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Grenades Question

If you have an item that gives 10% to grenades dmg, does it only work with the skill grenades or would it also work with cluster arrow?
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Bump for answers
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I don't know why don't you test it :)
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Good call... Didn't even think about that. At work now, ill try tonight

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Unfortunately it only seems to affect the grenades skill.

What I did was I took off all of my gear and went to normal hell difficulty. I bought the lowest DPS weapon I could find on the auction house and found a ring and armor that matched the same dex/attack speed of my nats armor/skull grasp. This left me with the same exact dps from both sets of gear

I then proceeded to test on a normal group of monsters with the crappy armor and used stun grenades and recorded the damage and then switched to the nats/grasp with the 21% grenades bonus dmg and found I did significantly more dmg. I tried this same method with dazzling arrow and bombardment which both use grenades in the skill and found I was doing the same damage with both sets of gear.

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for the future, you can remove the variable of a damage range using the Initiates hand bow (*just make a new dh, put the default bow in stash, then delete the DH*)
also pick up a +min damage amulet and the thing will have the same number every time.

the skill that augment grenades damage is skill dependent, yes, we kinda new this but it is easy to test and we could always use more people who supply info rather than only ask for it

the only bonus for Cluster arrow is a mod that lowers it's cost.. IIRC you can get a total of -19 to cost (armor, legendary rings + off_hand) which is pretty insane since with grenadier you can be shooting them for only 21 hatred **note that the mod is NOT searchable on the AH, but it does exist
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Good to know man, Thanks for the tips!

You never know with this game though. When I first started with my wizard and read the skill cold blooded, I had no idea it worked with all skills because it said only cold damage is increased. After people testing they found out it worked with all damage and reported it to blizzard and they changed the tool tip to say all damage.

I was really hoping grenades dmg would work with all grenades but that was only hopes and dreams. I am dead set on making a gg grenades build and keep going back and forth on skills. Blizzard made it sound like they are going to improve the way grenades work so that will just be an added bonus sometime in the future.
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