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What affixes a WD should get on items?

Hi guys, this would be my "serious" topic.

I am looking at revamping my entire set of gear. Based on pre 1.0.4 inferno, how much of the following should I be having?

All Resist

Apart from the core stats above, are there any affixes from items I must get? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I am seriously clueless about what items are good and required for a WD.

Thank you for your time!
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If you're going pets, I can't recommend Life Regen highly enough. From my profile you can see I'm not exceptionally tanky. But with ~900 Life Regen and Fierce Loyalty, my pets tank most elites in Act 2 Inferno without a problem.
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I'm seriously steam rolling the game now.

Aim for 45K life, 3K + armor, 700 + AR, 25+ Crit, 150+ crit damage.

Mana regeneration on the helm is still important. I'm not valuing LoH at all anymore. I'm just not getting hit that often. Even when I do, no spell other than Acid Rain regains health.

Your pets are extremely hardy. They'll take the hits. It'll free you up to do damage.

I was off yesterday and did 5 full clears of act 3, and 1 full clear of act 4. I did die. Usually to some nasty horde, mortar combo.
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Thanks, guys! So here are the minimal stats I should get according to your helpful tips. Some blanks still, how much Int, Vit, LOH and Mana Regen I should go for?

I am shopping for all the gear parts and taking notes on each stat, so having a complete list of stats to go for would be very helpful.

HP = 45k
Armor = 3k
Int =
Vit =
All Resist = 700
Crit = 25%
Crit Dmg = 150%
Mana Regen =
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This raises another question for me as well. I'm guessing my resistances are far too low for inferno and may explain why my damage is so spikey. Do you guys aim for all resistance over vitality or go for a hybrid of both?

I also feel I have a decent amount of armor yet still feel very vulnerable? Even running defensive passives? In D2 you could run decently high vit with lower res but I'm not sure that's the most optimal now?
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