Diablo® III

movement speed

i have:
ring (a) + 6 movement speed ,
boots (b) +12 movement speed ,
wrists (c) + 12 movement speed ...

but total movement speed is 25% ... if i use a + b = 18 , if i use a +c = 18 , if i use b+c = 24 .... how come a+b+c = 25 ?
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Capped at 25?
Weight of Armor?
Likely the first one,
But not sure.
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ring - wanderlust +6
wrists - lacuni prowlers +12
boots - hunter`s hooves +12
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The cap is 25%, no matter what you're wearing.
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since when ?
and where is the discreption ?
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Since the beginning of the game? Well, in beta, I think there might have been some changes to it, I can't remember, but it's been that way since at least late beta. And you're right, actually, I'm not aware of anywhere that clearly states that there is a cap to movement speed bonus (aside from skills, those don't count). It's just something that was figured out early on, probably much the same way you have figured it out, and it's pretty widely known by now.
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so pretty much all u guys r saying - where is no reason to buy more items with more movement speed ? cuz the limit is 25% ?
correct me if im wrong ....
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Have the same issue, already have boots, pants and chest armor with all having 12% but there is only 25% movement speed bonus. I think this is bug?
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its not a bug, its a cap... 25% is the max you can have without skill.
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Yes.. Item movement speed cap is set at 25% movement speed. Some skills such as the barbarians "sprint" give you skill movement speed which can surpass the 25% movement cap, but as far as gear is concerned 25% is the cap. There is no bug there.
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However, it is an issue that this doesn't appear to be documented anywhere. It should be in the game guide. I suggest posting in the website bug report forum: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/3355037/
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