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NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660ti - low fps stutter

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I upgraded from a GTS 450 to a GTX 550 ti and I have the same problem, in fact it got WORSE after the upgrade, it used to stop stuttering after I played for a few minutes during my first game of the day, now its constant.

Inter i7-2600k
64 bit Win 7
GTX 550 Ti (Superclocked)
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ive got the same problem.. and really.. blizzard should fix this, cuase investing in a new graphics card for a single game, wont happen tbh..
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ok I got same issue here . I was using GTX 460, i got screen flashing , it seems like some random numbers or code and happens random time. so I changed my card to brand new MSI GTX 660 ti, but problem still there . Then changed a new Monitor ,but no luck at all.
And it only happens on playing Diablo 3.

Need Blue post to give us a solution.
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I have the same thing with my 660ti 2 gig. I play at 60fps because i have Vsync on and ill go through a tp and it will change to 30fps All i haveto do is go back through the portal to town and go right back where i was just at and it will be back to 60fps sometimes when i start the game it will be at 30fps , ill go though a tp and return to town and its back at 60fps......i have no idea why its doing it.
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i5 2500k @Geforce 660 @W7 64 = work great, much better than old card Radeon 6950, even in sacriface wd build, no any problem
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For issues with VSYNC and fps drop from 60 to 30 fps here the solution :


Hope this help.
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Same issue here, 2600k, 560Ti SoC, 16gb ram, running off of an SSD, sabertooth mobo, all drivers up to date, my computer is colder than my refrigerator...

Aaaaand HUGE fps issues, stuttering, sometimes I simply can't play for 3-4 seconds and can continue only after I die. It's definitely game's problem, it ALWAYS happens on the bridge of korsikk and core of arreat (at the end with lighting effects), it's started happening since latest patch (had no problems before) and it happens regardless of my video settings. My computer is VERY well maintained as I'm an IT "expert" (although I hate such self aproval naming conventions, but I live for computers, both profesionally and for a hobby).

All other games, such as BF3 and Crysis 2 and ARMA 2 and such graphically intense titles, run flawlessly at max settings. Diablo 3 is just not very well optimised, since graphics aren't anything special and it still has performance problems.

If any Blizzard developers read this, guys, never forget the 20-80 law.
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Intel i7 - 3.5ghz
16gb ram
nividia gtx 660ti

i seem to be running wow (patch 5.1) ultra at 60 fps, but sometimes its jumps down to 30 for a few seconds and back to 60 and im not changing zones, not a major issue but it seems to realte the same to your problems
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I mean im getting the same proplem!! Geforce gtx660 non TI I5 3570 3.40ghz
It happens to me when theres alot of action and even after when theres not alot of action my fps drops to 5-7-10 fps!!! CRAZY ANNOYING!!! It started when i installed the new driver (310.) and even after reinstalling it, it still does it!!!!

What to do, what to do????
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I recently got a PNY Geforce GTX660 TI 2Gb, upgraded from a GT 220. What is incredibly sad is that my Nividia gt 220 runs sc2 ON medium without any stuttering, yet when I turn sc2 down to the LOWEST FREAKING SETTINGS! and overclock my gpu to a stable but supposedly good bandwidth, core clock, voltage, and power limit it stutters... whats even more sad is that it doesn't matter what graphics quality you are using, IT STUTTERS THE SAME! So I play sc2 on extreme and it runs the same on lowest settings with my gt 600.
I am so pissed off right now.
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Good thing I didn't choose to buy that crappy GTX 660ti, instead I got A GTX 670 http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/6y63r/
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same here upgraded vid card stuttering like crazy
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same problem here

GPU: Nvidia Geforce 680 GTX
Processor: Intel (R) Core(TM) i5-3450 CPU @ 3.10 GHZ (4 CPUS) ~ 3.5GHZ
Memory: 16349MB RAM

Link to stream showing the stutter/fps drop (FPS is displayed)
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You can try my fix to stop stuttering

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Same problem here and i m really pissed off about it.

I have a brand new comp with

- i7 3770k 3.4
- Asus GTX 660 ti OC
- 8 GB ram 1600

HOW CAN IT LAG seriously...
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check out this thread:
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Same issues but with a 7970 Ghz 3mb and a 4770 i-7 processor.
Brand new computer.

Blue's have not responded to anybodies issues on anything like this yet for a real fix.
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Same issues but with a 7970 Ghz 3mb and a 4770 i-7 processor.
Brand new computer.

Blue's have not responded to anybodies issues on anything like this yet for a real fix.

make sure you have the latest catalyst control center.

also, try turning off Tesselation and whatever that Anamorphic thing is called.
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