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Very bad lag.. only in Diablo

So... I have been having very bad lag with diablo 3 and only diablo 3. Wow is fine and I can get 5 MB/s downloads off stream but get 1000ms + latency on diablo.. Wow is under 100. At first I though it was just having new huge patch and people coming back but I have noticed that after trying diablo 3 even web pages slow down speedtest on computer slow down! I have reboot computer and modem to get my internet back to normal. Did Blizz change the packets cause it seem to be acting as if I was running p2p. As for that game is completely downloaded and p2p is disable in launcher... This is annoying.
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I wouldnt even bother. I reported this many times in beta. The fan boys and blues always tried to blame it on my internet.
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yeah well it only happens when playing diablo 3, So unless the games packets got changed and are being flagged by my isp as p2p its not on my end. All other blizz products and stuff online are fine. Its only D3 or when D3 is running. For example I have been watching MLG this weekend. Stream is perfect but as soon as I fire up D3 it would lag at the same points that major spikes hit D3 I have 50mbs connection so its no lack of bandwidth. Last week I never had avg 110 ms latency.
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Yeah I'm having the exact same issue. I also noted that it took much longer to log into battlenet then normal to type this. Very frustrating, got so bad that my bow stopped shoting arrows and I had to force close Diablo. Now anything internet is SLOW...come on blizz
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^ Bump,

Im having the exact same issue at the poster above, what ever is going on is also affecting my internet as a whole, I lag so bad in diablo 2000+MS that even my ventrilo starts to lag. I've tried wireless and wired connections to my router, port forwarding, and right now im in the process of backing up some files and reformatting. I have no idea why they havent addressed this issue yet or put forth a statement about it. Its lagging my whole system at times...causing me to restart constantly in hope of even playing
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Having the same issues, Everything was fine until this last patch, I never lagged before that, I would be playing D3, my Son on his Xbox live and then usually 2 other people watching Netflix at the same time and not lag at all, I have the fasted Internet Service offered here which is 24 Mbps of downstream speed. So I know it is not my internet. Its getting annoying that I cant even be in a game for 2 minutes before it lags and freezes up so bad I have to leave the game.
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Same for me. just started a few days ago after the server updates were kicking everyone off. Thought it was my processor or connection, but every other program I run works normally. Frustrating......
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You all should post where you're playing from (state/province & country) if you feel it's a networking issue. ISP would also be a plus as far as trouble shooting goes.
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To Blizzard, my buddy is having this issue and is playing from Brazil. If we create enough games, eventually we find a server with ~200ping for him, versus the 800+ ping he gets otherwise. His ISP is NET Virtua.
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