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Best Monk legendary and set items for 1.0.4

Hello fellow Monks,

This thread is intended to provide the Monk community with a list of the most viable legendary and set items for patch 1.0.4. This was originally a thread to begin the discussion, but enough feedback has been given to make an actual list to build on. The OP will be edited on a regular basis so the information discussed within the thread will be reflected here.

This is not a definitive BiS thread since gear and build choices can greatly change an item’s damage or defensive value. This list is to show which items fall into that figurative “BiS radius” that separates great gear from okay or bad gear. Please feel free to add your experience and knowledge on items to the thread, and counterpoint anything within if you disagree (in a civil and constructive manner, please). If one item can be considered a clear “BiS” for a specific circumstance, please contribute this information as well. This is a work in progress so the more feedback I get, the more accurate this list will be. Most importantly, please remember that not everyone has the same level of skill or experience as the next person, so try to consider this when posting or critiquing. I’ve already seen some positive feedback and look forward to even more contributions from the Monk community.

Also, please include any pics or videos you have for various items and I will try to link as many as I can in the OP (or at least reference your name and page # so people can go there and look).

Sorry for the long intro. We will have a section for each item slot, and a separate section at the end for set information (individual set items will still be in their respective sections).
Let’s get started!

****Note this is just the list and will contain additional information for each item later. Please begin discussing and we will have more information soon****

********** Everything is up except for some shield information and set information **********

===========================One Handed Weapons===========================

The Burning Axe of Sankis (axe) - This could be a good choice for Monks with fire resist that also choose to use fire damage in their build. This axe is guaranteed to roll +fire damage %, + %damage to fire skills, fire resist, LoH, and has a proc that “lets you fight through pain”. Supposedly, the proc chance is good, it reduces damage by roughly 35% (need confirmation on this please), lasts about 3 seconds, and has no known cool down. More confirmation on this proc would be nice.

Sky Splitter (axe) - Guaranteed to roll IAS and high LPS. Also, the Smite proc is a stun that lasts a few seconds. More information is needed on this proc.

Echoing Fury (mace) - This weapon has a modifier than gives +.21-.25 attacks per second, which I’m told applies to your other weapon if you dual wield. Also, the fear proc causes enemies to fear in place or only move a short distance. Monks that have commented so far say the fear range is still within Sweeping Wind distance.

Sun Keeper (mace) - The redeeming quality on this mace is the 5-10% increased damage against elites, which really isn’t a huge deal unless you stack that on other gear. If you still seek MF, this weapon has up to 45% guaranteed. It can roll 2 random properties, but they would need to be some pretty good rolls for me to even consider this mace. Honestly, I would pass on this unless you just want the MF, or need an upgrade badly and find one cheap. If anyone disagrees with that, please correct me :D

Sever (sword) - The guaranteed part of this weapon is vitality, 1% crit chance, and 15-25% extra damage to elites. The interesting part of this weapon is the "slain enemies rest in pieces" proc. When finishing off an enemies, your last hit is enormous. Zoidburg was kind enough to link us a few pics on page 4 of a 10 mil crit and a 25k life steal. This sword could be extremely nice combined with life steal

Won Khim Lau (fist) - This weapon is a monster for Monks that use Fist of Thunder and Sweeping Wind. It has a guaranteed roll for +5-6% lightening damage and +15-25% increased damage to lightening skills, which directly affects FoT and SW tornadoes. It also guarantees dex. Piffle was kind enough to link a thread on page 3 that explains that this does not affect lightening damage on your weapon, so if no one contests this we will assume it’s true.

The Fist of Az’Turrasq (fist) - This weapon guarantees dex, IAS, 1-2.5 spirit regen and a 3-5.6% chance to stun. This weapon seem particularly viable for Monks looking to add spirit regen that can’t afford the Shenlong’s set.

Hallowed Fist (fist/ Hallowed Defenders) - This one is for the sword and board Monks. The weapon itself isn’t anything better than a good rare, but it combos with a shield for an extra 5% IAS and +40 resist all. See the shields for this item set counterpart.

Shenlong’s Fist of Legend (fist/Shenlong’s Noble Path set) - Guaranteed dex, LpSS, and crit damage, make this a nice weapon. Add in the +130 dex, .33 spirit regen, and energy ball proc from the set bonus, and you have a high end competitor. After watching a video a few times, I can confirm that the energy ball does crit, and appears to scale on weapon damage. The ball will also pass through targets as well. Shenlong users please feel free to let me know if any of this is incorrect. This is a pricy set, so be prepared to pay if you want to rock the dragon.

Shenlong’s Relentless Assault (fist/Shenlong’s Noble Path set) - This one has guaranteed dex, IAS, and high LoH. See above for details regarding the set portion of the item.

===========================Two Handed Weapons===========================

Skorn (axe) - Skorn is a great weapon for crit builds. It guarantees a 132-200% crit damage roll and has a socket, giving this weapon a potential 300% crit damage. It also guarantees +290-340 from dexterity, strength, or intelligence, and the 2 random properties have a chance to roll dexterity. The proc causes a bleed that lasts for 5 seconds. The amount and chance of the bleed are random rolls, with the chance ranging around 95-100%, and the bleed low/highs rolling between roughly 5000 and 12000 (I will add the exact chance and damage when I find it, but it doesn’t show on the D3 site). Be prepared to spend a lot of gold to get one with life steal.

Warmonger (sword) - This one doesn’t really seem overwhelming, but it does have a guaranteed 8-9% IAS and 5-6% life steal. The one thing about Warmonger that is nice is the fact that it’s cheap. Within 1 minute on the AH, I was able to find one with 1262 dps, 160 dex, and an open socket for 2.5 million gold. This wasn’t one of those hot deals that just showed up either; it had 1 day 2 hours left. This is a budget weapon to try out 2 handed builds until you can afford a monster weapon.

Maximus (sword) - This one is good for Monks using fire abilities, as it has a guaranteed chance to roll 15-25% additional damage to fire skills. It also guarantees +290-340 from dexterity, strength, or intelligence and the 2 random properties have a chance to roll dexterity. The coolest part about this weapon is the proc. It has a chance to summon a demon on hit to fight for you, and there is a fire chain between you and the demon. I need some more information on this proc, but from my understanding, the demon slave is up pretty much all of every fight and disappears shortly after combat is over (I’ve also read it’s roughly 80% uptime in combat).

Inna’s Reach (daibo/Inna’s Grandeur set) - This is 1 of 5 items in the Inna’s Grandeur set, and the only weapon in the set. This has a guaranteed chance for 10-11% IAS and 290-340 dex. It also guarantees 1 or 3 different buffs; 2-8% crit chance to wave of light or tempest rush, or a resource reduction for Lashing Tail Kick. This weapon would be a good option for Monks with Wave of Light builds (seems popular these days) or Monks looking to complete their Inna’s set. The one flaw of this item is it only rolls 1 random property and has no guaranteed crit damage or a socket, so you may have to shell out extra gold to get one of these properties if you’re after crit damage.

Flying Dragon (daibo) - This daibo has a guaranteed 290-340 dex and 1 of 3 different buffs; 2-8% crit chance to wave of light or tempest rush, or a resource reduction for Lashing Tail Kick. The proc on this one is what separates it from other 2 handed weapons on this list, which gives you a chance to double your attack speed on hit. According to some of our contributors, the proc lasts for about 5 seconds. The only source I have for a rough proc chance is from blhotz at 5%. I think Flying Dragon may have some serious potential, so I would like some more feedback on this weapon.


Ivory Tower -

Stormshield -

Hallowed Defender (set/ Hallowed Defenders) - With 61-70 resist all, +8% block, and 4 random properties, this has potential to be a very nice shield on its own, so the set bonus of 5% IAS and +40 resist all make this item even more appealing. See the 1 handed weapons for this item’s counterpart.


Andariel’s Visage - This one is nice for the poison resist Monks, since it gives 46-50 poison resist. Also, it guarantees 8-9% IAS, 4.5% crit chance, and 161-234 LpS (IAS on helm is nice). The poison nova damage isn’t that great (around ~12k over 3 seconds, and I have no confirmation on if it scales with your damage), but extra damage is always nice. I would worry more about getting a low extra % fire damage taken (yeah, extra fire damage sucks, but not that bad if you can get one under 10%) than high % poison nova chance. The bad part of this helm is the fact that there is no guaranteed socket, and only 1 random property. Be prepared to spend MUCH more for one of these with a socket.

Mempo of Twilight - *****This item is bugged and is not rolling with the 170-200 from 1 of the 3 primary stats (even though the item page shows it as a guaranteed roll). It may be best to stay away from this item until its fixed, unless you find a really good deal.*****
This is a nice offensive/defensive blended helm. Guaranteed 71-80 resist all, 10-12% life, 8-9% IAS, and socket are what you get, and should get a guaranteed 170-200 intelligence, strength, or dexterity, but its bugged and doesn’t roll on the gear. The downside is you don’t get crit chance, but you have 2 random properties to help with this.

Natalya’s Sight (Natalya’s Solace set) - This one is really only for Monks wanting a 3 piece from Nat’s, or ones that didn’t get their 2 piece from the ring and boots (that want it, of course). It does come with guaranteed dex and armor, and the guaranteed socket is always a huge plus (paragon), but with only 2 random props and the guarantees it may be hard to compete with other helms or spirit stones that you can find with a socket (consider it doesn’t guarantee crit chance either, which is kinda the point of this set).

Inna’s Radiance (Inna’s Grandeur set) - This is an obvious good choice if you’re going for the Inna’s set and don’t want one of the other pieces. This has guaranteed dex, vit, 5-6% crit chance, and a socket. You also get 2 random props, so this spirit stone is pretty solid.

Madstone - This is a popular spirit stone. It has a guaranteed 71-80 resist all, 235-342 LpS, 1-2.5 spirit per second, dex, and one of the following; 5-14% increased damage to WotHF, SW, EP, CW, DR or FoT (or 1-5 less spirit on Cyclone Strike if you care about that). The downside is there is no socket and you only get 1 random prop, so these will be hard to come by with SW or FoT combined with a socket.

Tzo Krin’s Gaze - This one can add some health and damage to your gear. It has guaranteed vit, 6-7% life, and 15.1-29.8 LpSS for defensives, and 6-7% IAS and dex for the offensive. The downside is its iLvl 61, giving it a lesser stat budget. To be fair though, you can get one of these with a socket for cheap, so this may be a budget option of you’re looking to add some life and/or LpSS to your Monk.


Vile Ward - This is really the only great legendary shoulder I see for Monks. It has the varying guarantee for 170-200 from intelligence, dexterity, or strength, as well as 71-80 resist all, 235-342 LpS, +armor, and 2 random props. Unless you’re doing a demon skin set (I don’t know any Monks who are atm), then this is the legendary shoulder piece you want. Please feel free to suggest an alternative if you have one, and I will gladly add it.


Blackthorne’s Surcoat (Blackthorne’s Armor set) - For those not looking to build an Inna’s set, this is a great alternative. It guarantees 71-80 resist all, 5-6% reduction from ranged attacks, vitality, and 3 sockets. This also comes with random props, so you can double up on resist. Even if you want to save gold and pick one up without dex, you still have 3 sockets to work with.

Inna’s Vast Expanse (Inna’s Grandeur set) - This is an easy choice if you are working on the Inna’s set. Even if you aren’t, this is a very good chest piece on its own. Just like the Blackthorne’s chest it guarantees 3 sockets, but also dex, vit, 10-12% life, and 5-6% reduction from melee. The downside; this item only gets 1 random prop, and no guaranteed resist, so you’re going to have to pay extra to get this with a resist.

Tyrael's Might - This armor guarantees 71-80 resist all, +5-15% damage to demons, +3-4% damage to elites, 12% movement speed, 170-200 dexterity, strength, or intelligence, and 1 random prop. Oh, and it ignores durability loss, for all you repair bill haters. This is an especially good option if you don’t go for either set and you still haven’t hit the movement speed cap (25%).


Lacuni Prowlers - These are great if you haven’t already stacked your increased movement speed to max from other gear. These guarantee 12% movement speed, 8-9% IAS, 980-1454 thorns, and 3 random props. If you want to get these with the other desirable stats (dex, resist, crit chance) you are going to pay extra.


Gladiator Gauntlets - 152-224 LoH, 6-7% life, armor, 11-12% reduction in controlling effects, and 7-7.5% crit chance make these gloves a solid candidate. The bad news is you only get 1 random prop to choose between all the other stats you will want (dex, resist, IAS, etc).

Tasker and Theo - These are unique because they are gloves with a socket. They also guarantee 40-50 from all 4 primary stats,8-9% IAS, and armor. If you can manage to pick these up with crit chance and resist all, you will have legendary gloves that you can pass around between different characters (if you don’t mind swapping the gem).


Inna’s Favor (Inna’s Grandeur set) - Another piece for the Inna’s set seekers (and a probable choice if you’re going for the 4 piece bonus) . This belt guarantees armor, 1% crit chance, 13-14% reduction to impairing effects, dex, and 7-8% increased holy damage (good for the Wave of Light users). You only get 1 random prop for resists, so you may end up paying extra depending on what you stack.

Blackthorne’s Notched Belt (Blackthorne’s Armor set) - This set belt offers armor, 21-25% GF, 235-342 LpS,170-200 of dexterity, strength, or intelligence, and 2 random props. This belt is a really good option if you already have some Blackthorne’s pieces and/or want to add extra GF (or GF and MF for the 4 piece on the set).

Hellcat Waistguard - Guaranteed 78-83 vit, 116-160 LpS, 3-4% increased damage against elites, 130-149 from strength, dexterity, or intelligence, and 2 random props. This belt is not as good as it’s set counterparts, and should really only be considered as a budget option.

The Witching Hour - This belt is great since it guarantees 8-9% IAS and 35-50% crit damage, even if it only guarantees int and not dex (designed as a caster belt, obviously). However, it offers 3 random props, so this could potentially be a really awesome belt. Any way you cut it, this is going to be an expensive belt, but it has the best potential damage increase.


Depth Diggers - These pants are for those still looking to stack some MF and GF. They guarantee 71-80 resist all, 19-20% MF, 21-25% GF, 170-200 from dexterity, strength, or intelligence, and 2 random props. These are really only for those that don’t want/need any set pants and are still looking for MF and GF.

Blackthorne’s Jousting Mail (Blackthorne’s Armor set) - These guarantee 90-100 from all 4 primary stats, 10-12% life, 19-20% MF and 2 random props. The unique attribute to this item is they are the only pants on this list that have LoH, and a good amount at that (329-479). If you are considering the Blackthorne’s set and don’t want the Inna’s set, this piece is a must have.

Inna’s Temperance (Inna’s Grandeur set) - Let it be known that if you choose to go for the Inna’s set, you will want these pants as part of the 4 pieces. These guarantee 8-9% IAS, 12% movement speed, 1% crit chance, dexterity, 2 sockets, and 1 random prop. Many Monks consider these BiS, but obviously that is circumstantial. Once again, the huge setback to Inna’s items is also found on these; no guaranteed resist. Since there is only 1 random prop, expect to pay extra for resistance on this item.


Fire Walkers - More love for the fire resist Monks. These boots get guaranteed 46-50 fire resist, 12% movement speed, 4% reduction from melee damage, 2 random props, and 150-169 from dexterity, intelligence, or strength. The special part from these boots in the fact they give you the molten affix, burning the ground you walk on. I have read many sources saying the damage isn’t that great, but I suppose if you get what you want from the other affixes, the fire damage is just bonus (and it looks cool). Zegapain had a great suggestion on page 5. Combine these with a Maximus, nuff said :P

Ice Climbers - These boots seem pretty popular, and I suppose it’s for their defensive properties. They have a guaranteed 71-80 resist all, 10-12% life, 7-10% cold damage reduction, 170-200 of dexterity, strength, or intelligence, and 3 random props on top of everything else. That’s not bad at all. Oh, and as far as I know, they are the only boots that give you a socket, and it’s guaranteed. The only flaw these have is they don’t guarantee movement speed like all the other legendary boots, and getting it for 1 of your 3 random props will cost extra.

Natalya’s Bloody Footprints (Natalya’s Solace set) - These boots are pretty nice on their own for the guaranteed dex, 71-80 all resist, 12% movement speed, and 5% reduction from melee attacks. But the real appeal comes from the 2 piece set bonus, which is +7% crit chance. Monks only get 3 shots at this set (head, feet, ring), since the other 2 pieces are for DH only, so anyone wanting to get the +130 dex from the set will have to get these, and anyone wanting the 2 set but also one of the other attractive Monk head pieces will also have to get these (and the ring).

Blackthorne’s Spurs (Blackthorne’s Armor set) - These boots have guaranteed 235-342 LpS regen, 12% movement speed, 2 random properties, and 6-7% reduced damage from elites. Combined with the 4 set bonus, that’s a 13-14% reduction in damage from elites. These boots seem better for anyone stacking LpS or really wanting the Blackthorne’s 4 piece, as there are better options for boots.


Ouroboros - This is a pretty solid amulet. It guarantees + (17-35)-(34-70) damage, 304-448 LoH, 7-7.5% crit chance, 130-149 from strength, dexterity, or intelligence, and 2 random props.

Mara’s Kaleidoscope - This one is good for adding damage, crit chance, or resources reduction to a specific Monk ability. It guarantees 84-89 to all 4 primary stats, 61-70 resist all, and 1 of 58 random properties that are all related to a specific class/skill (please see the item for a complete list).

Xephirian Amulet - This item guarantees 36-40% MF and GF, 281-410 LpS, 2 random props, and 1 of 5 resource buffs (1-2.33 spirit gen for Monks). Depending on the random props, this might be reserved for those wanting either the resource generation or the MF/GF.

Blackthorne’s Dungcraig Cross (Blackthorne’s Armor set) - Another piece of the Blackthorne’s set; this one guarantees 8-9% IAS, 449-657 LoH, 13-14% life, and 2 random props. This can be a pretty good amulet, especially if you have other pieces of the Blackthorne’s set, but be prepared to spend a lot of gold to get this with either crit chance or damage.


Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band - Even though this guarantees strength, it also gives LoH and crit damage, along with 4% life and 2 random props. The proc randomly drains life from nearby enemies (more information is needed on the amount and rate of the drain). This can be a good budget ring for Monks looking to add crit damage and/or LoH, but there are better options if your budget isn’t that tight.

Band of Hollow Whispers - This is mainly a defensive ring, offering 78-83 vit, 51-60 resist all, 152-224 LoH, 4% reduction from ranged attacks, and 1 random prop. The proc on this occasionally triggers the haunt ability on nearby enemies, and appears to have no cooldown (need more verification on damage and rate).

Skull Grasp - This is a popular ring. It guarantees 6-7% IAS, 152-224 LoH, armor, 130-149 from dexterity, strength, or intelligence, and 1 of 58 random properties that are all related to a specific class/skill (please see the item for a complete list).

Stone of Jordan - Another popular ring, this guarantees a whopping 20-30% damage increase against elites, 1 of 5 resource buffs (1-2.33 spirit gen for Monks), adds 5-6% to one of the elemental damages, and 1 of 58 random properties that are all related to a specific class/skill (please see the item for a complete list). I need to find the information again, but I read a post from a blue stating that the 5-6% elemental is a bit misleading, and in fact adds 5-6% to your weapon damage as the specific elemental damage. I would like more confirmation on this, and will try to find the post again. I believe this applies to any tooltip that says “x-y% damage to (insert element) damage”.

Unity - This item seems to only exist in the database and doesn't actually drop (there are none in the AH). This will be left up as a placeholder until the next sizable patch. If it hasn't been fixed by then, we will remove it from the list.

Natalya’s Reflection (Natalya’s Solace set) - This is a probable choice if you are going for the Natalya’s 2 piece (or necessary if you want the 3 piece). It guarantees 8-9% IAS, 161-234 LpS, dex, and 3 random props.


Natalya’s Solace
Inna’s Grandeur
Blackthorne’s Armor
Shenlong’s Noble Path
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I'd like to know this as well
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Flying Dragon is amazing. 5% proc with no cooldown from what I see and it lasts 4-5 seconds.

With buffs, I'm at ~150k dps when it procs and around 4.0 attack speed!
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I was thinking of getting a good Skorn for my Barb...

I wonder if it would be viable to get one with Strength AND Dexterity so they could share it (building both Monk and Barb with high crit I think).
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The new Shenlong fists are very good, if you can find a pair with empty sockets.

I'm also liking the new Inna set.
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Flying Dragon is amazing. 5% proc with no cooldown from what I see and it lasts 4-5 seconds.

With buffs, I'm at ~150k dps when it procs and around 4.0 attack speed!

Wow, that sounds nice!

The new Shenlong fists are very good, if you can find a pair with empty sockets.

I'm also liking the new Inna set.

I was actually looking at the new Shenlong set cause the energy ball sounds cool, and I hear it procs often, but to get 2 with sockets is a ton of gold that I'm not sure I'm willing to invest if I can be just as viable with a 2 handed weapon for half the price.

I am still considering them though, cause I like the idea of my Monk with fist weapons or a daibo :P
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I would love a madstone with the top range dex and resist + socket.

Mainly I am looking for a madstone with bonus to FOT.

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I like that Madstone.

I would take one with bonus to FoT or Sweeping Winds... Epic damage increase!
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I like that Madstone.

I would take one with bonus to FoT or Sweeping Winds... Epic damage increase!

Wow that thing is BOSS
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Any other suggestions?

I've been getting some gear for my Barb and Monk both today and I'm leaning back toward my Monk (I love the play style).

If it helps you help me, I picked up this Skorn today:
1287.7 DPS
99 Strength
371 Dexterity
171% Crit damage
95.7% chance bleed for 6193 - 11219 over 5 seconds
Socket with 80% crit damage (upgrading to 100% when I'm certain I will keep it)

So I am probably going to base my build and other gear around that. I would like to add crit chance to my stats. I may even upgrade the item, but I'm thinking 2 handed at this point (big damage is awesome).

I don't think my profile is updated, so it probably looks choppy.

Please feel free to offer other opinions on legendary items for the benefit of all us Monks :)
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Flying Dragon is amazing. 5% proc with no cooldown from what I see and it lasts 4-5 seconds.

With buffs, I'm at ~150k dps when it procs and around 4.0 attack speed!

That daiibo is awesome.So wish i could find one since I'm rubbish at saving gold and wont step foot in the RMAH.
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Hi guys,

I came across this thread and i think maybe I can also share some of my thoughts.

At the moment, i think if you are "loaded" with gold or $$, the ideal combination are as follows:-

Get a few sets from Nat's & Inna's (Of course i am assuming the best possible stats in it):-

a) Nat's Reflection + Nat's Bloody Foot Prints + Nat's Sight (Depends on stats)
*This would give you additional bonuses of - 7% Crit Chance + 130 Dex*

b) Inna's Favor + Inna's Temperance
* This would give you additional bonuses of 130 Dex + 2% Crit Chance from the 2 armors)*

However, this i just my own preference. You can always mix and match.

As for Nat's reflection, Crit dmg & Crit chance would be much preffered in its random stats.

Or, you can also swap Nat's Sight for Inna's Radiance for the guarenteed Soc + Crit Chance. Bare in mind by doing so, you are exchanging Crit chance for 130 Dex.

Hope it helps.
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Thanks for the input JonnyLoh, it gives us some additional combinations to consider.
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08/24/2012 09:37 AMPosted by blhotz
Flying Dragon is amazing.

Never heard about this item until now.

...I want it.
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Flying Dragon is amazing. 5% proc with no cooldown from what I see and it lasts 4-5 seconds.

With buffs, I'm at ~150k dps when it procs and around 4.0 attack speed!

i've heard people say it lasts like 2 seconds.
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I decided I wanted to go with a Skorn because the crit damage was just too attractive when combined with the bleed (not sure if it procs on sweeping winds, but I sure hope so!)

Skorn is a bit slow for my taste, but the damage is sick. I'm trying to add some IAS to my gear (currently buying some legendary and set pieces when I find the right prices) as well as more crit chance to compliment all my new crit damage :D

MoC with SSS makes a nasty combo with 2 handed weapons as well. I'm definitely liking the two handed Monk style alot!
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Well working on innahs set kinda cool
Though. Im just missing a pants. Then maybe i can
Try inifinte temp rush lol pair with fleet footed and some movement speed boots its gonna
Be rush:)
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New Inna's pants and belt are BIS

Assuming Tclap and Cyclone:

New Madstone with Sweeping wind increase is BIS 14%, followed closely by Inna's Radiance (Helm)

Won Khim Lau is by far BIS assuming it has a socket and or crit dmg but even so it's still better than anything else without due to increase your damage by near 30% just from two affixes. 6% lightning damage and 25% increase to lightning skills.

Both Shenlong's fist are awesome and I would use fist of legend over assault because of it more likely to have higher crit dmg and the huge amount of lpss on it and it's also possible to roll a socket and life steal while the other one's best possible would be a roll for socket and crit dmg.

Flying dragon is great if you are going for a lashing tail kick build because with 4 items you can reduce the cost to 11 spirit per attack. On top of this the proc is amazing doubling your attack speed for 5 seconds is no joke.

Mira's Kaleidoscope can now roll to increase sweeping wind damage 12%
Skull Grasp can now roll to increase sweeping wind damage 11%
Stone of Jordan can now roll to increase sweeping wind damage. 12%

For total around 50% increase to sweeping wind damage which includes the cyclone tornadoes.
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Won Khim Lau is the best legendary for monk. Because the lightning damage and skills increase directly affects our Fist of Thunder skill. Which is by far our best spirit generator. Getting lucky with the random properties would make it better.


Shenlong set very balance fist set if you look at the stats you're getting. Huge dex bonus (470 is minimum you get on the set), crit damage, life on hit, spirit regeneration, life per spirit spend, attack speed


Here is the video of shenlong's energy ball attack. After watching it a couple of times. My best guess that it turns your spirit generator into an ranged attack.

I got this video from this thread.

Flying Dragon 2 hand weapons are sought after because of their high weapon damage. Which can increase the damage of Seven-Sided Strike, Exploding Palm, Wave of Light, Sweeping Wind, Backlash and many more. The only reason why this legendary stand out is because of the ability to double your attack speed.

His crappy 1.10 attack speed can turn into 2.20, which is faster than most dual wield monks including myself.This item gets better if you have more attack speed items on your gear.


Just imagine, you already hit harder. But to hit harder and faster than Dual wield is even better.

Natalya's Solace I know this is a Demon Hunter set. Why I choose this set because of it's set bonus. There are 3 items you can wear on this set. The helm, ring and boots. The 2 set bonus is already a winner with 7% crit chance while the 3 set bonus is a 130 dex gain.

Personally stick to 2 items because of the next item that I will be discussing. If I were to choose among the 3. Pick the ring and boots. Boots because of his 12% MS and Reduction to melee attacks.


I choose the ring because of his attack speed gain and great life regeneration bonus. If you find one with crit chance, crit damage and resist from the random properties would make this item better.


Inna's Grandeur This is the reason why not to pick the 3 set bonus of Natalya's because the 2 set bonus are just the same. I would pick this set helm instead of Natalya's because it's a guaranteed it will have a crit chance and socket.


As for the 2nd item for the set, you can choose between the pants or the belt. The belt is good because it offers a crit chance and crowd control reduction.


While the pants is good because it's a guarantee 2 sockets slots, 12% MS bonus and attack speed. Getting a all resist from the random properties would make this item better.


I'm pretty sure, there are many more but I haven't check them out.
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