything I could enter, I cleared. Sometimes I didn't clear them ALL the way because it would take too long to backtrack. You just have to determine if TP will take too long vs. backtracking.

The Ancient Waterway is where I found the gob that dropped the LS.

My build
31k DPS 26 plvl Wiz. is similar to fussy. Much of this is redundant but will share anyway.
Most important, Storm Armor with scramble, this works really well in the oasis. Pause for a second next to a plant, it hits you & you go flying with around 50% move speed for a few seconds. Some of them are out in the open & you can circle it while you're waiting for it to open, then go flying off. Plus the random lightning strikes help get some of those guys that run off.
Others that help
Teleport + Wormhole this works great for long stretches in case you have to backtrack.
Blizzard + Unrelenting storm is good for areas where you know guys are going to pop up, like some of the shacks in the Oasis.
Mirror Image + Mirror Mimics, the mirrored versions do damage which will kill most of these things.

Honestly, you should be powerful enough that these don't really matter, but these are the ones that helped from time to time.
Galvanizing Ward to keep from having to pay attention to armor so much.
Crit Mass so when you do Crits (which may or may not be a lot), it'll at least help you from time to time. The only thing you really need it for is Teleport which recharges pretty quickly.
Evocation helps with the cooldowns as well.

With my plvl 26 MF/GF boost + MF gear on follower + MP 10 + my gear + NV = 466%MF for me.
Helm + socket, already had 17% MF, put a Star Topaz in there for an additional 25% MF.
Shoulders 14% MF
Amulet 40% MF
Gloves 19% MF
Chest 20% MF
Bracer 14% MF
Rings 16 & 20% MF
Pants Hammer Jammers, no MF but had 10% movement speed
Boots Fire Walkers no MF but with 12% movement speed
The main thing is the fire walkers. They allow you to mow down nearly anything by just walking into it. Even the keywarden in A2 dies in less than a second (too bad he doesn't drop keys, lol!). Other than that, you can mix and match movement speed or MF items as you see fit. Lacuni Prowlers, Tyreals chest, Hammer Jammer pants, and nearly any boots, have movement speed. Only need 2 to max out.

Legends found
1 x Magefist
2 x Boneshatter
1 x Executioner
1 x Daibo (I forget the name as I gave it to a friend who'd leveling a monk).
1 x Leoric's Signet

Hope this helps and good luck!

*Edit* added where LS dropped.
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This game and its randomness is trolling me hard in my quest to get that signet to drop...
I typically get five stacks, either in VOTA (fastest way) or Black Canyon Mines and Stinging Winds (slower). Then I run dungeons in the Stinging Winds, Alcarnus, Ruined Cistern and Sewers of Caldeum. I don't like the Dahlgur Oasis because of the size and low monster density in comparison. Furthermore too much mobs that can drop the troll ring there. I only run the VOTA for the fast five stacks of NV.

So far I've found

  • 7x Legendary Belt
  • 6x Legendary Spirit Stone
  • 4x Legendary Bracer
  • 2x Legendary Two-Handed Sword
  • 2x Legendary Quiver
  • 2x Legendary Mojo
  • 2x Legendary Ceremonial Knife
  • 3x Legendary Chest Armor
  • 2x Legendary Boots
  • 2x Legendary Pants
  • 2x Legendary Fist Weapon
  • 2x Legendary Daibo
  • 1x Legendary Spear

When I think about it. I actually haven't got a single legendary piece of jewelry drop for me yet in any of the difficulties. Going to keep trying and update in this thread.
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08/29/2012 07:33 AMPosted by Brainiac
Speed cap at 25% more than that its a waste

With Monk's Passive Skill "Fleet Footed", you can increase y 10% to 35%.
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At P-Level 44 now...
I believe the fastest farmer is Monk, juz equipped with Conviction Aura + Submission Rune (27% Weapon Dmg per second as Holy). you basically kill them as you run around.

Unfortunately, Ive not been successful in farming Leoric's Signet from the day I started with this.
My runs are as follows: Normal MP (10) + 5 NV = 400% MF
1. Black Canyon Mines + Sewers Of Caldeum + Road To Alcarnus for 5 NV
2. TP to Path Of the Oasis / Dahlgur Oasis and clear everything there including caves & door ways.

Too bad you cant set a predetermined patrol route.. That would be awesome juz letting it run... ('',)
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Might want to make sure you are killing monsters that are mlvl 17 or 18 maybe even 19. Signet is ilvl 17 so any monster under that level has 0% chance of dropping the signet (I believe). Some of the places you guys mentioned only have one or two monster types that even have chances of dropping it.

Manald heal is ilvl 20. Some of you are heavily farming areas where the monsters are predominantly mlvl 20.
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I like to join games and tell people that Leoric's Signet sucks, and that I'm going to drop mine. Then I drop a Leoric's Shinbone and laugh as they all rush over and wonder why they can't pick it up.
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What's up fellowship!
I took a break to play The Walking Dead, Black Ops 2, New Super Mario Bros U, and Monster Hunter Tri... but now I'm back! I've been farming several hours a day for the past week, and I got some more results for y'all. My total time Signet farming is now well over 100 hours, and I just found my 70th legendary! No rings yet.

I'm wondering, what do you guys think about the Ancient Waterway/ Hidden Aqueducts? It seems like there are 1 or 2 elites in there, and possibly a goblin, but I have to run through so many empty tunnels! Worth running or skip?

EDIT: OMG, a ring dropped off an elite Fallen Master in the Dahlgur Oasis JUST NOW!
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oh... just kidding.

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After about two weeks of farming, I got a 20% Signet to drop (MP10, 5NV, etc.,) in the Oasis from a Fallen minion.

Path was Desolate Sands/VotA until 5NV, then sewers, cistern, and finish in Oasis.

Prior to the Signet dropping, I had picked up tons of Crudest Boots, Aquila Curiasses, Scrimshaws, etc., though just one Manald Heal.

Despite my Signet being a relatively crappy version, I will probably not farm for another one; however, rolling through Normal at MP10 with strafe/vault/prep is pretty amusing.
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