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There are a limited number of minds at work trying to please a virtually unlimited number of people with different extra end game content ideas. Lets help them out in a structured, mature, orderly manner.. with this thread. Here's a few I could think of:

Add puzzles - Sure you character is limited to running around killing things and breaking stuff. But couldnt there be puzzles in the dungeons or out in the fields of sorrow where you have to break stuff in the right order? OR else a hoard of zombies rise every time you get it wrong? .. Or perheaps to open secret doors to hidden rooms where you find other content like :

Actual in game rewards for your achievements - I.E ... Legendary Weapon added to your inventory for beating the game on normal, nightmare, hell, inferno ect.... People would be more than happy to work toward a major long term goal that actually payed off hansomly.

Unlockable Character Skins - Change the appearance, posture, build, of your characters by unlocking rewards that allow you to do so.

More Explorable Territory - You beat the game the first 2 times and you quickly get bored of looking through the same basements your next time around, nothing changes.

A dedicated lobby where you take your characters to dual, or just inspect other peoples characters. Someplace in game. Somewhere where their toons can run around aimlessly until 4 of you get bored enough to go play the actual game.

These are just a few. I did not spend hours thinking of these ideas, just as long as it took me to type them, and some of them are actually plausable. So please blizzard, lets not overthink this. The games foundation is amazing, lets just not build a shanty on top of it and call it done. I want to see a work of art.
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Add HORSES. I mean terrific horses, not kindly and pretty horses, but terrific war horses, horses who if you see them in the street, you stay away afraid by their power, who just a superhero can ride them.
In middle age, horses was common used for travel, and to help at farms. In fact, knights was almost mounted on horses (I mean knight lords), and death knights too (a legend of course). So why there is not horses (except at a strange level), I know there wasn't at diablo 2 too (but there were cows... lol), and there is town portals (but it is used to go to town, or change maps, but not to go in other points of maps). We can see some carts... so may be it will be a next feature?

The idea is to use horses as travel animal help, to get faster on this vast Diablo 3 lands. It mean that heroes can mount and unmount horses, and that horses can be dead (and may be undead), so must be upgrade with some horses armors, and may be can fight some (good war horses can do).
It will be so amazing to have horses (ok, monks and sorcerer with horses will look a bit strange... but they can have something else (undead horses for fetisher)), and sometimes it take so much time to run under this huges maps, between town portals.

I remember a STR, Battle Realms from Ubisoft, a bit like Warcraft 3, which use horses like that, it was nice - of course not as nice as Warcraft 3 ^^' .

If not, some "map-portals", to teleport on an other point of map already see.
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Add DARKNESS. I mean it is Diablo, not Warcraft, so when I play Diablo, what I want is to be a little afraid, not to walk in a shiny, colored and lovely world of warcraft. Ok, there are zombies, ghosts, daemons, blood, horrific sounds and music... but shiny and colored lights. Add unlighted map region, or when we destroy lamp, it's really dark. I think most people are afraid by the dark... lol... specially gamers... lol... so yep, more darkness, less colored and shiny lights. Make us frightened !
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Hmm... how about when Elites and Champion is/are near by, the BGM change into more shocking and stunning BGM?

Lighting is important in the game to creep us (maybe just me) out. When we're in dark area like caves, we will have limited vision range this makes it more surprise when monster start popping out

But I would love to see more side-quest (Side-Dungeon) to enhance the gameplay.

Scare the c__p out of us, come on Blizz
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Add RAIN, WIND, THUNDER, EARTHQUAKE, STORMS, SNOW, HEAT WAVE, that impact heroes. For example, rains make them wet and cough, wind and storms make difficult to walk against, earthquake make difficult to stay up, snow make footstep, and so on. I think one of big effect of Diablo 2 was rain, night and storm at first level, which make it atmosphere.

But well, the most I play Diablo 3, the most I like it. Really amazing work there, I don't understand diabolic critics on forums. Amazing graphics, sound, levels, story, no need to have last powerfull pc, and fun to play.
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Add the old classes from diablo 2 as playable achievements after meeting certain conditions. I think it's kind of unfair that the barbarian and sorceress classes are really the only two based class that carried over from diablo 2, and I understand that the Witch doctor, Monk, and Demon Hunter were supposed to replace the Necromancer, Paladin, and Amazon class while still keeping some sense that it wasn't a complete replacement but they just don't feel right. I enjoyed playing the Necromancer the most in diablo 2 and I can't stand playing the Witch docter in diablo 3 and though they have some similiar skills they are not the same, completely different backgrounds, spells, ways of life in general and etc.

But back to the topic it would be nice to unlock those old classes and play them again. Also to be more specific on what I mean by achievements for meeting certain conditions is for example you have the one lonely Necromancer in act 2 trying to seal off demons so the cultist doesn't use them for evil and each quest for that necromancer has a story why not add more places to seal through out the other acts and more stories and upon reaching act 3 and the final demon to seal that demon turns out to be a very powerful boss demon who turns out to be one of the commanders for the first prime evil. and once you beat him the necromancer tells the last story, you get an achievement, and you unlock a bonus class to play with. I think millions of players would be satisfied with a system like that. I can't say that it will lower complaints because people are always going to find something to complain about.

If you think this is a good idea and the example I gave is great I can come up with some for the other classes as well. Also thank you for making another game that I love to play and I would like to see what other people think of this rather it's a good idea or bad idea.
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Add a bank section in the stash. If this game is primarily about farming, which I have heard many times, then something like a bank means that we can keep track of our daily 'income'.

I love the idea of getting a weapon or something for achievements as well.
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