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[BUG] "Bashanishu" achievement not awarded

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What I had to do was equip only the blade (armor and stuff didnt matter, keep it on), then change your main attack skill while in the map, this will cause it to go into cooldown, hit him while your main attack skill is still in CD, and you should get it. Some blades dont work, seems the more simple affix ones work more often :) GL!
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Just found him on Nightmare, unequipped my weapons and just had the blade, removed primary attack so it was just a standard melee attack. Hit him a bunch of times, even killed him with the blade - nothing. No achievement.
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With a sword from 1.03 or later you will get the achievement.
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If you find Bashiok, add HakeaKahuna#1231

I have a pre-1.0.3 blade, and a post 1.0.6 blade (farmed, not bought, so I know what patch).

Lets get this sucker...
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Like what feels more then 1000 runs through the Oasis I finally met up Bashiok.

I'd really like this to be fixed it didn't work on my blade. Took some screenshots, the time I spend looking for this guy is insane, don't really feel like doing it again.

But anyway I guess I'll just quickly pick up a new one and just hope I bump into him quickly while keyfarming.
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Extremely annoying...

Found him for the first time (took ages), kicked him, no achievement. Kinda killed all my achievement hunting ambitions for now. -.-

And for once, I can't believe that this little problem is soooo hard to fix. It is known since 1.0.4, gosh >_>
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200 runs found Bashiok normal mode get no acivment hit normal attack ;/ 1.0.6 patch blade tryed with 4 blades and noting please help
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Twice... :(
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Just now was the first time I've ever found Bashiok since the game came out. Killed him with the blade, normal attack. Nothing.

Great job, Blizzard. Great job.
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Blizz knows about this problem. If you go to the 1.0.06a sticky at the top of the forum list all known bugs from the latest patch are listed there.

It is possible to not be able to receive the “Bashanishu” achievement if you hit Bashiok using a Basic Attack (not a skill).

Pulled from that sticky post.
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Ran into Bashiok with my DH on Inferno (4). Couldn't use auto-attack with the blade equipped with Hungering Arrow and Cluster Arrow as my primary attacks. Dropped a 5 stack of NV to switch skills and auto-attack with my blade. No cheese. High disappointment.
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I just spent two days farming this achievement, only to not have it awarded. I have screenshots demonstrating that I removed skills and was using a melee swing, yet no achievement. What an incredible waste of time and major turn-off for the game and achievement system.
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If anybody would like to help me out and lend me their 1.0.3 Blade I would greatly appreciate it. I will give it back after I get the achievment.
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I finally just found Bashiok after hours of farming with my Barb. He had two Blades from different patches and I hit Bashiok when I was on cooldown, when I had no rage for my attack and when I had no other items equipped. I still did not get the achievement. This sucks.
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Same here...
Six pages of posts and not even single blue reply... Great job!
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So, let me add one more post.

Yesterday togather with my 2 friends we encountered Bashiok. We had blades from the newest patch. Each of us tried to hit him - as well with skill like with standard attack - no achievement.

Hope someone with blue nick will finally move his !@# over here and give us any info about this issue >.<
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Gave up trying for achievement after several reloads and several blades, yesterday, 1/13/13. I read about the bug and figured it wasn't worth trying for as blizzard has yet to give us a reasonablely worded response, or fix the bug. Logged in today, 1/14/13 and got blade and Bashiok spawn on first load o.0...oh the irony. Hit him with several basic swings as some posts and videos suggest, and then finished him with cleave equipped on my barbarian, as other sources suggest. Normal difficulty, US. This is bugged. Hands down, I have witnessed it now myself. Stop beating around the bush Blizzard and fix your bloody game.

Achievement "Hurt Bashiok using Rakanishu's Blade"

This is pretty straightforward, I think. Whether an ability is equipped or not it is worded to sound like "if you equip Rakanishu's Blade and swing it at Bashiok and you do damage, you should get the achievement." If that is not the case then you need to reword your achievement, explain it better in your replies to our posts, or fix the bug. One way or the other I'm not satisfied with what your doing until I see the achievement lit up on my list and a new banner accent. I've paid for your games for years, and I think your stepping off your "it's not gonna get released until it's perfect" wagon. Very disappointing.
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huh, i didnt know this. guess it woudl hae saved me an hour of hunting today
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have Bashiok in game if someone want him and the sword too :) ... add me Tapux #2221

CLOSED now but 12 lucky peoples :)
Edited by Tapux#2221 on 1/17/2013 12:55 PM PST
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this still is not fixed :(
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