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Best Monk legendary and set items for 1.0.4

Why is this guy saying WKL is bad? Figures look at his main-hand..socket, crit dmg, no dex?

Typical gotta have best dps on spreadsheet kinda guy
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Thank you for the very informative post. I would like to suggest if you can link the items on game guide be link for each item? I think this has been suggested already from the previous pages and its worth a shot. Thanks for the hard work! :D
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Great post!
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Hi guys,

Would greatly appreciate any comments and suggestion on my monk!!

Using crystal fists and sun keeper

Also have andariels visage, tyraels might, innas temperance and favor. Rockin
A vile ward plus ice climbers as well. Lastly i have a stone of jordan for added damage to elites

Doing 130k dps with buffs. How can i improve?

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anyone have more info on the sky splitter proc? i recently got one and am loving it, but would be interested to know more of the specifics
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As a sword and board monk, I find The Helm of Command very powerful. My one got 88 dex, 156 Vit, +Armor, +8% block, 4% crit hit chance, and an empty socket. It is a very well balanced defensive/offensive helm. For the ones who can't afford this helm with CHC, pick one with your specific resist still makes it a wonderful helm. Get one before it get expensive. 1.0.5 is not just about dps any more, survivability is equally important. I think every sword and board monk should have one of these.
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how is your survivability like that, only showing you have life regen, no loh or life steal?
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I've been using Skysplitter for quite a long time and I have to say that Im very impressed of its damage output. Depending on your buffs and crit hit damage it can crit up to 100k and more (e.g. with Overwave activated). Most of the time it hits the target for 40-60k dmg and together with Won Khim Lau it's even stronger. The only flaw is its internal cooldown of maybe 3-5 seconds, which is not much. However, if you do like 50k extra dmg per 5 seconds its 10k dps and that is huge! In other words..Skysplitter rocks!

I hope that was helpful!


Won Khim Lau + Skysplitter = ROX TEH SH!T
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Anyone try using a Flying Dragon yet? If so, what did you use for the setup?
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Hello Fellow Monks!!!!

First this is a fantastic thread, with so much info, very thankful for it

I need some advice to get a good crit and damage monk build

my monk is pretty raw right now so I am taking advice for any other build as well :)

I am thinking of going for Natalaya's set (might go for the 3 set with crit and dex)

and I hope my weapon is alright.....

I am in act three inferno right now and I am dying occasionally when facing difficult elite packs (obvious :D)

any help or advise is much appreciated

this is my Monk profile but am in the EU server


and oh how are u guys doing with magic fins and legendary drops I have had 1 realllllly crappy one so far nothing more......

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Guys i would like to ask, if we can consider that u have high rolled Echoing Fury as a main hand, what offhand would you take? WKL or Fist of Az'Turrasq?
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Hi Guys,

Having some upgrade issues right now. Can anyone have a look at my Monk and tell me how to boost my DPS? Currently sitting around 85K unbuffed and would like to breach the 100K mark. Crit chance is 38% I think and Crit Dam is 325% if I am not mistaken. 612 Res, 6300 ARM and 54K HP.

I am farming MP5 with no issues and haven't tried going any higher. I am just itching to get to that 100K DPS mark.

Any suggestions would be welcomed. Budget is 100mil...
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I feel like this needs a bump somehow
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just tried it out with a 100% crit stone... my shenlong set is way better! i lost 20k dps and all my life on hit. ( i cant spare my life on hit)
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Check my monk out and give me some feedback I think he is very solid, spent a good chunk of gold to get it like that but it's well worth it...lmk if you would tweak anything.
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@NickNack: gloves, ammy and rings can roll crit chance, crit dmg and attack speed. getting 2/3 on each slot isn't too expensive and is a great way of boosting dps
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although this is a necro, ive been looking for this thread!

was a solid post
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So no in game dps meter out there huh?
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