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Guild Wars 2 is way better then wow and D3

GW2 is getting ridiculous now! Half of each server's population are BOTS! Packs and packs of 40+ bots work farm spots 24/7 in every corner every zone every Gon Dang map!

In my 20 years of MMO experience, I have never seen anything as ridiculous as GW2!

On top, any thread talks about bot on the official forum will get immediately instantly deleted gone in split second... go figure that out.

Haha, ever played RO? Even D3 and WoW isnt free from botting. i see a lot of bots in GW too, about 20%40%, even in Orr and WvWvW. So far i report everyone i am 100% sure are botting at the risk of being banned for overdoing it. Majority of players aren't botters but the ones that are have 3 to 20+ accounts running. Recently I reported 3 botting accounts all named 'admin' (yeah right). Anet say they are working on it so i will be patient and keep reporting... for now. However if they dont show any progress by feb 2013 i will also give up on the game.

Anytime i see a post on GW forums that the person was banned but denies botting, i dont believe him/her. These idiots dont realize they are reported more than once and its easy to determine based on their game log. I rather people quit the game than suffer botters.
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DynomiteDave deleted all his posts...wonder why...
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WoW killed itself. Blizz and Activision turned it into a faceroll and people are still complaining that it is too hard so it is only going to get easier. I play a tank and I was a raid lead/MT in vanilla and TBC. Now, I have recently made a new pally tank, instead of a warrior, and the impact of this new, easy mode, are very prevelant. DPS and healers that are used to facerolling and AoEing down trash are having a great deal of difficulty during raids. hey are unable to deal with the simplest of mechanics in raids because they have not had to cc, focus fire or even follow marks or the tanks instructions even during heroics.

To deal with this issue Blizz nerfs the raids every so often during the lifetime of the xpac to make the raids more accessable to these "wrathbabies". I suppose this is going to be the new model for mmos as they game devs have to appeasde the player base and over the past 5 years or so the majority of the player base has become "casual" or less skilled than the hardcore players we saw in the early 2000s. I am hoping that we will soon see an mmo produced that will bring back the tough, OMG this is hard encounters but I am not holding my breath.
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Need James Cameron to raise the bar.
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