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[BUG] "Bashanishu" achievement not awarded

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I also had this issue. Would really appreciate some help on this Blizzard; especially with all the time it took to actually run into this guy.
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No blades on the AH... Major QQ going on over here.
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it happened to me too... Ive been searching for this achievement for over a month. And still doesnt activate?? Blizzard answer because oyt an annnoying issue o at least make bashiok spawn easier to find. I tried to send a tiicket and no answer, so im a really pissed off costumer.
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Thing is, if you hit Bashiok with the Rakanishu Blade from an older patch, it won't work.
I couldn't get the achievement either with my old sword (from 1.03 or before). Then I borrowed someone else's sword and it worked.
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Having the hardest achievement bugged is shameless...
Fix this!.
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How do you know what version your Rakanishu's Blade is? I have several, but I don't know when I got them exactly.
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Nothing like spending hours farming this achievement and finding out I have a bugged version of the weapon and that's why I just wasted all my time. Honestly Blizzard, this is the kind of crap that gets your fans pissed off at you. 3 pages of complaints about this and not a single word from any kind of admin. At least give us an acknowledgement that you know something is wrong and that you are working on it. There is an obvious pattern here showing a problem exists. Admit it and fix it. Don't ignore it and hope it goes away. That's the kind of crap that makes people stop playing your game.
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I have blade from same patch as I found Bashiok, still same problem today (14 oct. 2012):

Strange how this affects your mood, but you've put hours into it and then when it's there, no achiv :(

So I can confirm that it's still bugged (for some at least) ...
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Nothing Blizzard? Really?
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Difficulty : Normal HC
Character: Level 27 monk
Single player game mode
Follower: Enchantress (dismissed when seen Bashiok)

Same thing happened to me after searching for weeks. Very frustrating.
Tried unequip all, not helping.

Proof: http://i50.tinypic.com/dhda46.jpg
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Did this ever get fixed? Full group of friends, Monster Power 5. Nothing we tried would get the achievement. Wasted my stacks and all the excitment. Took this long to find this stupid elite...
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Same prob with me too
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Okay I found the issue, I had a blade i found during the first week of the games launch, hit him with it just now a got it.

A friend found one the other day and hit him like 30x times with it and got nothing, gave him mine and he got it.

Found your problem :P

Edit: There was most likely a change in coding on the weapon at some point that classified it as a standard weapon instead of being that weapon specifically, like I said, I hit him with my launch weapon and got it, a friend who found one a few days prior beat him to a pulp with it and got nothing.
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I finally found him today, after looking a very long time for him..
It sucks running around the oasis map time and time again in a vane hope of seeing this guy..

Yay!´I thought... unequipped my handweapon and hit the guy!


I went so far as to killing him with the dang weaöpon and still nothing.

BTW in Inferno MP 2 solo with my monk and an enchantress follower.

I found the blade months ago.. and have tried to get him every now and then, and now this....

Shame on you Blizzard for not fixing this!
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Lvl 60, Monk.
Patch 1.0.5
Normal mode, MP0
Blade FOUND today.
Even tried dual wielding 2 blades.
Tried achievement TWICE today. TWICE!
First time, blades were equipped and he didn't give it to me. I also had gear on, (minus any attacker takes ### dmg). Killed him in one hit.

Second time I found him, 5 minutes ago, I had my friends join the game, we all took turns bashing the bashiok out of him with nothing but the blade so help me god. (single handed).

Still no achievement.

NOTE.... if you look at the Blizzard notes for BUGS in 1.0.5:
It is possible to not be able to receive the “Bashanishu” achievement if you hit Bashiok using a Basic Attack (not a skill).

^^^ What kind of sentence is this?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Are you kidding me???? Since the GOAL of the quest is to "hurt him with the blade" what kind of fuzzy logic are you using to make this statement? The sentence, clearly, when you put two and two together, should say "It is not possible to get the Bashanishu" achievement.

Its that simple. Fix it.
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From the known issues list, it would appear that they expect hitting Bashiok with a skill while you have Rakanishu's Blade equipped is supposed to award the achievement.
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Same here, found him this morning no achievment...
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Also encountered this bug/issue yesterday. My rakanishu's blade is quite old as well. Definitely pre-1.0.4. Possibly even pre-1.0.3. A VERY annoying bug, as searching for Bashiok is incredibly tedious and time-consuming.

Really needs a fix ASAP blizzard.
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Level 60 Monk
Paragon Level 10
Inferno MP 4
Blade 1.04 patch
Single Player
Quest: The Scouring Of Caldeum
Followers: Enchantress (Dismissed when Bashiok appeared.)
Server: The Americas

I have 13 screenshots showing the process from start to finish if you're interested. I've met the "criteria" for the achievement twice now, and still nothing.

Considering the amount of runs (over 400) through the oasis, and I've only ever seen Bash twice, this doesn't lend to "attempting the achievement" over and over again.



Removed attack skills and equipped blade.

A whopping 716 crit with the blade.

And again...

And again...

Getting tired...

Bashanishu UNLOCKED! (Not Really)
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Just a thought, if someone actually does have a confirmed blade that works, why not let those who have been busting our !@# borrow it. No reason to put it up for auction where it's going to be possibly lost or ignored.

We could even use this thread as a holding spot for the next person.

Example: If Zero really has a blade that works, give it to whoever and they farm Bash until they get it, when that person is done they give it to the next person and so on. Hell, we could start a sign up list based on the order of the posts in the thread. When you're done, post that your done, we take you off and you give it to the next on the list.

It requires a lot of trust in a game where I see any if at all, but the typical response from Blizzard is going to be nothing, why not give it a shot?
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