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so, why is this scource popular among top players? is there a secret with the +dmg%?

otherwise i couldnt understand why it would be better than a tal rasha/oculus or even a chantodos force.
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From what I've read, the +5/6% to Cold/Fire/Lightning damage is added onto your weapon as +damage, resulting in a ~+15% damage boost.
Something along the lines of each type of damage being added onto your weapon - if you imagine your weapon having an average of +500 damage, the source would add +25 Cold Damage, +25 Lightning Damage, and +25 Fire Damage.
At least that's what I've been reading.
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thanks :)

next question: weapon dmg means only the damage on the weapon or my complete amount of basic damage, including dmg on rings, offhand etc.?
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Then why can't Blizzard actually phrase the affix correctly? As is reads, it means whatever current elemental damage you apply is increased by x%. So it could potentially be 0.

Why not word it so people don't make huge gearing mistakes?

For example:
+ 6% base weapon damage as Fire damage

Key word 'as'. Current wording is 'to' which is completely incorrect English for what the item provides.
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because oculus and chandoto are fking expensive
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okay, so one last question :)

increases the +dmg% my dps display in the char screen? or does it work like "hidden dps"?
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Actually displayed and added to paperdoll dps
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Lets put it this way. with no force weapon, no glass cannon, my triumvirate gives me 18k dps by itself. and it only has 213 bonus damage.
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My Triumvirate give me 15k DPS boost... an awesome off-hand :)
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